How to Pack With Packing Cubes – I’ve Changed My Method

We want to pack efficiently in our packing cubes, and if you follow this method, you will fit 10 outfits in two packing cubes for your carry-on suitcase.  I normally roll my clothes and raved about it in my last travel video, but I have learned how to pack in packing cubes that will save time and save space in my suitcase.  I didn’t believe it, but this is the best method.

Most people I’ve heard from use packing cubes for organization.  Whether your travel suitcase needs organization, or if you just like to pack in sections, then you should try a set of packing cubes.  I’m traveling in the Fall for a week, so I need layers as well as boots!!!  It’s sweater weather!!!

Cubes come in dimensions for a regular mother lode suitcase amount.  But I only travel with a carry on suitcase.  In my former test and review of rolling vs packing cubes, I used only the biggest one.  And that one is designed if you had a whole other section in a huge suitcase you would check curbside.

I’m packing my gingham shirt with a navy cardigan, but it can also be worn with a burgundy cardigan.  I can wear it out or tucked in.  So I am folding each piece the length of the cube.  The other top that goes with either cardigan is the long sleeve heather gray top.  I prefer to wear these tops with skinny jeans that I wore onto the airplane.

But I have another pair of jeans in a lighter shade for a couple of days.  The jeans will not go in a packing cube; they’re going to drape over the entire suitcase when I’m done.  So I’m folding a graphic tee that will also go with the burgundy cardigan.  This should fit in one cube.  In my former video, I didn’t need to bring boots.  But this time of year and the winter, I need boots.  They really do take up so much room so I had planned on only taking these booties, but since I’ll be walking outside and my ankles need more warmth, I decided to take my boots.  I also have some tennis shoes that I could travel with.

I’m also packing my other plaid shirt.  Love this one for a preppy day and with boots.  But I can also wear it out with the long navy cardigan and be fine.  Have any of you bought Mules this year?  I have some from my junior year of high school (1989) that I can take along in my back pack if it’s hot on the plane.

I’m making a travel outfits video in the future so stay tuned for that.  If y’all have any travel questions, leave me a comment below.

I also pack this b jacket because it will go with the gray t-shirt in the other cube, as well as this olive green top.  Look how this olive top changes when I pair it with a burgundy cardigan.

I’ll pack undies in my shoes or in one of them and my spare, hanging by threads bra.  I so need to get a new one…don’t we all?

Once I have my folded clothes in place, then I stretch each packing cube to fit one shoe in each cube.  I start the zipper, squish, zip some more, squish, and zip some more until I have a misshapen cube.  You can even roll a piece of clothing to squish in there.

Then I try lying them flat or with the handles up.

Then I add my curling iron, shoes, and lay the jeans on top.  A hoodie goes in the outer pocket in case I need to have a blanket or squish it up like a pillow on the flight.

The best travel tip of all when packing is to mix and match.  And to wear your heaviest shoes on the plane so they won’t take up space in your carry on suitcase.  But the best part of packing in packing cubes is for when you arrive at your final destination.

Some travelers keep all their clothes in each cube inside hotel room drawers.  Others unpack totally upon arrival.  Where are you going next?  Have you tried cubes yet?

I started with this cheap bundle of packing cubes, and I’m happy with them.  But this will be only my second trip with them.

I seriously never thought I’d change from the rolling method, but now I’m a believer!

Have you been to Fixer Upper’s Magnolia Market Silos?  I made a video about what to do after your visit if you’re interested.  Thanks so much for POPping over!

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