How To Shop Your Closet


I love shopping in all types of venues; trust me.  But I wondered if I really could shop my closet and be satisfied.  So I just tried it.

You are going to be surprised how fresh your “new” outfits seem.  Begin by making a list of how you are going to treat yourself with the money saved.  Just hold up a pair of pants you don’t wear very often and see what POPs.

See what shirts POP when the pants are right next to them.  I either take those shirts out or categorize them in my head.  When I was breast feeding, I could do so much in my head…if I could stay awake long enough.  Now, I have more time to do things in real time.  While you’re in your current season of life, do what works for you.

I like sorting the shirts by color.  Hang the cream shirts up so you can see them all, hang the blue shirts up, hang the unusual shirts up.  You will see which ones you NEVER would’ve thought would match with your pants.  If you have time, try a few on.

It’s so fun because some of the “new” outfits had been right there in my closet the past two seasons.  I can’t wait until next Fall so that I can wear some of the ideas that POPped into my head for sweaters.

Have fun, take your time, and remember, “You’re never fully dressed without…”

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6 thoughts on “How To Shop Your Closet

  1. This was a great post and I really enjoyed the video. I chose this as one of my featured faves from last week’s Thursday Favorite Things. I will be featuring you this week on my Thursday post!



    1. Shellie! So nice to hear from you. Thank you for watching and thank you very much for the kind feature! I’m glad to finally have found some link up parties and how to use them. So many creative people out there!


  2. Thanks for the inspiration! I’ve been organizing clothing, accessories for years which is very convenient. with fall upon us, ‘shopping’ for fresh ideas in my own closet is a time & $ saver for sure.


    1. You’re right…but somehow I always end up back at Loft, TJMaxx or Kohls….Instagram style challenges have really helped me look at my clothes differently so that has been fun. Thanks for POPping over!

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