6 Steps on How To Get a Natural Eyeshadow Look if You’re Over 40

In this tutorial, I’ll teach you how to create a natural makeup look on your eyes in 6 steps.  You will practice with neutral shades of eyeshadows you can build upon based on your skin tone.  Whether you have blue eyes, green eyes or are a brown eyed girl…whether you have olive skin tones or are fair skinned, these natural shades will look really pretty on you.  I will show you which brushes to use for each eyeshadow shade.

I’m using a pretty palette of matte colors that will give you a set of neutrals, medium colors and deep color shades, and as your makeup confidence grows with practice and errors, you can add some brighter more bold colors that will transform your makeup look if that is what you want.  These shades all go on light, and as you put more on, they get brighter and brighter.

Natural does not mean frumpy.  Over 40 does not mean boring eyeshadow.

Welcome to my LauriePOP Ideas That POP Channel.  My name is Laurie and I create YouTube videos about ideas that POP into my head and I share them with you. 

With neutral makeup looks, we want to help our own natural skin tones POP.    Before I start with eyeshadow, I always prime my eyes with primer.  I’ve tried several drug store primers, and this is the best for my skin.  You want it to be a little tacky feeling.  Don’t choose one that’s liquidy. Primer helps the color stay on…especially those under tones.  Shades of color cannot POP if they don’t have a backdrop to POP from.

Step one:  Apply a two-layer neutral base that matches your skin tone.  We’re going to stipple the first layer with a flat brush onto the primed eyelid.  Then we use a fluffy brush that will disperse a lot of the off white color shade.  Look at that base; I am all about it.  I’ve watched YouTube videos for five years, and I used to sell Mary Kay.  I would think, “Oh, I already have a natural, skin color on my eyelids, so I can just start adding color.”  But that is not the case for most skin types.  Side note: you are naturally pretty because of that inner beauty that shines like the stars above.  While I’m teaching you how to make your eyeshadow beauty POP, just remember that you are more than enough already.  Now, let’s have some fun with our creative talents.

Step 2 is to find a transition color for the crease that is a little darker than your skin tone.  This shade is my favorite transition color.  It looks like velvet on my skin.  I could leave the house just like this.  Remember to blend around the edges for an even more natural look.

I like to add more of this transition color by sweeping it across my eyelids in a wind shield wiper method.  My brush is angled, but you can use any brush.  I do want the color to be on my crease and up a little and below the crease just a bit. Blend

Step 3 is to get a fluffy brush and use this light gray color.  When you mix brown and gray together, the transformation is a natural, neutral tone that is velvety rosy peach.  I love these together.  Because I have crepey eyes, my brush is going straight across from the middle of the eyelid to the edge.  When I’ve used all the color, then I can wind shield wipe it back and forth. Blend

Step 4 is to use an accent color that is dark. This Dark grayish-dark brown color just in the last edge of the crease is going to give you your personality.  Do not pull your brush all the way down or else your eye will look like it’s drooping; just go straight across – unless you have deep set eyes. Blend

Step 5 is to use eyeliner in the outer corners of your eyes.  Do not miss this step.  I have always used this Mary Kay eyeliner, and I have tried others.  See how it goes up so that you can see the skin color in-between the eyeliner and the lashes.  That is a no-no because it does not look like your natural lash line.  It looks like you have on eyeliner.  Go out a little further if this happens and bring it back down to the lash line.

You can also use a smudge brush which is short stubby bristles.  Or you can swipe it with your finger to smudge the liner.

Step 6 is to use a mascara in a sample size bottle.  It dries out quickly so just by a sample size.  My straight lashes perform well with this It Cosmetics Superhero mascara.

Are you surprised with how natural these four colors look on your skin?  I think with matte neutral colors, your skin will look like velvet.  Natural makeup looks are not boring; there is personality and natural skin tone beauty POPping out from the art that is on your eyelids.

When you have practiced and learned from your errors, add burgundies greens blues in the crease there.  Have fun using your creativity to play around with what looks natural.


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