Fake Flower in My Front Yard ($ Store)

Fake flowers in my front yard are all from the Dollar Store this Fall.  Keep those vibrant colors in your front yard going with these Dollar Store fake flower ideas.  I got my artificial flowers during the 3rd week of August; I’m making fake floral arrangements for my front yard.  I’ll stick some of the fake flowers in pots, and I’ll use some of the stems in the actual ground/soil.

Smart homeowners shop at the Dollar Store just like this florist shop.  Can you believe they were there?!fake flowers front yard artificial flowers dollar store floral

My flowers look like they’ve been through a Texas summer so it’s time to discard them.  The day before Hurricane Harvey came through I took out the dead flowers. No spray paint could help the ferns anymore.  If you’ve seen my other fake flower videos, I use real soil halfway up the pot.  Look what’s really growing!  They’re volunteer crepe myrtle trees!  I can grow trees but for the life of me I cannot grow flowers.

The ferns were finally transitioned to the big pots in the sky.  They were just a bit too blue/green for ferns.  And ferns are a little too fake for a full sun front yard ha.

Planting fake flowers has become one of my favorite past times.  Arranging flowers allows me to use my creativity but not have the stress of planting at the perfect time in perfect conditions and staying committed to their upkeep.  And at $1 per stem I’m just tickled green!

Make sure to check out the video on my LauriePOP Ideas That POP Channel for the brilliant, bright, and gorgeous new ones for this year.

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