Toiletries for Your Suitcase

Liquids Bag:

3 ounces or less is the liquids rule now.  When you only use a carry-on, that can be quite inconvenient.  Here are my wins to make the whole process more convenient.

So many cute bags out there, and my favorite is a normal quart Ziploc type bag.  But if you’re in the mood to buy cute bags, KoKoBlossom and SweetMagnoleah on Etsy and Amazon are great options…or Marshalls.  I got mine for free at the Washington Dulles Airport security line.  Most airports offer free ones so snag one and save it for later.  Put your bottle into the bag horizontally-I’ve been standing them vertically for years!  I got more bottles in when putting them in sideways.  In Frankfurt the TSA made me take out some of my liquids from my second liquids bag so that I only was carrying one.  Never heard the rule that you can only take one quart bag, but every airport is different.  Just be aware.  Plan for the worst; hope for the best as Jack Reacher says in my favorite Lee Child books.


I carry light make up when traveling with only a carry on: CC Cream, moisturizer for night, eye make up primer and mascara (is it a liquid or not??).  I love love love my Oil Free Eye Make Up Remover, but if my quart bag is tight on space, I opt for Cleansing Towelettes.  I won’t die from a few days of chemicals.  I just will rinse my face off after using these.  I love the old school Pond’s brand and cheap drug store brand.  The Neutrogena had too strong of a smell.

I love the squeezable GoToob containers because they have a suction pucker thing as well as the click lid.  But I’ve also used the super cheap hard plastic ones from The Dollar Tree b/c they’re so skinny.  This time I bought my own bottle of Tre’Semme shampoo just to try.  I can throw away the bottle at my destination so that there is one less bottle for my toiletry bag on the return flight.   Love and London (YouTube) said she puts her foundation in a contact lens case. Brilliant!  Remember that you’re going to have to clean those containers out when you get home.  To me, sometimes that is a pain so I just buy products that I can throw away if I am in the mood.

I have started buying 3 oz containers of toothpaste in the regular toothpaste aisle.  We use them in our home bathroom and while traveling.  But man, they’re big for a toiletry bag!  So I’ll go back to buying a new toothpaste from my grocery’s Travel aisle from now on.  This time around, I found a travel tube of toothpaste AND a toothbrush for the same price as a toothpaste tube…right beside each other.  I’m going to start buying a new travel toothbrush because  I just feel like the toothbrush gets too icky.

Check your grocery store’s travel aisle, but also check the regular aisles where you would find lotion, shampoo and hair products.  I found a 2 ounce bottle of lotion from the travel aisle for $1.  On the regular lotion aisle, I found the same size for 93 Cents.  I also found a 3 ounce bottle of lotion for $2.44.  While having 3 ounces is nice, I’d rather just pay $1 for 2 ounces.  Or bring my own in the GoToobs.

I also recommend Systane Preservative Free Eye Drops for dry eye and jet lag.  They’re individual vials of awesomeness and relaxation.  You can get two days from one vial.  Downy Wrinkle Releaser works but is in a bulky 3 oz bottle.  At the store I saw $3 Off Bug Spray and Suntan Lotion so that would be awesome for hot destinations…especially b/c they will hold you until you can get to a store at your final destination.

Happy Travels and be sure to visit my YouTube Channel for more Ideas That POP!



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