The Best Rogue One Toys to Buy

We saw Rogue One today, and I just wanted to POP on here to let you know the best Rogue One toys to buy.  I wanted to watch Rogue One to know the most wanted toys.


Major Characters:

1. The newest and funny droid:  Only 3 left in stock of this K-2SO (not zero) probably because he’s 31 INCHES!  This guy is a must have.  SO CUTE!

2. There’s the three pack of a regular white Imperial Storm Trooper (18 in), the black Death Trooper (18 in) and the new funny guy K-2SO (not zero) at 20 inches.  It says there’s only one left!  If this is sold out, there is the much smaller version at 6 inches.

3.  Jyn (the daughter who is the main leader of the movie)

4.  Darth Vader 

5.  Gold Storm Troopers – way too expensive, but this shows what they look like

6.  Krennic who is a bad guy and gets haha’d at at the end.

7. Chirrut Imwe – awesome blind martial arts guy –

Fighter Jets and Space Ships

Okay, in Rogue One you’ll get to see all the old fighter jets.  There is a long battle at the end, which is totally awesome!  Here are the ones making great shots during the movie.

1.TIE Striker

2. Rebel U-Wing Fighter (so cute that these are from the original movie)

3. Imperial Cargo Walking Shooting Thing that the storm troopers sit in-Build IT or the Lego version.  I would recommend just the Imperial Cargo Walking thing that actually shoots rapid fire.

4. X-Wing Fighter

5. THE Millennium Falcon

6. A Cargo Shuttle ship that looks like a bird flying

Miscellaneous Star Wars Toys for Active Kids

Nerf Rogue One Gun

Death Trooper Voice Changing Mask

Death Trooper Costume for kids

K-2SO Costume for kids

Rogue One Sticker Book

Light Saber but in the movie it was only red if that matters to your child.

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