Two DIY Jewelry Organizers

My jewelry box is overflowing with bracelets and other pieces that have a special story.  I will show you how to make two bracelet holders – a DIY holder and a DIY earring organizer for better storage and a pretty display.  Now that I see all of my jewelry because it is displayed, I will wear it more.  These DIY jewelry organizers will give you storage, more space, and help you keep your jewelry visible and organized.  The T-bar holders are at different levels so that your bracelets will not be hidden.

I searched Pinterest for jewelry storage DIY projects and then Amazon for a bracelet holder as well as jewelry organizer.  When I’m researching, I can get overwhelmed.  So, look at your jewelry that needs organizers and holders…and be specific.

Earring Holder/Organizer

My wall hanging earring organizer inspiration was on Amazon, but it was $42.  Look at the bar you can take off and slide bracelets onto.  See the question mark hooks for extra storage?  I loved how tiny the chicken wire was to hold my hanging earrings.  But it was too expensive.  So I found one on Amazon for $15-ish dollars.  I can’t find the link but will look for it.  I love how rustic the wood is.  I can screw in the little hooks.  But I don’t think I’ll need hooks.  I wanted the earring organizer to blend with my furniture so that your eyes are drawn to my DIY bracelet holder so I just spray painted it-the DIY-er’s duct tape.

I spray painted this wooden frame and chicken wire and bought these beautiful command strip pegs that will match my T-bar organizer that I’m fixing to show you.

Bracelet Holder DIY

You are going to need two paper towel tubes, fancy paper or velvet or felt paper, E6000 glue, and candlestick holders.

See how cloudy my candlestick holders are?  I wish I remembered who gave these to me for my wedding so that I could tell them how I’m repurposing them!

Use one part vinegar to 3 parts water and let them soak for 5-30 minutes.  I just sat one end in the vinegar to test it out before submerging the entire holder.  Mine almost immediately came off with just a tiny bit of rubbing.  Now if you have wax, that will require some extra products, but since my bracelets will be stealing the show, I left the tiny bits on my candlestick holder.  And you can clean out your drain and shine your sink with the leftover vinegar mixture.

Crystal (aka cheap glass) looks so pretty when it’s clean and sparkly doesn’t it?  Notice my candlestick holders for this DIY project are two heights and two designs.  That is the beauty of DIY isn’t it??

Once you have cleaned your “crystal” pick out your favorite felt.  In the store-bought jewelry holder and bracelet organizer, you’ll notice it’s usually a black velvet felt material.  I didn’t want black because it was heavy looking for my already-heavy-dresser furniture.  I didn’t want gray because it felt blah.  So I bought this beautiful glitter paper from Hobby Lobby.  You know I love aqua!

Grab your nearest ruler-isn’t this one cute?  It’s multifunctional in the kitchen; it pulls out our toaster oven rack.  Measure the leftover area, leaving just 2 millimeters extra on the end of each tube.  Make a line and cut off the excess paper.  We have to cap the ends of the tube in order to complete our bracelet holder project so we need something for them to stick to.

I start halfway down the paper with glue, put the tube on that glue and roll the paper up on it so that I can keep the ends straight.  Ya know how wrapping paper rolls up into a diagonal sometimes? E6000 is great for this jewelry organizer DIY project because you can pick up and rearrange vs hot glue permanent sticking.  That’s for other projects.

Once I’ve rolled it up completely, I do hold the seam down for a few minutes and eventually place the tube seam down and place a dish towel on it for weight while it dries.


What other objects could you use around your house to hold these paper towel rolls?  Be creative or shop in a thrift store for your favorite repurpose items.

What are you needs or problems with your bracelets, bangles and other jewelry?

Aren’t they beautiful??!  I’m going to put my bracelets I don’t wear very often on these.  My bracelets are displayed now in an organized way.  I have storage for my less-worn bangles and earrings.

I bought this toddler aqua plate at Target for 83 cents to store my bigger earrings that I wear most days.  It blends and does not look like a baby plate.  I was going to add pom poms, but i think that would look a little kiddish so now I need to think of another DIY project with these.

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2 thoughts on “Two DIY Jewelry Organizers

  1. I’m an organizational freak, Laurie…so I always love different ideas like this.
    I recently made a holder for my bracelets with “s” hooks on a rod, because I had so many, and it was a pain to take off the ones to get to another!!
    You are so cute!!


    1. Jodie!! I apologize for not commenting sooner. Summer is flying busy these days. I bought s hooks, and I really think they’d only be good for holding like one or two bracelets. But I’m saving them…maybe another project. Thank you so very much for commenting and especially for POPping by!


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