Four “Lunch-able” School Lunch Ideas

My name is Laurie and I create YouTube videos about Ideas that POP into my head.  Welcome to my channel.  I’m sharing four make your own lunch-able school lunch ideas.  These school lunches will be:four-make-your-own-lunchable-school-lunch-ideas-lunchbox

I am not a nutritionist, but I am a mom.  I make school lunches, and my son helps make his own lunches.  I have used Oscar Mayer’s Lunchables once every few weeks.   I like the idea of Lunchables because they’re quick.  But they’re expensive.  In my mind, if I call them Lunchables, then I’m not overwhelmed with coming up with school lunch ideas.

These are all a base lunch.  You would add fruit and maybe a dessert to all of these DIY Lunchable School Lunch Ideas.  I highly recommend this green and black lunch box that we’ve used for a year and a half and are continuing through the start of this year with.

The first DIY Lunchable is a take on the regular Lunchable – turkey cut into circles, Ritz and cheese.  We toast cashews in the morning and add those.  I use my travel containers.

Perfect size for turkey rounds

  Then, I just chop a cheese stick into big, thick rounds.  That way I can use two cheese sticks, but he doesn’t realize he’s eating that much cheese.  For this type of Lunchable I don’t need the lids to snap.  I also add 4 carrot strips inside this rectangle with a spoon of hummus at one end.  The carrots are secured by me sticking the ends into the hummus.  Y’all should think about making beet hummus.  It makes it bright pink, and you don’t need very many slices of  canned beets to tint the color.  Just blend 2-3 slices of canned beets (drained and rinsed) with store bought hummus.  Done.

Naming the food something cool or trendy is a great way to entice kids to try something new.  Beet hummus would be called unicorn hummus.

A pita is a great staple for DIY Lunchable ideas for your child’s lunchbox.  My pita is turning into a wrap.  Cut a big circle with a stadium large cup and separate them into two pieces.  Spread the tuna/mayo ( I squeeze out my tuna because it will be so wet by lunchtime).  We like our tuna salad dryer.  Sprinkle mozzarella cheese or feta along the tuna and wrap it up.  I would secure it with 2 tooth picks.  If your child will eat lettuce, put that in there.  You could also chop up some carrots and sprinkle those in there.  Two small ones seem more approachable and less healthy for my student than one big wrap.  I would definitely pair red grapes with this meal.

Lunchables have started these new dessert lunchables for school lunches – Dunkables I think.  Have you seen them?  They look amazing, but look at the calories for this one!!!  Make your own.  Why didn’t I invent these?  I’d be lunching on papaya and pineapple for the rest of my days if I had gotten in on this brilliant idea. school-lunch-four-ideas

Peanut butter strips with jelly dipping sauce is the third lunchable school lunch idea.  Just slather on the peanut butter.  Cut each sandwich into three strips, and stack them in a row.  I would just put a tablespoon of jelly – a different flavored jelly (apple or raspberry) in a container like my travel ones.  They can dip their strips into it.  Then I’d add goldfish.  Something with color.  I didn’t say these would all be healthy meals.

My favorite school lunchable school lunch idea is to chop leftover steak very small or shredded rotisserie chicken – my child won’t eat cold ground beef or ground chicken if it’s cold.  Use the tortilla bowl-shaped chips.  Add shredded lettuce, cheese, raw red onions, and this easy Avocado dressing in my travel containers.  I use them for traveling but look how convenient they are for packing lunches.  (Avocado Dressing) Ninja Turtle Topping:  Pulse with an immersion blender:  One avocado, spoonful of sour cream, half a cup of green salsa, juice from a juicy lime, splash of milk, two shakes of cumin, dash of salt and pepper.  Motor boat it.  Stays good for two weeks in a sealed container.  We use it on Southwest Salad.


Thanks for POPping over.  I really appreciate you watching my videos!  I create travel videos, home videos, Cruise ship videos, Happy Planner videos, and organizational videos.  POP over anytime to LauriePOP Ideas That POP on YouTube and let’s be friends!

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