Curling Short Inverted Bob Hair Style

I get asked this alot so maybe these tips will help.  Here are some pictures to show your hair person.



You can purchase my fave curling iron here.  I’ve used it for years.  I made a special trip to VA to personally ship my salon style mousse…..aaaannddd then I realized it’s on Amazon.

But remember that I curl each curl down while holding the curling iron horizontal.  I do not hold it vertically as you would think.  And most of all remember that it took me 42 years to find a hair style that I was confident in.

Be content with the way God created you, and if you want to dye your hair too, do it!

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Organizing Under the Bathroom Sink

Check out my YouTube video above for the best description of what I did.

Number One Problem

My cabinets under my bathroom sink are kinda like big purses.  They can look unorganized really fast, but I love that they’re big.  These are large cabinets!  But there’s alot of space not being used.  I wanted my cabinets to look pretty and have organization.  So I shopped for bins, baskets, and shelves.


Towels are just thrown in there, and all my extra items fit in that cabinet fine.  But if I’m looking for my new tube of Eye Primer, I may have to sit and get comfortable while I look for it.  PIC_0145

I tried folding my towels in my new bin from TJ Maxx, but if I needed the towel that was on the bottom of the stack, it would require more effort to find it.  So I tried rolling.


My hand towels fit perfectly rolled up in this basket from Better Homes & Garden.  Wikipedia calls the bathroom the second busiest room in the house, next to the kitchen.  And I am busy using up hand towels.  These are just for my hands-no idea why I have so many.  But they look so pretty standing up, ready to “give me a hand.”

Number One Solution

I love how this turned out.  Scored this tub at the end of the summer for $10 (originally $20) from TJ Maxx.  There is so much storage left in these shelves.  See how the pops of turquoise POP in the dark shelves?  They lighten up the mood in there.


Thank you for POPping over!  This organizing under my bathroom sink project took at least 3 months just to start so I understand how daunting it can seem.  Take your time and buy something you will like to look at everyday!

See all my liquids?  Need help packing your liquids for a trip?  Need help packing a suitcase in an efficient way?  Want to watch my bathroom counter organizational video?

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Fixer Upper Magnolia Market – Day 2

We’re sharing more things to do in Fixer Upper land and Magnolia Market in Waco, TX.

Here’s my Day 1 Visit to Magnolia Market video of what we ate, did and saw in Waco.

We start out at Shipley’s Doughnuts in Waco.  Try a kolache-it’s a Texas thing.

Take a morning stroll along Cameron Park.  You’ll walk under the bridge you see on the show.

If you’re staying a third day, try out the Dr Pepper Museum.

Visit the Baylor University bookstore and the real live Bear pit.  Awwww!

Next, you’re going to visit the Bed & Breakfast in McGregor ,Texas that Chip and Joanna Gaines just unveiled this year.  I give you the exact address in the Fixer Upper Visit Day 2 LauriePOP video above.  We even drove by their house.

We ate at Vitek BBQ in Waco on our way out of town the last day.  Thanks for POPping over to my LauriePOP Where Ideas POP Channel.

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4 Kimono Outfit Ideas – Hits and Misses

My YouTube video above shows these looks even better.

Visions of Robin Williams in the movie Birdcage POPped in my head when I tried on my first ever kimono.   The Sugar Cubes call kimonos the “star of the outfit.”  I’ve been hesitant and am now excited to try this trend.   Dorothy reassured me that kimonos are a girl’s best friend.

For reference I’m 5’8″ and a size 8-10. Here is what kimono outfit ideas worked and what outfits didn’t work for me.

Kimono #1 – – – – Missed the boat with these two

DSC_1409        DSC_1368

Much better:




Kimono #2 —–Although peach totally matches, I’m washed out.  And see how the tank cuts my length?

Much better versions:


The fuschia blends so nicely, and elongates my look b/c of the loose, skimming tank.  The blue tee drapes me better than the tank and lets the kimono shine-o.

And I love this mix of patterns!!! IMG_5551

Third Kimono:  Not so good-o

Much better:


My favorite kimono ended up not photographing like I thought.  Francesca’s black graphic tee and the loose tank look better with this kimono.


If at first you don’t succeed, try try again with a graphic tee shirt, right?


Take a picture of yourself and assess the outfit.  It takes 5 seconds…or forever if you ask my 11 year old.









#4 Kimono – It’s OK-o


Polka dots get me every time, especially if put with stripes!!  I like how the kimono is the same length as the shorts.  And see how the look totally changes with jean cut offs?  You could also roll them up if fringed is too teeny bopper for you.


You can see the frontal version of this kimono outfit on my LauriePOP YouTube channel above.

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Nail Polish for Football Game Day

In order to win the Kate Spade nail decals and OPI nail polish in Humidi-Tea color, just click on the red subscribe button when you watch the YouTube video by August 15, 2016.

Thank you so much for watching and subscribing.  You will see 6 nail polish ideas for the upcoming SEC, NFL, Pac 12, Forbes Fantasy Football party, or Big 10 football season.

Partly Cloudy With a Chance of Lacquer is a cute blog with fantastic nail designs.
AMNails on Etsy has some awesome stickers for your team.
Here’s an example of the Striper Brush, or you can find them at Sally Beauty Supply.     Only Southern Made has clear wristlet purses since most college stadiums are only allowing clear bags now.

OH MY WORD, look at these polishes you can buy polishes that have a helmet on them!!

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