Trading Spaces Reunion Show Party

Now that Discovery Communications owns TLC, they are bringing back the cast and crew of Trading Spaces for a reunion show.  I’m creating a Trading Spaces Reunion Viewing Party and will give you some ideas for hosting your own shindig this April 7.

I grew up with knowing TLC as The Learning Channel.  Then its name changed to TLC. In 2000 is when Trading Spaces began their home genre reality show.  Before there was an HGTV.  And before there was one of my favorite reality show, What Not to Wear which also aired on TLC.

Discovery Communication’s president and general manager, Nancy Daniels, will not tell us when the new season will begin.  April 7 is when the Trading Spaces Reunion show will be.  It’s been ten years so what is a few more months of waiting.  But we do know the returning cast members on the reunion episode.

It ran for from 2000-2008 reality show when reality shows were just beginning. Two couples would trade houses to redecorate a room in one another’s house.  Their budget was $1,000 (later 2).

If you are planning a reunion viewing party, I recommend borrowing this book from a friend.  Michelle had this!!!  Still! She had it.  It’s full of what each designer is known for-great for making trivia questions.  I’ll link my trivia questions; you can give away key chains, paint sticks with Trading Spaces 2018 painted on each one-spray paint them gold.

On the 3rd page, I see what is ETCHED in my memory of this TLC show….Paige crossing her arms with the homeowners’ key chains in each hand.

Paige would swap the keys.

Laurie Smith was pregnant twice during the first eight years. She will be on the Trading Spaces reunion episode.  Paige went into broadway and will definitely be on the show.

Genevieve Gorder was on several HGTV shows following TLC’s Trading Spaces.  She was known for going barefoot and had the coolest designs.  She will be on the show.

Hildi Santo-Thomas – covered the walls of one house with hay, filled someone’s basement floor with sand, and hot glued fake flowers to someone’s bathroom walls-every inch of them.

Frank Bielec – funny, down-to-earth, persnickety artist who has a pseudonym guy from Texas.

Amy Wynn Pastor – so down-to-earth, an excellent carpenter.  She and Laurie always seemed to jive with what elements Laurie wanted.

Ty Pennington is returning to be with his original family of co-stars.


Dress up like a crew member.  Decided against that.  Instead, I thought I could wear the bright orange or bright purple or blue or green nurse’s shirt and glue a DIY logo to the back of my shirt.  You can get the original shirts on eBay.

Sweet Designs by Chelle is making the cookies in a house shape with keys drawn on them for a party favor.

Bring your best key chain to show.

Host buys everyone a key chain as a party favor.

Trading Dishes-bring an appetizer to share.

Play the Trade Spaces Game….Trade spaces if you drove more than 10 miles to get here…trading spaces reunion
Trade Spaces Game

Print a picture of each designer and put each on a paper plate or construction paper for stiffness or just glue to a paper towel tube. 

Decorate ladder with streamers wrapped around it.  Tape the designers’ faces to the back (since I’m on YouTube, I’ve just written each crew member’s name on a piece of paper).  When asking trivia questions, switch the designers photographs from the back of the ladder to the front.

For swag across my mantle, I was going to print some free printable of hammers and paintbrushes or use some paint sticks from Home Depot that I spray painted.  But I just bought this banner from Hobby Lobby.

Dip tin paint cans (but you can get them from Party City for 99 cents each) in paint and let the paint drip down into a decoration pattern.  I used old paint, practiced with white paper cups, and the best way is to pour the paint on half the rim, put two fingers in the way so the paint runs down in a wavy pattern.  I actually like the way the white cups look; just wish they were taller.

Visited my own workshop bench and saw old paint sticks and two pain trays and several extension cords and blue tape rolls that could be hung on the wall as decor.

Welcome people to your house with plastic orange cones.

Thank you to Juggling Act Mama for explaining how in the world to do this extension cord wreath.  I wrestled my first trial like a bear!  I used a cross stitch hoop, it was a hot mess, found the correct way thanks to Juggling Act Mama, broke that hoop and finally made it to welcome the folks into the house.  I just wrapped a short one around a wreath hook and called it a day.

Trivia Questions

This Behind the Scenes book was invaluable for remembering Trading Spaces trivia questions on each designer! Just click and print these questions.  I recommend spray painting paint stir-er sticks with gold spray paint as a prize. Trading-Spaces-Reunion-Trivia-Questions 

Here is a welcome sign to hang in your house.



Everyone will come to your house in a happy mood because those are the vibes we got from Trading Spaces…from the way Paige cared for each homeowner’s reactions at the end of each show, the way Ty, Oosterhouse and Amy Wynn Pastor joked around but respected each designer, the way each designer did their own thing but brought their own personality to the show.  We fell in love, and home decor reality shows ignited.  Happy reunion party watching and leave me a message below if you have a creative idea because we have a month before TLC’s Trading Spaces Reunion April 7th launch episode. 

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Occasionally I use affiliate links, and all opinions are my very honest ones.  Thanks, friends!

2 thoughts on “Trading Spaces Reunion Show Party

    1. Hey there Barbara. I’m so excited about this show, and I’m so excited you are too. Another idea I had was for the audience members to write their answers on paint color chips…ya know? Have fun and thx for the shout out! Which is not a rule for Trading Spaces?
      {$1000} budget
      48 hours
      Two sets of neighbors
      Two carpenters

      Which two designers were on the very first episode of TS?
      Laurie and Frank

      Who on the show has the background of acting AND modeling? Ty

      Who ended up barefooted on Trading Spaces? Genevieve

      Which male was best known for feng shui? Vern

      Which male was known for wide legged capris (clam diggers)? Frank

      How many days did the homeowners and designers and carpenters have to finish their rooms? 2

      What is the acronym for type of wood board the designers had to work with because it was cheaper? (MDF-medium density fiberboard)

      Who has the same sounding last name as their first name? Paige Page, but she kept her maiden name Davis for the show

      Name an object besides paint/wallpaper that was used as wall covering in any episode (hay, felt, fake flowers, straw, etc).

      Who was the most sarcastic? Doug most definitely haha


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