Five Things You Must Pack For a Disney Cruise and Why

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Here are five things I wish we had taken on our first Disney Cruise.

1.  Stainless steel cup

You use your S’well Bottle on the ship AND when you go to the islands for excursions.  I love them because they’re so thin and streamlined and LEAK PROOF.  You will pay around $5 for a bottle of water on Castaway Cay and Blue Lagoon for example.

The ice melts so fast on that hot main level because, for safety, it is all windowed in; no breeze.  You need a cup to keep the cool drink cool and the hot coffee hot.  Fill it up in the morning and fuh-getaboutit.  You’re on vacation; it takes too much effort to walk all the way back to the ice machine haha.

2.  Magnets to decorate your room and door

The doors to all of the staterooms are magnetic.  Decorate the door and some of the walls inside.  People have gone all out decorating the doors and walls.  So fun!  Here are some Disney magnets.

3.  Lanyards for the Disney Key Card

Surprisingly, you need your key card to buy every drink or item on board.  But sodas are free!

Plus, you have to show the Disney Key Card just to get off and on the boat!

Even better would be to bring a Waterproof iPhone Case With Lanyard to wear your phone and key card like this one from Amazon. Disney has a free app you can use in the middle of the ocean-doesn’t require a wireless connection.  The walkie-talkies the ship gives you run out of battery super quick.  And the only way to charge the walkie-talkies is with the plugs which are  Doh!  But you can communicate with each other if you have your free app on your cell phones.

4.  Bring Disney gear to get autographed

Rapunzel, Stitch, Mickey and Minnie, and Ariel are just a few characters I saw.  You get to meet them and shake their hands.  Tons of people had autograph books and dolls to get autographed.  But your kiddos are going to REALLY want to get a new stuffed character from the adorable Gift Shop that is right by the main dining room…coincidence?  I think not.

5.  Small backpack for excursions

On the islands, you have to bring proof that you scheduled an excursion.  So bring that ticket, but you also need to bring cash or credit card.  You CANNOT use your Disney card to purchase food/beverages on either island.  We just brought an Totally Cute Adult Backpack to the island.

For instance, we went to Blue Lagoon as an excursion (huge inflatable jump houses on the water and raft per person).  We had to bring a ticket if we wanted our lunch that came with this excursion.  But if we wanted more to eat or drink, we had to pay for it with a Credit Card or cash-cannot buy with our Disney card that we have to have in order to get back on the ship.

Empty out a backpack so that you can take everything you may need on the island.  If you filled your Stainless Steel Cup from #1 above, put that in there too so you don’t have to buy a $5 bottle of water.  No need to take towels on your cruise excursions fyi.

 Thanks for POPping over.  Enjoy your cruise of a lifetime!  I’m linking up with Shelbee On The Edge.

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