Easiest Way To Clean MakeUp Brushes

Cleaning means 1) getting rid of the caked on makeup as well as 2) sanitizing each brush.  So it’s a two step process really.  First you want to remove the dirt, dead skin cells and old makeup.  Then you want to remove bacteria.  And the easiest way is with alcohol.  I have never gotten sick from an unclean makeup brush…or have I???  But since I’m traveling so much this summer, this nagging “clean me!” voice keeps POPping into my head. IMG_5125

Which Cleaners & How Deep

Baby Shampoo or Zest bar soap will work.  Just get the soap or shampoo wet and swirl (like 5 times for a quick clean) your makeup brush in it.  Rinse with warm water and let dry.  Smaller brushes will dry faster, right?  You need to let them dry completely-all you efficient ladies like me out there.

I would just do what my friend on Pretty Neat Living does and use a spray bottle to squirt the alcohol onto your towel (vs pouring some alcohol onto it).  You can find those here and here.  Squirt 2 sprays of alcohol onto a towel or wash rag; then grab 5 small brushes and swirl them like 2 times and let them dry completely.  Two or three squirts is good for 5 small brushes.

Two of my brushes are unique, though.  My concealer brush (caked on concealer) gets its own two squirts and its own place on my towel because there’s so much caked on.  And for my brush that I transition dry shadow onto my eyelid after applying eye primer, I use two squirts of alcohol and it gets its own section on my wash cloth.

I write Alcohol on Washi Tape for a quick identifier.

Look for an upcoming video on how to start your eye shadow brush collection.

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