Best Toys For The Airplane @ Target

We have traveled alot since my 11 year old was born.  Anxiety brewed before every trip because I was worried about how other passengers would see my son’s behavior.  People pay good money for their plane ticket.  After getting the “look of dread” from passengers on your row, you can settle in for a smooth flight.  One guy refused to swap seats with me so he sat in between my toddler and me, and our son threw up during the flight.  Hahaha!  But I get it; kids can get yucky if they’re not occupied on flights.  Grace should abound.

At Target this June, I found the BEST things in the Dollar Spot.  I checked and I couldn’t find any of these items so you will have to make a trip.  Bwahahaha!


In addition, I brought home some things I bought and am show casing those ADORABLE things on my video-like the tin of Go-Go Gear Art!

Did you know that The Dollar Tree ships items?  Butttt, they only sell in cases.  However, they have a Pick n Pack section where you pick items from a separate data base, and you don’t have to buy 36 of something; four items is the minimal amount.  For instance, you can buy 4 individual Barbies for $1 each!  This is great if you want to give “new” things to your kids on a flight.  I found stuffed animals, stickers, and even memory game cards.

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