Cut Crease Method for Hooded Eyes

Tutorial on How to Lift That Hooded Eye

This tutorial will teach you how to create a cut crease look for hooded eyes using a new Milani Everyday Eyes Powder Eyeshadow Collection in Must Have Neutrals.  Hooded eyes can have dramatic  cut crease looks with Milani’s Must Have Neutrals.  This collection has a wide variety of colors for transitioning color onto your hood.

**This picture makes them look shimmery; the only shimmery one is the middle taupe one.

The far left is a whiter color than shown on Amazon. This and the Plum Blasics by Milani are my two fave drugstore finds.

NOT SPONSORED-I bought this on my own.

For mature, hooded eyes, we want a gradient effect and the Milani Everyday Eyes Powder Collection has super pigmented colors that will blend together while bringing your hood up and disappear so that your eye can be seen.  As we age, the hood above your eyeball seems heavy and is right out front because it is draping down over your or near your eyelash line which makes your eyes seem small and the hooded part of your lid look large.

I have primed my eyes and now I’m patting the light shade all over the lid to set in the base eyeshadow.  Now, here is where brush use gets important.  If you don’t have brushes, just use the ones in your Milani Must Have Neutral palette or your fingers until you get more comfortable using these colors.  Milani shades are varied so that hooded eyes will look lifted but YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHERE YOUR CREASE IS.

Usually for hooded eyes, I go way up with my color, but for today’s cut crease tutorial, I’m placing my transition color in the crease and going straight across.  I’m not swirling with this first color.  Repeat and sweep the eyeshadow brush toward the upper inside of my eyelid.

Let’s look at how it would look on the other eye if I put all this color on the small section of my eyelid.  That part hardly shows, it brings the eye downward and make the hood whiteness bigger and heavier.  Heavy!

Look how crepey the right one looks after using the taupe shimmer! Heavy!

Let’s put a shimmery color on the upper lid.  See how crepey and wrinkled it looks accenting them on the hood?  For wrinkly aged skin, it’s best to use matte colors and use them with the right technique.

For step two of the cut crease look, let’s add the color right above that transition color and go straight across.

For the cut crease technique, we are skipping the middle color so that you can really see the black cut crease.  I’m using my eyebrow brush; choose a precise tight brush and apply it right in the crease.  Your crease may be really really low, and that is okay.  Mine is way down here so I have my cut crease segment lego block.  See how I’m just making like an inch of a crease mark?

Now I’m using a blending brush that’s got some point to it so that it doesn’t go everywhere, it’s just getting its edges softened up a bit.

Now we’re coming in with our depth transition shade, and we’re going to make happy little trees.  We’re swirling from the corner being sure not to go below the crease line.  We’re swirling and sliding the color over our hood above the crease black line.

Blend that.  Then use this amazingly pigmented peach from the Must Have Neutrals palette.  That is going to be applied only on the lower lid-that is the part under the crease.  In the very middle!  That’s all.

I like to come in with the white powder just under my eye brow to help that gradient mix of colors POP even more!

Eyeliner just from the middle of the lash line out.  And I add again my mini travel mascara that lasts me like 6 months.  You don’t have to spend tons of money on good makeup.

Thanks for POPping over; I hope this cut crease tutorial really helps with your hooded eye makeup application.  I think it will look great as well as neutral.

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8 Things to Know Right Now About Renting an RV

Pack your glamping shirt because we are renting an RV for the first time!  Here are eight things you need to know right now about renting an RV for the first time:

#1 If you do not enjoy camping, you will like using an RV.  If this is your first time renting a Recreational Vehicle, you will do fine.  Newbies will discover that renting an RV for the first time is easy!  If you are a non-camper, renting an Motor Vehicle is the way to go.  Campgrounds are only $40-$50 per night.  An RV rental is around $200 per night because we rented 500 mile from CruiseAmerica.  If you go under that amount, they will reimburse you 35 center per mile.  And the same goes for going over 500 miles.  We chose campgrounds that would keep us in the 500 mile range.

In an RV you will see so many different cities in one vacation!  RV-ing through mountains, through the prairies, through green and golden waves of grain;rent-rv-recreational-vehicle-cruise-america God bless America my home sweet home!

#2 You will have quality family time.  Being stretched and living outside of your comfort zone is good for you; your kids feel empowered, tough and get in touch with their creative, nature side. 

Campgrounds have awesome websites so you will easily be able to choose a few to suit your family’s needs.  What we would do next time is check out trip advisor forums where visitors post pics of the showers and up to date pictures of the grounds themselves. rv-rent-recreational-vehicle-motor

We first stopped at Amish Country in Lancaster, PA.  White Oak Campground was absolutely beautiful.  Our second one was called a Family Campground so they had many more kid activities.  The third one had the creeks that I wanted my child to experience.  They’re amazing!  And these all had pools and a playground!  We are city folk, and my child learned how to light matches on this RV rental trip…at age 12!  Our RV broke down, and my child experienced blue collar tire center talk and getting the giggles while we were waiting.  Sometimes those totally rainy days on vacation or those moments you’re broken down on the side of the road are your best memories.

Now, my husband does not like that campgrounds offer free wi-fi because older children exist through social media.  So just do like you do at home and limit the times, make them eat a snack while walking around the campsite; not inside the RV. 

#3  You or your spouse will know how to work all of the RV and you will know how to troubleshoot.

Upon renting an RV, you will decide on the length.  That will tell you the size mattresses that will be in your RV.  We had queen in the master, the kids’ loft cushion area above the cab of the RV as well as the table.  Our RV was 32 feet.

They called this the Man-Cave!

Then you will commit to watching a couple of their required videos.  Those videos are golden!  If you want any peace of mind during your vacation, you must watch those videos.  And y’all this is for your own happiness; watching these will make your vacation better because you are prepared!  For instance: Our AC circuit breaker tripped, and immediately my hubby knew to go under the table and flip the circuit breaker switch because he had watched the video.  It never happened again. clean-dishes-rv-rent

The generator buttons are easily visible.  There’s a holding tank that holds lots of water for when you’re on the road or unable to hook up to water while en route to the next campground.  The tank level that tells you it’s near full or full is with the other buttons.  When you rent an RV you can pay for a propane tank for cooking.  The dump tank process is easy and very clean; you too can empty it as easily as Uncle Eddie did.  They started us off with one tablet of blue dissolving powder to throw down the toilet after the first use; the tank needed to have water in it though so wait till you can hook up to water for the first drop.   We bought additional ones because the Cruise America guy said to put a new one in after each dumping.  So for us, we dumped before leaving the first campsite; then we put in a new tablet, etc. rent-rv-first-time

We rented 500 miles.  Paying for gasoline is really expensive if you will be doing a lot of driving.  We flew to Virginia and drove the RV from there.  We had a friend who let us use camp chairs, bedding and towels.  We rented a kitchen set. 

The generator is the machine you can hear, but you will only use it when you cannot be plugged in at a campground.  When you’re in the campground, you hear your AC running, and you can hear happy birds chirping and the babbling creek water.  Amazing sights and sounds!

#4 It’s a moving hotel suit.

Renting an RV gives you the convenience of traveling with your own kitchen and towels and pillows.

Our shower was like 4 feet; we did not use it but to clean the boys’ feet one day after playing in the GaGa Ball Pit at one of the family campgrounds.

We all used the campground showers.  Some are nice and some are “primitive.” Be prepared by taking flimsy flip flops.  Aaah you feel so clean after a warm shower.

The best part is you do not have to pack everything back into suitcases before moving to a new campground in a city 2 hours away. rent-rv-first-time-storage

#5 Kids feel cool because they can eat lunch in a moving RV while sitting at the kitchen table.

#6 Storage is okay, and the fridge is as tall as I am 5”8’ and held enough food for us four guests for 5 days.  I would next time bring tupperware to maximize storage for dry foods that you can store under the kitchen table for example…or between the driver and passenger chairs.  There are not a lot of cabinets for dry, preservative foods.  Like cereal, boxes of microwave popcorn.  We had the cabinets above the table and skinny, narrow ones above the door.  I am really glad we had ziploc baggies because we put dry noodles, half the ground beef, opened graham cracker package, the rest of the marshmallows since we didn’t use the whole bag of marshmallows the first night. refrigerator-rental-rv

Storage under the back of the RV is amazing and huge!  Camping chairs, suitcases, kayaks, bulk dry foods, picnic table cloths that you would use if the ground was wet, that’s what we stored under there.  CruiseAmerica offered to keep our suitcases stored at their location for us since we flew in, but we didn’t need them to.

#7 There is no dishwasher so you’re it! rent-rv-coffee-maker-portable

Bring at least three dish towels – one for washing dishes, one to set the washed dishes on, and one to dry hands.  Bring Dawn or Ajax and hand soap for washing hands.

#8 There was no coffee maker and no oven.  My husband brought the neatest thing.  It’s a French Press that doesn’t have to be plugged in.  You boil water in a kettle.  Put 2 and 1/2 tablespoons of coffee into the mug, pour the boiling water over it to the top, seal it with the plunger device, and set the timer for 4 minutes.  Then slowly push the plunger all the way down, and that filters all the grounds to the bottom.  I poured my cup into a mug that was provided, but this kind of mug is created so that you can drink out of this while the grounds at the bottom don’t leak out.  So he drank out of this mug.

I would’ve packed:

*Aluminum travel mug just for holding my hotness vs the RV ceramic mug

*Plastic gloves for cleaning and handling meat and the dump station handles-you can fit a ton in a plastic baggie

*More antibacterial wipes for cleaning surfaces and rough cleaning the floor

*Dish towels for laying your wet, cleaned dishes on and another dish towel to dry them

*Sharpie marker to write initials on water bottles – refill them with gallon water jug water; you cannot use the sink water! We only bought water bottles and kept buying them and kept buying them.  We used bottled water for our coffee by the way.

*Shoes that can walk through muddy-ish grounds.  It had poured all night before we arrived at a campsite so our site was pretty muddy.  We bought a picnic table cloth with the flannel underneath and laid that under our step so we could take a few steps on it before coming back inside the RV. rent-rv-first-time-rain

*CruiseAmerica provided us with a towel on the two steps; that caught so much mulch, pine straw and dirt.  It was great having that towel on the steps.  We also used a bath towel in the middle of our floor just to help with extra debris on our shoes.

*Car charger

*String Lights string-lights-rv

*Magnetic clamp for use outside the RV-look how cute this one is! rv-rent-first-time

*Flannel backed picnic table cloth

*Happy Glamper T-Shirt

Sweep daily at night – maybe that can be a child’s chore.  It helps with your mental sanity. Our small broom came with our rented kitchen set.  

Didn’t like:

feeling damp

towels don’t get all the way dry and smell damp/moldy

mental about bugs but i never saw one the whole 6 days!!

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Four “Lunch-able” School Lunch Ideas

My name is Laurie and I create YouTube videos about Ideas that POP into my head.  Welcome to my channel.  I’m sharing four make your own lunch-able school lunch ideas.  These school lunches will be:four-make-your-own-lunchable-school-lunch-ideas-lunchbox

I am not a nutritionist, but I am a mom.  I make school lunches, and my son helps make his own lunches.  I have used Oscar Mayer’s Lunchables once every few weeks.   I like the idea of Lunchables because they’re quick.  But they’re expensive.  In my mind, if I call them Lunchables, then I’m not overwhelmed with coming up with school lunch ideas.

These are all a base lunch.  You would add fruit and maybe a dessert to all of these DIY Lunchable School Lunch Ideas.  I highly recommend this green and black lunch box that we’ve used for a year and a half and are continuing through the start of this year with.

The first DIY Lunchable is a take on the regular Lunchable – turkey cut into circles, Ritz and cheese.  We toast cashews in the morning and add those.  I use my travel containers.

Perfect size for turkey rounds

  Then, I just chop a cheese stick into big, thick rounds.  That way I can use two cheese sticks, but he doesn’t realize he’s eating that much cheese.  For this type of Lunchable I don’t need the lids to snap.  I also add 4 carrot strips inside this rectangle with a spoon of hummus at one end.  The carrots are secured by me sticking the ends into the hummus.  Y’all should think about making beet hummus.  It makes it bright pink, and you don’t need very many slices of  canned beets to tint the color.  Just blend 2-3 slices of canned beets (drained and rinsed) with store bought hummus.  Done.

Naming the food something cool or trendy is a great way to entice kids to try something new.  Beet hummus would be called unicorn hummus.

A pita is a great staple for DIY Lunchable ideas for your child’s lunchbox.  My pita is turning into a wrap.  Cut a big circle with a stadium large cup and separate them into two pieces.  Spread the tuna/mayo ( I squeeze out my tuna because it will be so wet by lunchtime).  We like our tuna salad dryer.  Sprinkle mozzarella cheese or feta along the tuna and wrap it up.  I would secure it with 2 tooth picks.  If your child will eat lettuce, put that in there.  You could also chop up some carrots and sprinkle those in there.  Two small ones seem more approachable and less healthy for my student than one big wrap.  I would definitely pair red grapes with this meal.

Lunchables have started these new dessert lunchables for school lunches – Dunkables I think.  Have you seen them?  They look amazing, but look at the calories for this one!!!  Make your own.  Why didn’t I invent these?  I’d be lunching on papaya and pineapple for the rest of my days if I had gotten in on this brilliant idea. school-lunch-four-ideas

Peanut butter strips with jelly dipping sauce is the third lunchable school lunch idea.  Just slather on the peanut butter.  Cut each sandwich into three strips, and stack them in a row.  I would just put a tablespoon of jelly – a different flavored jelly (apple or raspberry) in a container like my travel ones.  They can dip their strips into it.  Then I’d add goldfish.  Something with color.  I didn’t say these would all be healthy meals.

My favorite school lunchable school lunch idea is to chop leftover steak very small or shredded rotisserie chicken – my child won’t eat cold ground beef or ground chicken if it’s cold.  Use the tortilla bowl-shaped chips.  Add shredded lettuce, cheese, raw red onions, and this easy Avocado dressing in my travel containers.  I use them for traveling but look how convenient they are for packing lunches.  (Avocado Dressing) Ninja Turtle Topping:  Pulse with an immersion blender:  One avocado, spoonful of sour cream, half a cup of green salsa, juice from a juicy lime, splash of milk, two shakes of cumin, dash of salt and pepper.  Motor boat it.  Stays good for two weeks in a sealed container.  We use it on Southwest Salad.


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3 Ways to Decorate Your Happy Planner With a Brown Paper Bag


I’m sharing two ways on how to use a brown paper lunch sack or bag in your Happy Planner for a Camping Theme Layout. We will make a brown Open Me envelope out of the brown paper bag, a brown tent, and a rolling brown paper bag lunch sack. You can use it as background for the Classic size rectangles in your Me & My Big Ideas Create 365 Mambi Happy Planner. I love love love my aqua hard cover; I have used it for almost two years and no stains have gotten on it-high quality.  I also added the gold rings.  Such a clever way to repurpose a household item for your Happy Planner. EEEK-school starts (packing lunches) again very soon.

Measure a 1.5″ by 1.5″ square and cut.


Fold it into a triangle.  Pull each of the bottom corners toward you.  Gather the bottom left corner and slide it into the right corner slit.  Press the whole thing down and then try to slide the left corner farther back into that right corner.  Mash the paper lunch sack flat and then open the very top point so that you can slide the Make S’mores printable out (This printable is also from My Planner Envy). Ugh I think this is so totally cute!  I demonstrate how to make the brown paper bag envelope in the video above.

You can use this Open Me idea with a regular white printing paper and put popcorn in it, pompoms, bobby pins, scavenger hunt clues, and spy clues.


Yes, a tent was an obvious decoration, and since I’m using a brown paper bag, it worked great.  Sometimes obvious is so simple we forget it.  By cutting a tent free-handed, it looks like an old fashioned hand-pulled canvas tent doesn’t it?  Bonus:  you can put the tent anywhere because you can adjust its size to fit your Happy Planner Layout.  I also use the brown paper bag to decorate entire rectangles.  And I cover my mistakes with it.  I used one of Jessica’s bright printables to liven it up some.


A brown paper bag rolled down is another easy addition that just makes sense.  Just cut a 1.5 inch rectangle and roll down the top third.  No need to glue the roll down part because I found out that it’ll stay.  At first I creased it, but then it doesn’t look like a lunch sack anymore.  And with all the cute and puffy stickers in your planner, you will have extra padding to keep it rolled looking.  I like the star sticker from the Happy Planner set that clicks into your planner.  I do have to use a glue stick because they don’t stick for any small amount of time even.  The star was a greenish yellow, and I liked that color with the brown paper sack color.two-ways-brown-paper-sack-lunch-bag-planner-camp-theme

What other objects have you re-purposed from your home – like using a brown paper lunch bag in a Happy Planner?  Let me know below.  Sharing is caring, right?

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5 Gifts to Get the Person Who Has Everything

I’m sharing five gifts for that person who has everything.  Shopping early for Christmas? Know someone who appreciates quirky or odd gifts?  POP into my YouTube Channel video above to see them in action.

I bought all of these on Amazon Prime because duh 2 day free shipping.  I haven’t tried Amazon Video or Amazon Music yet; anybody tried them?

My favorite gift is the toilet bowl night light.  As soon as it’s dark in the bathroom, eight colors rotate to light your guest’s way to the toilet.  So fun!  No need to change the bulb colors; it’s all done in a gadget that fits in your hand and over the edge of your toilet bowl.


The fidget spinner is no longer cool and trendy for this Christmas.  Get your preteens and students a fidget cube.  Shaped like a dice and fits in your pocket, this will be a fun present for 2017.


Flaming straws that fit in any cup and lid make you feel beachy and girly!  Plus the 3D flamingo is near where the straw bends making her look so cheery and pretty.  If you are flamingling for a girls night in, POP these cuties out.

Before ladies arrive, you can clean your microwave with this steam vinegar cleaner.  It steams after two minutes in, and loosens all the grime and stuck on food.  The smell is ripe though!


After having RTIC/Yeti mugs for a year and a half, I finally found a 100% spill proof lid.  You can see my proof experiment in the video above.  I gave one to my flight attendant friend, and hers has spilled twice and not leaked yet.  We now have four at my house.  And they’re much easier to clean than the slide closure ones.  Be careful you’re getting one for the cup size you have-30 ounce or 20 ounce.

Merry Christmas in August and happy shopping!

Let me know if you find another odd or quirky gift.

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