Election 2016 Snacks & Party Ideas

Please watch my video above and let me know if you agree with me on my Soap Box.

Let’s have an Election Night 2016 party and not stress!  Whether you’re mad about Trump 2016 or sad about Hillary 2016, it’s an excuse to get together.  Food comforts me when I’m stressed, and it’s especially fun to plan fun food for guests.


I sent an Election Night Party Invitation to my in-laws and another couple who will arrive election day at our house.  Or you can print my-election-invitation.  I listed a menu, but just like the politicians, I don’t have to stick to that menu.

I absolutely love this idea by Rachael Ray called Campaign Trail Mix.  I would just use any trail mix and type the name on a 4×6 Notecard.  Fold it in half in front of the big bowl.  I got some cute decor to hang from the ceiling as well as a centerpiece from Party City.

This trivia game about presidents is something cute you could do with prizes.  I’m going to use individual Halloween candy as prizes.


Adding color to the table is part of the fun.  Throw in red Beet Hummus minus the tahini.  I don’t even and will never like beets, but this is fabulous!  Present it with those wafer crackers.  If you want to call the wafer crackers something racist, I won’t be offended.

You can make Deplor-apple Tarts (deplorable) and serve them with some Hillary Vanillery Ice Cream.  I’m going to have Trumpkin Bread for breakfast the next morning.

People can be so clever, and creative titles lessen the stress of the night.  Have fun being with your friends and family.

We have certain inalienable rights:  to love our neighbor, to be friends with those who vote differently than us, to keep this Election Night classy, and to be “lights” in America!

I solemnly swear to keep praying for my leaders and to be loyal to this great country that was defended by so many brave men and women!  I love America!  Love your neighbor and POP over again soon.

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4 thoughts on “Election 2016 Snacks & Party Ideas

  1. So many cute names for these foods! Your red cardigan is perfect with this tee. I dread even thinking about this upcoming election, but will do my part and vote. I am surprised at how many are choosing not to.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Laurakmillsphotography! Aren’t these so creative?! It’s a way to make that day light-hearted. Have fun with your class! USA! Thanks for reading and watching! I really appreciate it.


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