Long Haul Flight: WHAT TO PACK?

What state or country are you POPping to soon?  Traveling on a long haul flight is any flight longer than 4 hours to me.

Most important:

Take pics of your passport and then email them to yourself, a family member, and the person you’re visiting.  The person you’re visiting may not know your family member’s email.  So if they’re the only ones to know to come looking for you, they need a copy.  Also take a picture of  your insurance card and email a copy to yourself.  Second to the top priority is to take an antibacterial wipe in a baggie so you can wipe down that tray table that never ever gets cleaned.

Wake Up Bag Near the End of the Flight:


At the end of the flight, I always feel like death warmed over.  I don’t want to brush my teeth right before landing with airplane sink water that says “Not Potable.”  That’s where the Tooth Wipe comes in.  They just help you have fresh breath and don’t need water.  They’re amazing!  Five come in a box, individually wrapped-to share!  And I LOVE carrying Floss Sticks on every flight.  These work better than the name brand ones

To help you feel refreshed, I keep one facial wipe inside a plastic baggie.  Here’s what ya do:  wipe down your face and then take bottled water to bathroom to give it a quick rinse.  Helps ya make it to that hotel room…or to the coffee shop.



Keep your toiletries bag in your backpack so that they have equal pressure.  Eye drops, ear drops (if beach or pool location) and a tube-not tub-of Vaseline.  Ear drops leaked one time on me b/c I had to check my bag at the last minute, so now I just buy a new bottle that is sealed.  Or I put them in a plastic bag and put that into my quart bag.  Is lip gloss a liquid? Argh!  Check out my Toiletries Video.

Backpack or Rucksack:

Checked bags can get lost, or you may have to check your bag at the last minute.  I pack a swim suit; don’t want to be without your swim suit if you are finally at the beach  I’d also sneak a pair of undies in a baggie.  Pack socks and slide on flip flops in case it’s FREEZING on the plane.  Electronics:  cords, camera, car charger for your phone b/c after a long haul, you might be way close to 0% battery power.


On a long haul flight, I need any extra space.  So I take tiny loop-over-my-ear headphones vs the cute puffy ones.

Other items include a Travel pillow or maybe this kind of New PillowFloating Croakies (awesome invention), Off (travel size), sunscreen, foldable brush, roll-on stick of perfume, medicines, and a plastic trash bag for wet or sweaty clothes on the way home.


My friend at Amber Oliver has a DIY luggage tag with a free printable cut file.

Here’s a totally FREE and cute packing-list for y’all that is divided into broader categories.

More travel videos:  Find out How To Pack A Carry On or my first YouTube video about our trip to Fixer Upper’s Magnolia Market.

I wish you on-time departures and lots of room for suitcases and backpacks!  Thank you so much for watching my Travel Tips by Laurie channel! I am no longer LauriePOP and now just focus on travel.

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8 thoughts on “Long Haul Flight: WHAT TO PACK?

    1. Oh no! That’s up to you and what your needs are. It’s just a cute doc. I did try some packing list apps that are free. There was so much that I didn’t need that it seemed to take me longer to make my list. But you may like them. PackPoint was one of them. Happy travels, Janice.


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