3 New Year’s Eve Nail Designs

Happy New Year to you!

These three New Year’s Eve nail designs are very easy to achieve.  My video above gives you step by step directions.

What is your favorite color tone?

Colors I Used:
My favorite pink: A-Arose at Dawn Broke By Noon
Dark Purple: Lincoln Park After Dark
Light Purple: A Grape Fit
White: White On
Green: Do Pass Go
Gold: Similar

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The Best Rogue One Toys to Buy

We saw Rogue One today, and I just wanted to POP on here to let you know the best Rogue One toys to buy.  I wanted to watch Rogue One to know the most wanted toys.


Major Characters:

1. The newest and funny droid:  Only 3 left in stock of this K-2SO (not zero) probably because he’s 31 INCHES!  This guy is a must have.  SO CUTE!

2. There’s the three pack of a regular white Imperial Storm Trooper (18 in), the black Death Trooper (18 in) and the new funny guy K-2SO (not zero) at 20 inches.  It says there’s only one left!  If this is sold out, there is the much smaller version at 6 inches.

3.  Jyn (the daughter who is the main leader of the movie)

4.  Darth Vader 

5.  Gold Storm Troopers – way too expensive, but this shows what they look like

6.  Krennic who is a bad guy and gets haha’d at at the end.

7. Chirrut Imwe – awesome blind martial arts guy –

Fighter Jets and Space Ships

Okay, in Rogue One you’ll get to see all the old fighter jets.  There is a long battle at the end, which is totally awesome!  Here are the ones making great shots during the movie.

1.TIE Striker

2. Rebel U-Wing Fighter (so cute that these are from the original movie)

3. Imperial Cargo Walking Shooting Thing that the storm troopers sit in-Build IT or the Lego version.  I would recommend just the Imperial Cargo Walking thing that actually shoots rapid fire.

4. X-Wing Fighter

5. THE Millennium Falcon

6. A Cargo Shuttle ship that looks like a bird flying

Miscellaneous Star Wars Toys for Active Kids

Nerf Rogue One Gun

Death Trooper Voice Changing Mask

Death Trooper Costume for kids

K-2SO Costume for kids

Rogue One Sticker Book

Light Saber but in the movie it was only red if that matters to your child.

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How To Make a Cup Cozy Out of Fleece

My YouTube above gives visual steps of how I made a Cup Cozy with Fleece.  They’re great for coffee cups or water bottles…or two other FABULOUS ideas you’ll see in the video above near the end.

Isn’t it so cute?  I chose an 80s color that is back, and like, totally, I grabbed it with a spoon!


Two strips of 3.5 X 14 ” of fleece, pretty sides touching (Fleece in plaid or solid on Amazon). Yours may not have a pretty side; sometimes both are the same.  That’s fine.

Make marks 2.5″ down  on both sides of the top layer so that you know where to stop the curve when you cut the ends.

Fold them lengthwise and cut a curved line from the corner of the folded side to this mark. When you cut it, it looks like a crayon!  If your scissors are dull, you may need to do one piece at a time.

Stack them on top of each other again.  Pin around, leaving a 3 inch opening along a straight side.  Stitch all except for the opening.  Then trim around the edges just to remove bulk; it won’t fray-yay!  Go, fleece!

Turn it inside out and top stitch all the way around, closing up the opening.  That stitching will help it look polished and professional.

Buttons can be expensive and make your cozy cost as much as they do in local shops.  Sometimes I find odd buttons at yard sales.  But buttons, as well as the material pattern, will help your Cozy be unique to each person.  They help you express the personality and mood of the gift.

I absolutely adore these from Wanderlust Bee , and I just bought two. Check her out!

But, if you have 20 minutes and some fleece, try making one of these for someone.  This is a great craft for a new sewer.

Check out some of my other DIY projects for your guest room and for festive decor.

Or, you may like the Snowman Wreath from the video.

My eyeshadow look is with this Milani Palette.

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Major Target Sweater Sale: Ends 12/17

This major sale ends Saturday-Code for Free Shipping is at the bottom too!

Target is making room for more inventory!!  Your shipping is free.  I’ve broken it down into brands for you.  The YouTube above will show you how I styled each piece.  The blue links will take you directly to each piece.

Merona Sweaters:


The classic Almost White Cable Knit is thin and a classic.  It’s so close to white.  I recommend buying up a size.


Their Argyle Classic in camel and light pink makes me swoon.  I love these colors together.

These Two Cocoon Cardigans are luxe without the deluxe price.  DSC_0235.jpgdsc_0167-1

Very fragile so don’t make a Snowman Wreath while wearing these.  They’re not super long on me, and I’m 5’8″.

DSC_0240.jpgI wanted to wear this Navy Vest Cardigan home from the store.  Super thick, not flying away with a breeze, and good pockets are why my brain said, “Add to cart.”

This Aztec Wrap Cardigan would be perfect on a cold, rainy day.  The fabric is dense and heavy and so soft.  I feel like I’m in a robe looking out the chalet in Breckenridge lol.  If you’re wanting a subtle Aztec print, this is your jam!


Mossimo Sweaters:


I’m loving this versatile Sleeveless Mock Sweater.  It’s a high low with a big slit so jeggings or a short, fitted skirt with leggings would be nice!

This Creamy Cable Knit is much thicker but hangs in a cute way.  Does that make sense?  It’s great for a more casual feel.


Oh, I almost forgot-the Favorite Mossimo Cardigans that I have in three colors are also on sale!  EEK!


Happy Sale Shopping!

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How to Apply False Eyelashes

How to Apply Falsies

I thought this was a blast!  With my new friend Erin and first Texas friend Deedee, we lead you through how to apply False Eyelashes with confidence.  Let me know what you think of the above video tutorial.

Here are the supplies I’ve used, and several of my friends also can vouch for the Ardell Eyelashes.


Maybelline Liquid Liner

Eyeko London Liquid Liner

OPI Polish

Ardell #45 Lashes

Please please please tell me if you try them!  Have fun!

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How to Make a Snowman Wreath

He’s so cute!

Have you made this Snowman Wreath yet?  My mom and I made him, and I highly suggest making this with a friend.  It took us about an hour and a half.  Watching my LauriePOP Ideas That POP YouTube Video will help so much!

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Frosty Melts My Heart Shirt

Wooden Ovals for the eyes

White Pipe Cleaners

Zip Ties

White Deco Mesh Ribbon

12 Inch Wire Wreath Ring

8 Inch Wire Wreath Ring to go inside the 12 inch one

One piece of orange felt


Black Foam Board

Top Hat – plastic

Plaid Christmas Ribbon

Pine Cone or Poinsetta Flower Bow

Hot Glue Gun – a good one

Printable Mouth and Nose

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