Best Travel Bags & Luggage Tags 2016

 Make Up Bags – Gadget BagsIMG_4809

Expressing personal style with travel bags just got a whole lot easier…now that I’m close to a Marshalls (no apostrophe) and TJ Maxx.  They go on clearance in a snap, and new ones are added weekly!  If you think of bags as “housing” items, it makes your suitcase clutter-free.  What do you want to put in your make up bags?   Make Up?  Kid Toys?  Washi Tapes? Craft Supplies? Charging & Tech Cords?  Feminine products?  Visit your nearest TJ Maxx or Marshalls and get a couple…or five for the above mentioned items.  One YouTuber I like watching for travel items is GlamLifeGuru.  She’s pleasant to watch.  I started with the totally cute Zoella and can’t wait to try out her bags when they visit America.  This flamingo bag is adorable!  An Instagram friend @thethriftypineapple had a “Let’s Flamingle” party with the cutest decorations!  But, back on track.  Some bags come in a set, and this entire set was stunning!  IMG_4837

Shoe Bags for Travel

I have never known that some people don’t like their shoes to touch their clothes when they’re in a suitcase.  It makes total germy sense.  Your shoes are stepping on urine, spilled cokes, and going through puddles, and you want to shove them against your shirt neckline or undies??  Ick!

These are very affordable because you can re-use them…and they’re ADORABLE!  One bag from Miamica was $5.99 at Marshalls.  Amazon has Miamica for $19.99 and a Kate Spade one for $18.  It’s your choice though.  They have a divider, and you still have room to put your socks down in your shoes.  The other bag is in my YouTube video above.

Bag Tags

Bag tags are super fun these days.  I would use them for self expression, but alot of people use them for identification if lost.  You could use a piece of yarn or a hair scrunchie or buy one of these.

Keep in mind that if the tag is too loose, that hole can get snagged on the suitcase journey in the belly of the plane or in route to Baggage Claim under the airport.  If you use a tag, make the look as tight as possible.   We put our info inside our suitcase so no one can see our names.  We have used a mailing address label so that it’s tiny print.  Just an idea.

I wish you weight limit max packing, easy travel plans and a suitcase filled with super cute things!

Video for How To Pack

Video for Best Liquids Items



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