Cut Crease Method for Hooded Eyes

Tutorial on How to Lift That Hooded Eye

This tutorial will teach you how to create a cut crease look for hooded eyes using a new Milani Everyday Eyes Powder Eyeshadow Collection in Must Have Neutrals.  Hooded eyes can have dramatic  cut crease looks with Milani’s Must Have Neutrals.  This collection has a wide variety of colors for transitioning color onto your hood.

**This picture makes them look shimmery; the only shimmery one is the middle taupe one.

The far left is a whiter color than shown on Amazon. This and the Plum Blasics by Milani are my two fave drugstore finds.

NOT SPONSORED-I bought this on my own.

For mature, hooded eyes, we want a gradient effect and the Milani Everyday Eyes Powder Collection has super pigmented colors that will blend together while bringing your hood up and disappear so that your eye can be seen.  As we age, the hood above your eyeball seems heavy and is right out front because it is draping down over your or near your eyelash line which makes your eyes seem small and the hooded part of your lid look large.

I have primed my eyes and now I’m patting the light shade all over the lid to set in the base eyeshadow.  Now, here is where brush use gets important.  If you don’t have brushes, just use the ones in your Milani Must Have Neutral palette or your fingers until you get more comfortable using these colors.  Milani shades are varied so that hooded eyes will look lifted but YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHERE YOUR CREASE IS.

Usually for hooded eyes, I go way up with my color, but for today’s cut crease tutorial, I’m placing my transition color in the crease and going straight across.  I’m not swirling with this first color.  Repeat and sweep the eyeshadow brush toward the upper inside of my eyelid.

Let’s look at how it would look on the other eye if I put all this color on the small section of my eyelid.  That part hardly shows, it brings the eye downward and make the hood whiteness bigger and heavier.  Heavy!

Look how crepey the right one looks after using the taupe shimmer! Heavy!

Let’s put a shimmery color on the upper lid.  See how crepey and wrinkled it looks accenting them on the hood?  For wrinkly aged skin, it’s best to use matte colors and use them with the right technique.

For step two of the cut crease look, let’s add the color right above that transition color and go straight across.

For the cut crease technique, we are skipping the middle color so that you can really see the black cut crease.  I’m using my eyebrow brush; choose a precise tight brush and apply it right in the crease.  Your crease may be really really low, and that is okay.  Mine is way down here so I have my cut crease segment lego block.  See how I’m just making like an inch of a crease mark?

Now I’m using a blending brush that’s got some point to it so that it doesn’t go everywhere, it’s just getting its edges softened up a bit.

Now we’re coming in with our depth transition shade, and we’re going to make happy little trees.  We’re swirling from the corner being sure not to go below the crease line.  We’re swirling and sliding the color over our hood above the crease black line.

Blend that.  Then use this amazingly pigmented peach from the Must Have Neutrals palette.  That is going to be applied only on the lower lid-that is the part under the crease.  In the very middle!  That’s all.

I like to come in with the white powder just under my eye brow to help that gradient mix of colors POP even more!

Eyeliner just from the middle of the lash line out.  And I add again my mini travel mascara that lasts me like 6 months.  You don’t have to spend tons of money on good makeup.

Thanks for POPping over; I hope this cut crease tutorial really helps with your hooded eye makeup application.  I think it will look great as well as neutral.

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2 thoughts on “Cut Crease Method for Hooded Eyes

  1. Wow! It IS amazing how different each eye looks and I had no idea that matte was better over shimmery eye shadows on that area of your eye! Off to watch your video.



    1. Carrie, thank you so much for commenting. I hope you’ve been having fun with eyeshadow this month. Once again, I thought I had replied to your message weeks ago. How do you do it with so many followers? 🙂


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