Packing Cubes vs. The Rolling Method

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When you travel to Europe in a carry on suitcase, which method do you use – the packing cube or rolling – for your clothes?  I will test and review each way to pack.  Since my suitcase is a carry on, I need a packing method that takes up less space.  I want to maximize the space I do have so that I can bring 13 outfits and 5 tennis shoes with me.  Thanks for POPping by!

packing cubes vs rolling 13 outfits

My friend Kira has packing cubes for every member of her family and loves the cube method.  I have just always rolled my clothes.  I’m really good at mixing and matching my outfit pieces so that I can get more bang for my trip.  I bought an inexpensive packing cube set…in pink!  So, I’m already a fan.  The zipper itself seems fragile, but the zipper handles are a great rubber strength.


The cubes are large and would be great for larger suitcases.  In my carryon only the large cube fit.  Diniwell gave me two more cubes as well as 3 laundry bags (not sure why I need 3).  If I had a large suitcase that I could check in at the airport, these cubes would be great.  I would buy another set.  I do roll my clothes before putting them in the cubes.  You can stack them, you can squish them, and you can stuff them.  In order to maximize the space of each cube, I would roll the clothes again at the end of my trip, which does take time.  But each method requires that time and is worth it!

packing cubes vs rolling method

Rolling is still my preferred packing method because each piece can be molded into a shape.  I can get the clothes way down in-between the metal bars of my suitcase base.  They can get in-between the shoes.  I can even put them in the outer pocket of my suitcase.  My rolled version in the video above shows that the rolling method allowed for more space…not enough for a mind-blown declaration, but since I prefer rolling, I noticed.

Favorite travel tunic

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