5 Christmas Gift Ideas – Part 1

My YouTube video above goes into much more detail with visuals.  Please check it out.

Part 1

Here are the first two Christmas gift ideas for others…or maybe yourself.  Part 2 is coming next week.

Get some early decorations at Five Below-basically a $1 store but everything is under $5.


We will experience a strong shopping season this year, according to Fortune.com and many of you will help with that.  Do you do most of your shopping from home, or do you enjoy the hustle and bustley Christmas spirit?

Hello Fresh is great as a gift certificate.  I’d give it to someone who just landed a new job.  I’d give it to someone who just moved.  For someone who had a baby and now has time to cook-just not shop or plan meals.  And I recommend it for you; for when you’re in a cooking funk.


However, this is a subscription.  If you’re giving this as a gift, they will need to cancel it the week they get the ingredients because this is a subscription gift.

Each meal’s ingredients come in a box.  Meat will be protected and at the very bottom of the large box.  One of my meals was Pork and Apple Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes and a Tangy Fall Salad.  The other was a Beef/Noodle Stir-Fry with Broccoli.


Look how large this shallot is!  I chose two meals in one week.  As I stated in my video, you are in charge of how often and how many meals arrive.  Then, they send you an email asking which two meals you want:  i.e. Classic, Vegan, Funky.  You can choose two from their list and pictures.

With two 10 lb ice packs on top of the meat as well as cushiony insulation, the fresh ingredients are delivered very cold!  I was worried they’d be frozen and have to order pizza at the last minute.


Prep time that is listed on their included menu card is accurate.  I was so thrilled and relieved with this subscription!  My pork/apple meatloaf; they sent me two packages of ground pork, but here is what I did with only one of the packages.  So, technically, I have enough meat for another mea.!

Do this for yourself and search google for Hello Fresh discount coupon.  I scored, just by googling, a $40 off Q.  It was originally $80.  With my $40- coupon, we got 2 meals for 4 people for $40!!!

Facial Peel

Do y’all remember the old facial masks that felt like cement when they were drying?  This Facial Peel by Mary Kay will totally rejuvenate your skin care routine.

First of all, it feels like you’re wearing thick lotion for 10 minutes.  Then, a quick wipe and rinse, and it’s off.  Off go the layers of germs, layers of dead cells, layers of hormone-estranged skin.  The remnants are youthful, smooth, moisturized, renewed-feeling skin.  It’s almost bouncy.

I tell ya, I love this stuff.  My consultant is in VA, and I’m in Texas.  She pumped some into a container so I could try it out because she knew I’d fall for it.  I’m so buying this!

I would recommend a Facial Peel for you; treat yourself this Christmas.  Your family doesn’t know what to buy the woman who has everything.  You just want to be with your family, right?  Be with them dressed in a new skin feel.  You’re going to love it!

Part 2

Coming next week, I’ll link the other three must buys on my list for Christmas.  If you are looking for some toys for 2016, I’ve inked a list you may want.

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Election 2016 Snacks & Party Ideas

Please watch my video above and let me know if you agree with me on my Soap Box.

Let’s have an Election Night 2016 party and not stress!  Whether you’re mad about Trump 2016 or sad about Hillary 2016, it’s an excuse to get together.  Food comforts me when I’m stressed, and it’s especially fun to plan fun food for guests.


I sent an Election Night Party Invitation to my in-laws and another couple who will arrive election day at our house.  Or you can print my-election-invitation.  I listed a menu, but just like the politicians, I don’t have to stick to that menu.

I absolutely love this idea by Rachael Ray called Campaign Trail Mix.  I would just use any trail mix and type the name on a 4×6 Notecard.  Fold it in half in front of the big bowl.  I got some cute decor to hang from the ceiling as well as a centerpiece from Party City.

This trivia game about presidents is something cute you could do with prizes.  I’m going to use individual Halloween candy as prizes.


Adding color to the table is part of the fun.  Throw in red Beet Hummus minus the tahini.  I don’t even and will never like beets, but this is fabulous!  Present it with those wafer crackers.  If you want to call the wafer crackers something racist, I won’t be offended.

You can make Deplor-apple Tarts (deplorable) and serve them with some Hillary Vanillery Ice Cream.  I’m going to have Trumpkin Bread for breakfast the next morning.

People can be so clever, and creative titles lessen the stress of the night.  Have fun being with your friends and family.

We have certain inalienable rights:  to love our neighbor, to be friends with those who vote differently than us, to keep this Election Night classy, and to be “lights” in America!

I solemnly swear to keep praying for my leaders and to be loyal to this great country that was defended by so many brave men and women!  I love America!  Love your neighbor and POP over again soon.

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Five Things You Must Pack For a Disney Cruise and Why

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Here are five things I wish we had taken on our first Disney Cruise.

1.  Stainless steel cup

You use your S’well Bottle on the ship AND when you go to the islands for excursions.  I love them because they’re so thin and streamlined and LEAK PROOF.  You will pay around $5 for a bottle of water on Castaway Cay and Blue Lagoon for example.

The ice melts so fast on that hot main level because, for safety, it is all windowed in; no breeze.  You need a cup to keep the cool drink cool and the hot coffee hot.  Fill it up in the morning and fuh-getaboutit.  You’re on vacation; it takes too much effort to walk all the way back to the ice machine haha.

2.  Magnets to decorate your room and door

The doors to all of the staterooms are magnetic.  Decorate the door and some of the walls inside.  People have gone all out decorating the doors and walls.  So fun!  Here are some Disney magnets.

3.  Lanyards for the Disney Key Card

Surprisingly, you need your key card to buy every drink or item on board.  But sodas are free!

Plus, you have to show the Disney Key Card just to get off and on the boat!

Even better would be to bring a Waterproof iPhone Case With Lanyard to wear your phone and key card like this one from Amazon. Disney has a free app you can use in the middle of the ocean-doesn’t require a wireless connection.  The walkie-talkies the ship gives you run out of battery super quick.  And the only way to charge the walkie-talkies is with the plugs which are in.the.room.  Doh!  But you can communicate with each other if you have your free app on your cell phones.

4.  Bring Disney gear to get autographed

Rapunzel, Stitch, Mickey and Minnie, and Ariel are just a few characters I saw.  You get to meet them and shake their hands.  Tons of people had autograph books and dolls to get autographed.  But your kiddos are going to REALLY want to get a new stuffed character from the adorable Gift Shop that is right by the main dining room…coincidence?  I think not.

5.  Small backpack for excursions

On the islands, you have to bring proof that you scheduled an excursion.  So bring that ticket, but you also need to bring cash or credit card.  You CANNOT use your Disney card to purchase food/beverages on either island.  We just brought an Totally Cute Adult Backpack to the island.

For instance, we went to Blue Lagoon as an excursion (huge inflatable jump houses on the water and raft per person).  We had to bring a ticket if we wanted our lunch that came with this excursion.  But if we wanted more to eat or drink, we had to pay for it with a Credit Card or cash-cannot buy with our Disney card that we have to have in order to get back on the ship.

Empty out a backpack so that you can take everything you may need on the island.  If you filled your Stainless Steel Cup from #1 above, put that in there too so you don’t have to buy a $5 bottle of water.  No need to take towels on your cruise excursions fyi.

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Four Ways to Transition Outfits to Fall

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We’re in the inbetween season of the year where the minute you put away your summer clothes, you’re going to have a week of 89 degree weather.  Happens to me every September.  Don’t put all your summer clothes away just yet.  Shop your closet and find things that are Fall colored.


I am LOVE-ing the cranberry burgundy color this year.  I notice it everywhere.  In church I noticed that the ribbon in my Bible uses a burgundy ribbon book mark.  I’ve looked at this ribbon for years, and this year I love it!


Navy, burgundy, mustard colored cardigans are great for Fall.  You can layer on top of a tee or a summer dress, and Huggington Post agrees with me.  Choose sleeveless tops that hang correctly without being bulky or too tight.  I just found this tank on sale at Nordstrom that is a great transition piece under a cardigan. dsc_0019

Denim shirt

Wear jeggings (jeans that stretch like leggings) or thick leggings with a white tee and leave that denim shirt unbottoned.  Use it as a layering piece, and if it gets hot, you can tie it around your waist-still covering up the panty lines.  There are really thin and long denim shirts right now at every store. dsc_1444


Fall-Colored Jeans

Army colored jeggings or jeans make transitioning outfits from summer to fall super easy.  Olive looks great with reddish tones, crisp white, purple and mint.  Throw on a jean jacket or a Fall scarf, and. you. are. done.


Fall Accessories

If it’s still 89 degrees in your neck of the woods, just pull on some colored jeans, a Fall colored necklace and loafers.  As my friend Callie says, though, “You can never have too many accessories.”  Add a leopard scarf or tons of bangle bracelets.

I shopped Nordstrom, Kohls, Target, Loft, Family Dollar, Chicos, TJMaxx and Shelvie Jean in Covington, GA.  You never know where inspiration will hit!  Have fun mixing and matching for Fall Outfits!  I’m linking up with The Wardrobe StylistShelbee On The Edge, Doused In Pink , Fashion Should Be Fun, Jolynne ShaneBargain BagLady, Curly Crafty Mom and Funky Forty 

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