Target Run: Review of the New Fall Line

On my recent Target run for candy corn, I spied the new Fall Women’s Clothing line called “A New Day.”  There are some gorgeous styles in this new collection.  Target has new styles while on a budget.  I think that’s why everyone has fun on their Target run.  In the above video are the pieces I kept from the clothing line A New Day.  You will see what made it out of the dressing room and what had to stay.  I’ll also show you what else jumped into my cart.

In the video above, you will find the links to what I did keep and the free shipping code from Oct 22-28.  The video gives you much more detail too about the adorable finds that I am keeping.

My Checkout Screen hahaha


Watch the video above to see what I did keep!!!  They’re so cute, pretty and fun!

I am returning this light pink velour top.  I already have a Burgundy velvet top as well as the navy one I’m keeping.  I think it would look great with a pencil skirt. Details along the neck line and sleeves are high quality. The best part is it’s not see through!!!  Thank you Target!

Watch the video above to see what all I DID end up keeping after my Target Run.

I loved this asymmetrical ruffle skirt, but the fit was bad.  It was too small even going up a size.  Gorgeous red though.  I didn’t keep the floral cardigan because I don’t prefer that length on me.

Speaking of length, this gorgeous rust colored poncho was just too long.  And having no sleeves allows glimpses into my love handles; I just prefer sleeves.

Too long and no sleeves; if I don’t love something, I should not spend the money.

Y’all, the Target styles from A New Day that I kept can be seen on the video above.  I love them!!

I did buy one of the Women’s A New Day crew neck shirts because of their non-clingy properties.  I cannot wear the Merona tees or Mossimo tees because they cling too much to my tummy area.  This is a medium so I did size up.  Love this color; just not the v-neck. This Target brand shirt feels more like 100% cotton; it has just enough stretch in it without being clingy.

A little too plunging of a v-neck but love love love the colors!

This striped pullover almost jumped ship into my cart, but I just don’t need it here in Houston.  I like illusion of a smaller waist this gives.  I also think the threads are a bit too loose for quality sake.

I should’ve brought home this plaid shirt.  A New Day’s Any Day Plaid hangs perfectly and is well made.  You cannot see through this fabric.  It tucks in with the perfect draping.  But I bought a different one that you can see in the video.  So this one stayed at Target.

Love the juxtaposed pattern on the pockets. Perfect draping fabric.


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