Visit Woodstock, VT: Eat, Sleep, and What to Do


Woodstock, Vermont is, I’m convinced, where the term charming came from!  The village of Woodstock, Vermont was a gift from New Hampshire back in 1761.  And it will be a gift to you when you visit Woodstock.  If you visit the old wooden red bridge, the Taftsville Covered Bridge, Taftsville is part of Woodstock.  Viewing and photographing the Taftsville Covered Bridge has room on the side of the street for about five cars to park and jump out to take a pic.

My YouTube video above gives you much better explanations of what to visit in Woodstock with many pictures that are just beautiful!

taftsville covered bridge red wooden Woodstock Vermont
Taftsville Wooden Covered Bridge

After snapping pics of the Taftsville Covered Bridge, keep going six miles on 4 East to the Quechee Gorge Gifts store, park there and walk to the middle of that bridge to view and take tons of pics of the Quechee Gorge.  You can easily do this with a wheelchair as well.  If you want to hike down the gorge, its entrance is right behind this Quechee Gifts store.  There’s a huge parking lot and it’s maybe a 100 foot walk on a sidewalk to the middle of the Quechee Gorge bridge.  Quick stop and worth it!

There is a Quechee Ski Club near there so it’s not in the middle of no where.

But Woodstock is where I want to stay and live!  We stayed at The Shire Woodstock, a five minute walk to the downtown “oval” of Woodstock.  Think town square tightly cozied up together.  The Shire Woodstock is an inn on the Ottauquechee River so you have a table and wicker chairs from the back deck of your room to view it.  The Shire also has a grassy area near the river if it’s warm enough for you to hang out there.  In the front of each room is a main street view with white rocking chairs.  Almost everyday you have The Shire Woodstock gardener watering his flowers; he will even let you pick his grape tomatoes-he said they’re free.  They’re right in front of the check in office.  We shared a king bed and SIX pillows!  Such a lovely sleep.  However the bathroom does not have a vent fan; but it does have a little window.  Felt kinda humid.  We highly recommend staying at The Shire Woodstock if you are visiting Woodstock.  You are very close to town and right across the street from the little market.

white rocking chairs in front the shire Woodstock
Cozy setting at The Shire Woodstock
the shire Woodstock Vermont
Three minute walk down Main Street in this charming village

I can recommend the Mont Vert Cafe for coffee.  I saw a local Woodstocker who brought her own sliced tomatoes to add to her breakfast sandwich.  We just happened to visit on National Coffee Day to receive our 50 cents off.  They have a lovely downstairs as well as an entire upstairs for seating.  And if weather permits a brick patio right out front.  Pedestrians can easily get around town because of the patient Woodstockers.  Tourism puts bread on their lovely tables so they are gracious.

mont vert cafe coffee shop
Delicious coffee, roomy seating and locals eat here.

Parking in downtown Woodstock is free before 10 am.

We ate breakfast at Mountain Creamery.  They serve breakfast and lunch and downstairs is where you can get ice cream.  My mom and I split a Maple Sausage Apple Cheddar omelet, and look how perfectly melted the cheese was.  I recommend getting your own because it’s so good.  Now the toast had to be homemade!  It was dense and had a sweet wheat taste-not a bland taste.  They bring you a little shot of their strawberry jelly, which I’m sure comes from Sugar Bush Farms.  I wanted to take a bath in this strawberry jam or jelly!  Sweet but not too sweet; not too thick and spreadably smooth!

maple sausage omelet breakfast mountain creamery
Maple sausage, apple, and cheddar cheese omelet

The Middle Covered Bridge is right there in the oval downtown of the village of Woodstock.  Great pics there.  There’s a foot path crossing attached to the bridge-wheel chair friendly.  You can see Adirondack chairs along the creek underneath. Ottauquechee River (babbling creek) runs underneath this and through Woodstock.

middle covered bridge Woodstock Vermont
Middle Covered Bridge – pretty much attached to the town square oval


Highly recommend Sugar Bush Cheese and Maple Farm.  Vermont is the highest producer of Maple Syrup in the United States at almost a million gallons per year.  Awesome tasting samples as you come in to the shop formed in small groups.  Very strict ladies ushering you to squeeze in and get samples from approximately 5 different cheeses.  But it’s a very tiny area so squeeze together and obey.   Yummy!  Then you get to taste maple from their actual Maple Trees on the Sugar Bush Farm.  There are new Maple Syrup grades for depth of flavor.  You get to taste all four grades.  They have a tiny shop where you can get the grade you want.  Your shop guide will give you like a score card so you can check with cheese you liked. They would not ship my cheese to Houston Texas until November, so I just will order online.  If you want it shipped from the store, they just would hold off on delivery until mid November.  And shipping from the store seemed like a lot of work for them.  Like I was inconveniencing them.  They’re so busy and shipping is all done by paper work.  I just recommend taking a pic of what you want and ordering them from your laptop.  Oh, the cheese and the maple syrup was so delicious.  They have quite a few tasters in another room – like mustards and tiny oyster crackers for spreadable cheeses.

The most time you will spend at Sugar Bush Farms is a little over an hour.  You can walk around their Maple Tree area-short distance and venture up to their chapel – kid friendly rocking horse inside.  You can also see the tubes where the maple would travel.  There are little facts nailed to trees.  Fascinating process for making Vermont Maple Syrup.  It’s not super wheelchair friendly because it’s outside on the dirt, and the shop is so tiny.  But it can be done.

When you pull out of Sugar Bush Farm, go left and keep going left to meet up with the Taftsville Bridge.  If you don’t have the Google Maps app, download it for free.  You type in the store name if you don’t have directions, and it will lead you there.  For example, as we were leaving the Sugar Bush Farm, I typed in Taftsville Covered Bridge and we found our way there.

Don’t miss this farm.  It’s not just a farm, it’s a gorgeous view with local samples galore.

Ruth’s Table was a farm to table style bistro restaurant.  I had the schnitzel chicken with a caper sauce on top of garlic mashed potatoes.  Sauteed zucchini with it.  Melt in your mouth with just the right amount of tang to it.  My mom got a piece of salmon on top of a risotto that was creamy good.  Loved how quaint but fun its decor was.  Felt like I walked into the Old Yankee Workshop because of all the beautiful wood in Ruth’s Table.  Again, it’s directly on the main street going through town.  Hard to read the words on the door.  Such fabulous, made to order food.  You MUST eat here.

I wanted to go to Soulfully Good Cafe, but they weren’t open for supper.  They have these white wrought iron table and chairs out front.  Adding to the charm of Woodstock Vermont.

Red Rooster at The Woodstock Inn is just as pricey.  It’s a way to see the inside of the inn.  Beautiful grounds but you don’t have the river view.  It’s smack dab in the very middle of the oval downtown, but like The Shire and The Woodstocker B&B, The Charleston House, are all right down there too.  But The Inn is breathtakingly beautiful.

woodstock inn resort vt
Woodstock Inn – beautiful but no river view – in the downtown oval, but most everything is.

I hope these tips help you figure out what to do in the village or shire of Woodstock Vermont.  POP over again soon!

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