Makeup Look for Fall

We’re going to layer beautiful Fall colors on your eye and face, and it’s going to be art!


Let’s think of your eyelid as a piece of canvas on an easel.  When the light hits it just right, all these colors POP out.  Some of you have a canvas as big as the wall for your eyeshadow; me, I have a 4×6 inch hooded eyelid.  But just like the bear hunt, I can’t go around it so I’ve gotta go through it.

Blending is what we will finesse during this tutorial.  After each color, we blend.  Add color and blend.  Blending erases mistakes, moves the color just the right amount of distance, and combines colors that results in a masterpiece.  The Milani palette has the trendy Fall colors in it-the best I’ve seen.

After you’ve rubbed in your eye primer and applied a base white or yellow powder to your eyelids, use a dabber brush.  And by dabber, I mean one that will put the powder in one location.  Dab a purple on your brow bone from the halfway point and to the side.  Blend.


Isn’t this Milani Collection (mini plum basics) beautiful?  I add the purple, blend, the cranberry, blend and then a tiny swipe of the taupe color before blending one last time.  And these all go along my eye socket bone which is pretty much at or below my eye brow.

Now, I grab that tight brush and dab yellow all on the lower part of the lid.  Sometimes on me that darker colors make my eyes look dull.  So this yellow cream adds some light to make those Fall colors POP.

Trick #1

Dip your brush in just white and dab it right below that brow line.  Go along it so that you have the bright white ceiling, then the gorgeous Fall wall colors on your lid, and then the beautiful creamy carpet on the lower part of your lid.  This way, when people look at you, those Fall makeup colors will POP.

Trick #2

Now, with your blush brush, swipe the cranberry eyeshadow and lightly swipe or dab it on your cheek bones.  It can easily look like a big ole bruise so be very careful!  I tried this like five times before I got just the right amount of pressure with my brush.  Then top it off with your regular blush.  Did you ever try applying blush in a circular rotation instead of a swiping motion?  “Swiper, no swiping!”  All my toddler mom friends will know that saying.

dsc_0086I absolutely love using this highlighter.  It’s the popcorn looking light pink circular container.  Remember that it goes just on the very top edge of your cheek bones.  I love this because of the container and because it lasts FOREVER!  I’ve used this for at least 3 months, and it looks brand new!


Then I finished this Autumn Makeup Look with my bronzer, eyeliner and mascara. It’s really freaky having the camera in front of your face sometimes.

I hope you feel confident, crisp and creative after using these tips for a Fall look.  Send me pics!

Eye color:  Sweet Cream and Plum Basics Collection on Amazon

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