Eyebrow Makeup Faves

Gel Kit

I absolutely love this double socket gel kit in Medium by Elf.  The gel really isn’t a gel consistency; it’s hard to explain.  But it goes on really smooth as if you were using feather stroke wisps of gel.  It doesn’t goop onto the brush at all.  It’s like cream rouge if you’ve ever felt it.  This stuff looks really natural!

Begin by brushing your brow hairs straight up to get below the bottom line.  You outline the bottom of your eyebrow in feathery strokes.  Then you just fill in with light, feathery strokes from the middle of your brow to its tail.

Be careful that the tail is neither flipping up nor thickening up.  I tend to make the tail too thick instead of a point.  You may only want to use gel on the end of the tail.  It’s so pretty and natural looking.  You’ve got to try this!

Eyebrow Pencil

I got the 002 Hazel color from Rimmel London’s Eyebrow Pencil.  I love how thin and silky it goes on.  I hardly put any pressure to get some impact.  I suggest getting a color you think is going to be too dark…because it won’t be.

You start by brushing up those hairs and just outlining the base from the side to the tail.  Be sure to use feathery brush strokes.  Again, this is so simple and really looks natural.  I didn’t know how good an artist I could be!!  I’m so relieved.

I just need to find a color pencil that is closer to my eyebrow color than Hazel.  Even though my thin part of the eyebrow is lighter colored hair, I can’t use a lighter pencil or gel because of the poofy section’s dark color.  So I’ll gladly hunt for a darker color b/c it’s so easy to apply.  I never knew!

This pencil is my favorite because I prefer lower maintenance.  But its brush is so darn stiff and painful.  So if I’m going to use my softer CVS 360 brush, then I’ll just take along my Elf Eyebrow Kit.  Either are just as easy and give the same effortless, daytime look.

For my best secret to eyebrow application, check out the video on my YouTube channel.

Thanks for reading and/or watching!  Leave me a comment about ideas that POP into your idea.


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