How to Repurpose a Rustic Wooden Sign

Y’all!  I’m super proud of how I repurposed this rustic wooden sign that I got from Michael’s for $7.  It was originally $59!!!  I appreciate the palette style that jumped out at me that gives a relaxed feel to a room.  We are feet-propped-up-on-the-coffee-table people.  We’ve loved this coffee table from Target, and the basket is one that I adore.

But…the colors are blah side by side.  Meh.

Lots of dark and tans but notice the blah basket color on my coffee table.

Here’s how I repurposed this wooden sign as decor to spruce up our living room.

Our living space needed sprucing up, and my design friend Suzanne Bell gave me free design advice for a rectangular tray (not a basket) and some greenery,. Greenery; get some greenery in there.  And use either an off white tray or dark brown tray in rectangular shape.  While I was wasting time at the Dollar Store, I found a Fall tray.  I didn’t like the oval or decorated style.  So I knew I wanted rectangular and minimalist for this coffee table.

First I turned the wooden sign over to look like a tray.  Did I mention its original price? And I also found two fake greenery pieces (remember that I’m a fake florist now) for a dollar a piece.  I’ve never thought of having greenery on my coffee table, but it really is pleasing to the eye.

I was gifted this Rethunk Junk by Laura paint.  Yes, they gave it to me, and yes I do love how it spruced up my coffee table!  With the Rethunk Junk paint I spritzed on this prep spray and wiped it with a paper towel.  It cleans the wood and preps it to soak in the paint.  I just happened to wait until the hottest day in Texas to do this spruced up coffee table project.  It has a slight smell to it.  It’s not all rubbing alcohol-smelling; it’s got some other ingredient to it (maybe vinegar).  I let it dry like 3 minutes.  The video shows exactly how this looks in progress.

Then I layered on the first coat of paint.  The totally cute instructions said you don’t have to prime at all.  Bonus!  I definitely needed two coats on this raw wood.  Be prepared to have to spend some effort getting in the corners.  But it’s worth it.  With their paint you can mix colors, but I just had a sample cup and stuck with the color Linen.  I wanted off white-since EVERY corner, blade, shade, frame in our house is cream!

After a yummy Saturday cup of coffee, inspiration hit.  My original plan weeks ago was to get some strips of leather from Hobby Lobby to staple to each end as handles.  I checked my closet for belts-that-don’t-even-fit-anymore-but-are-still-in-my-closet belts. Low and behold I had two.  One that was real leather and one that was one of those cheap belts you get with a pair of pants at Kohls.  But, as many times on Saturday after a great cup of coffee, laziness settled in and I did not feel like going to Hobby Lobby.  I put it off to another day.  But wait!  My neighbor reupholsters furniture, and she gave me some tacks to use.  These upholstery tacks are great for short widths and thin pleather.  And they look vintage!  All you have to do is tap it, and it goes into the pleather and wood very easily.

My belt needed to be cut into 10 inch lengths, and I easily cut it with household scissors. repurpose-belt-how-to

POP of greenery and the creamy DIY wooden sign POPs against my cute coffee table. Now you notice the coffee table even more!

Doesn’t it look so good?!!  How could you upcycle a wooden sign?


I learned at my Board and Brush girls’ night out that q-tips are great for getting paint in those inset holes on wooden signs. And it worked like a charm for me today…on the hottest day in Texas.

You could also upcycle this wooden sign by turning it around and painting another quote about seasons on it.   I love how this upcycled sign spruced up our living space.

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