How I Organized My Closet Without Overwhelming Myself in Three Steps

In three steps I will show you how I organized my closet without overwhelming myself…the result was a decluttered, thinned out space surprise surprise.

My closet was like a black hole. organize closet three steps

closet no order cluttered overwhelming
I have clothes in here that I have not worn since moving here almost three years ago.  Stacks of scarves, piles of travel bags, purses, belts are still literally hanging around.  There is no purpose – no order in my closet. But the process of decluttering this closet seems overwhelming and too large of a task.  So today I’m taking a step back and looking at closet organization in a new way. organize closet overwhelming

I don’t want you to think of it as organizing this closet; that task seems too overwhelming mentally.  I want to declutter and free up some space.  When I get dressed everyday, this process is going to help me be less stressed, I’ll spend less time getting dressed and I’ll feel good about the steps I’ve made.  Here are the three steps on how to declutter and organize your closet without feeling overwhelmed.  Stick around to the end to see what you can tape to the very back of your wardrobe that will help you stay organized.

If this is your first visit to my LauriePOP Channel, welcome! My name is Laurie and I share ideas that POP into my head.  If you want a thinned out wardrobe with ideas for how to declutter without being overwhelmed, POP into my video.

Professional organizers tell you to take everything out of your closet, but that’s too much of a task for me.

Step # 1  I know I should get rid of what I do not need. But I’m not there.  So I’ll start with turning around all of my hangers.  start videoing me turning around the hangers. turn-hangers-around-organize-closet

In this step, I touch and actually see what clothes I’m hanging on to.  I see those awesome buys that I forgot about.  In this easy step I also will see what clothes in my wardrobe do not fit.  Step #1 will take you about 7 minutes.  So this is a balanced closet.  I represent much of America by having too many clothes that I have not worn, I keep clothes that I do not need.  I keep buying things I think I need but don’t really need.  In the past I have been unmotivated to clean out my closet. I’m a product of consumerism, and that means that when I walk into my favorite big box store like Old Navy or Francesca’s, I cannot NOT buy something if it’s cute and super inexpensive.  I now know that this is called fast fashion.  I’m not there yet, but I’m working on it.

Step #2 Take note of what IS cluttered you in your closet.  Do research on your OWN closet. Do not rush this step.  Take one minute each day for a week even.  What are the problem areas? problem areas closet organization

For me, I have belts that I don’t use taking up valuable closet space.  My shelves are so shallow so my travel bags and scarves and sweaters keep falling off.  By looking and critiquing my closet for a minute or two for a few days, I came up with 3 areas to declutter.  I highly recommend only having 3 areas to work on so that your task does not seem overwhelming. handbag organization cluttered

Step #3  Figure out what items can go in containers or be hung.  We’ve all seen the scarf holder, and since I don’t need them that often, I’m getting the scarf holder to get them off of my closet shelves. scarves-sweaters-closet-unorganized

These makeup bags and handbags that I travel with fall off every time I reach for something on this shelf.  I thought about using a shoe box, but they’re a bit deep.  I need shallow and low containers.  So I bought myself this container for paper.  It has a lid so I’m not sure I’ll use that. 

Purses can go in those clear bins, but I really want to see each purse so I will double them onto hangers. 

Check out this thinned out wardrobe, open spaced closet.  See all the space I have?  In decluttering my closet, I have organized it without even being overwhelmed.  Organizing your closet space gives you a bonus benefit of decluttering.

under my tops
organized declutter closet space
Organized and open for business!

I do have in the back of my closet a list of what jewelry colors I need.  When i wear these boots, I go to get a necklace, and I think, “Oh, I don’t have a necklace that really blends with these cognac colored boots.” So I write down cognac necklace (boots). needs-list-closet

When I go thrifting, those are items I can add to my wardrobe with purpose and not clutter. list-of-outfits

When I put together a cute outfit that I’ve never thought about, I write it at the bottom.

Happy thinning out to you!  I hope your decluttered closet was not overwhelming and eye opening.  Thank you for POPping over.

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