3 Ways to Decorate Your Happy Planner With a Brown Paper Bag


I’m sharing two ways on how to use a brown paper lunch sack or bag in your Happy Planner for a Camping Theme Layout. We will make a brown Open Me envelope out of the brown paper bag, a brown tent, and a rolling brown paper bag lunch sack. You can use it as background for the Classic size rectangles in your Me & My Big Ideas Create 365 Mambi Happy Planner. I love love love my aqua hard cover; I have used it for almost two years and no stains have gotten on it-high quality.  I also added the gold rings.  Such a clever way to repurpose a household item for your Happy Planner. EEEK-school starts (packing lunches) again very soon.

Measure a 1.5″ by 1.5″ square and cut.


Fold it into a triangle.  Pull each of the bottom corners toward you.  Gather the bottom left corner and slide it into the right corner slit.  Press the whole thing down and then try to slide the left corner farther back into that right corner.  Mash the paper lunch sack flat and then open the very top point so that you can slide the Make S’mores printable out (This printable is also from My Planner Envy). Ugh I think this is so totally cute!  I demonstrate how to make the brown paper bag envelope in the video above.

You can use this Open Me idea with a regular white printing paper and put popcorn in it, pompoms, bobby pins, scavenger hunt clues, and spy clues.


Yes, a tent was an obvious decoration, and since I’m using a brown paper bag, it worked great.  Sometimes obvious is so simple we forget it.  By cutting a tent free-handed, it looks like an old fashioned hand-pulled canvas tent doesn’t it?  Bonus:  you can put the tent anywhere because you can adjust its size to fit your Happy Planner Layout.  I also use the brown paper bag to decorate entire rectangles.  And I cover my mistakes with it.  I used one of Jessica’s bright printables to liven it up some.


A brown paper bag rolled down is another easy addition that just makes sense.  Just cut a 1.5 inch rectangle and roll down the top third.  No need to glue the roll down part because I found out that it’ll stay.  At first I creased it, but then it doesn’t look like a lunch sack anymore.  And with all the cute and puffy stickers in your planner, you will have extra padding to keep it rolled looking.  I like the star sticker from the Happy Planner set that clicks into your planner.  I do have to use a glue stick because they don’t stick for any small amount of time even.  The star was a greenish yellow, and I liked that color with the brown paper sack color.two-ways-brown-paper-sack-lunch-bag-planner-camp-theme

What other objects have you re-purposed from your home – like using a brown paper lunch bag in a Happy Planner?  Let me know below.  Sharing is caring, right?

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