BauBax Travel Jacket (For Seasoned Travelers)

 I am reviewing my Baubax Travel Jacket Sweatshirt (Creative Lifestyle) that I got for Christmas as a surprise from my husband. This review is not sponsored fyi.  I have worn this travel coat on two airplanes since then. Whether you travel for work or fly for leisure, let’s POP in for a full review.

15 features of this travel jacket with a built-in stylus, neck pillow, eye mask, gadget pockets, and even a drink holder pocket. 


4 styles of jackets; I prefer the sweatshirt because more than the 15 features of this travel jacket is that it keeps me warm while in-flight.  There is a heaviness to it.  But they have a vest version, a windbreaker as well as a thicker coat.  Baubax Travel Jackets come in sizes for men and women. 

Cons: Baubax Travel Jackets run small

They run out quickly and take weeks to produce more – for Christmas mine was too small.  They did not have my size in any of the women’s style so I ordered a small in the mens’ sizes and I love it.

But I really wanted the light blue color sweatshirt that the women’s options.

Another negative from Baubax is no free returns or exchanges.  For as high quality and high price tag for this travel jacket, I expect free returns and exchanges.

It’s really expensive.  So critics say it’s just an over priced jacket with pockets.  But their placement and thought process is helpful for airline travelers.

The head pillow is not super taut; since you fly upright, I want a neck pillow that I can lean on from the side.  So it needs to be thick.  I would also only pack this on a long haul flight abroad.

As an airline employee’s spouse, we fly world-wide and often.  I want ease and efficiency in airports.

1) Going through security is faster and no hassle.  Your travel gear and accessories mostly fit in one jacket.

Passport and airplane ticket fit in a pocket.

Phone fits in pocket

iPad fits inside pocket

Power bank fits in a pocket (but I’d store mine in a carryon bag)

2) I like that so many of the pockets zip, and for travel abroad, we want to hide our personal belongings.

3) Neck pillow has a one press deflation and an easy way to inflate it.  You inflate the neck pillow with one breath and gently press the flap to instantly deflate it.  The travel jacket comes with the neck pillow in your hood, but it’s way too bulky even though it’s deflated.  So I recommend storing it inside a pocket or in your carryon bag.

4) Storage for earphones if you are walking through the airport like a cool teenager listening to music on your headphones.  Store them in two loops, place your phone in the zipped pocket.  You can quickly take out one headphone to talk to the flight attendant, but look at the no-stress part: you just drop the ear bud.  No more looking for it between the airplane seats.  Hassle free!

I’ve shared some of my travel hacks in my most recent post, and one of them is about headphones.

Pause it: here’s the link to the cutest airplane shirt people have asked me about. DSC_0003

5) Store sunglasses in another loop on this travel jacket.  But once I enter the airport I store my sunglasses in my  carryon bag until I’m at my vacation destination.

6) Love the built in eye mask.  Note that this built in does not completely and tightly cover your eyes, but this flap does shield some of the brightness.

7) Drink cup section?   Hahaha, cracks me up.  But have you seen the size of the tray tables. tray-table-on-airplane

Saves space!  When I use my laptop on the airplane, it takes up all my space.  I recommend zipping your coat before inserting the soda can because the pocket is more taut. 

8) Being cold on an airplane is such a hassle so I appreciate the extra soft pockets to warm my hand.  I appreciate the hood’s warmth, and I love the built-in gloves (now if Baubax could only invent a foot warmer for when I’m wearing sandals on a flight).  If you own a Baubax travel jacket, you may want to get the blanket because there’s a pocket for that!

If you want warmth, get the sweatshirt.  If you might get wet in the elements, get the Baubax windbreaker or vest.

At first I thought the built-in travel pillow stayed in your hood, but with only one button hole, you take it out and expand it in one breath.  It also deflates with one tap of the anti-locking flap.

I hope this review helps you make a more informed decision.  Efficient travels to you!

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23 Travel Hacks (My Tips and Tricks)

(Once you hit play, click on YouTube for more clarity)

Here are 23 travel hacks for your next vacation.  My tips will help you when packing in your carryon suitcase, and my tricks are some you can use while on the actual airplane.  We fly often, so some of these travel hacks have become a way of life so much that I didn’t realize they were a hack.  Hopefully these 23 travel hacks will be ones you have not seen before. 

My YouTube above goes into much more detail, with pictures and videos of these helpful hints.

If deodorant breaks off into pieces-pile them on couple pieces of toilet paper and wipe onto arm.

Separate purse items into smaller slim/skinny containers: one for visa cards and cash, one for headphones, one for chapsticks/lipsticks, one for glasses, one for band-aids, one for advil, tylenol, vitamins, small earrings, etc.  You get the picture; I’m not saying to have 10 little bags inside your backpack…just separate items as you think of it.

Cross your purse through your leg and hold it between your feet especially if you are going to Barcelona and want to avoid pickpocketers.

Store liquids horizontally in liquids bag to 

Roll your clothes instead of throwing them in or folding them; i compare rolling vs packing in travel cubes if you click here

If you forgot the plug to charge your phone, you can use the cord pushed into your hotel TV usb thing to charge it. But I just bring my power bank.

Or you can just buy a power bank.  These usually give you a full charge of your phone’s battery.  I use these on flights longer than 2 hours b/c if I’m using my phone to watch the airplane’s entertainment system, my battery drains super fast.

If you forgot your phone prop up device or if you POPsocket popped right off like mine did, unfold a magazine and you can prop it.  I think it works best if you have a rubbery case; this is a slim case and is kind of slippery. 

Or you can use a cheap pair of sunglasses upside down to prop your phone on.

You can also put your bag in a new ziplock bag and poke it through the seat tray table’s hook-but i do not prefer that method for blurry reasons.airplane-seat-tray-table-hook

I suggest using google maps off line in a remote location. Type in the address you want to visit in the actual Google Maps while you’re connected to the internet.

Get cash from ATM not the airport, etc.  Better rates; and store cash in different locales.

Bring a hair clip or bulldog clip to hold curtains together. hotel-curtains-clips-hold-together

Bring an empty water bottle because now water fountains have the water bottle filler upper.

My favorite one is to take a picture of your passport and insurance and DL and email them to someone so that if you need to find them.  You won’t have to find a printable, you can just pull it up via your email.

Wear 2 socks to the airport-the outer layer being very old.  Once you’ve gone through security with your socks off, trash the outer pair.  A subscriber gave me this idea.

Wear heaviest shoes on the plane so you have more space in your suitcase.

Another travel hack is to store cleanser or vaseline in these little discs (or contact lens containers).  I say cleanser because it’s thick.  My moisturizer leaked in this one time only so I cannot say moisturizer.  I just found these disc containers that I’ll store vitamins and earrings in.  They’re one hand use…because that makes them a cool gadget. 

Pick the busy time of day to travel and volunteer to be bumped asap.

Pack in a carryon suitcase and use backpack as your under the seat bag.

Jewelry through a straw…too high maintenance.  Place them in a gallon bag and roll very tightly so they don’t budge.  Or you can get one that rolls up but stays very snug.

Headphone organization: I keep mine in a case that came with purchase, but you can also use a big clip-got this idea from Aspyn Ovard. 

You can check Trip Advisor for places to eat and things to do, but you can also check Pinterest.

Save your purse and back stress; use a backpack but pack a cross body small purse inside your backpack.  Most of us have a phone in one hand or coffee in one hand, while the suitcase carryon is rolling behind us in the other hand.  Be hands free!

The #1 travel hack is using water soluble paper, brushing liquid soap on both sides of the paper, hanging it to dry, cutting it into one inch rectangles.  When you are traveling and do not have soap, you pull out one of these tiny rectangles, run it under water, and the soap is activated so that you can wash your hands.

Let me know if you have a travel hack on your airline of choice below in the comments.  Smart and on time travels to y’all!  Thanks for POPping over.

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