Clothing Haul – Over 40 Women

I’m sharing a clothing haul for other women over 40.  My fashion needs and tastes have changed in my 40s, and retailers are creating clothes with the mature woman in mind.  In this clothing haul, I want you to be inspired.  I want to encourage you to dress for your personality and feel confident with the tops or skirts that you do buy.  Some women over 40 want to feel casual chic and not frumpy.  I will show you tops that show my personality, while hiding certain trouble spots like my tummy. I found a skirt and even a bathing suit that helps me feel confident and casual chic.  I will show you outfit ideas from Ann Taylor Loft, J Crew, Kohls, Ann Taylor, Chico’s and Francesca’s, that will inspire you to celebrate your fashion sense with just a bit of class, just a bit of cuteness.

I am not telling you that you need new clothes to feel confident.  Take these ideas from my clothing haul and make them your own.  For women who like fashion, getting the best deal or finding a sale or a big thrifting score is part of the fun!

As a woman over 40 I should know exactly how to dress for my age and body type.  And yet I keep watching other women’s clothing hauls for inspiration.  Your body parts move around as you age so I think we will need to keep adjusting our fashion.  And that’s okay.  It’s also okay to gain inspiration from other women’s clothing hauls.  We’re not comparing, we are learning new ways to dress more confidently and feel casual chic.

Let’s POP into my spring and summer haul for 2018. 

Ann Taylor


I bought this shell because of how it hides my belly.  Ann Taylor has impeccable style for the woman who wants to flatter the parts of her body that she wants flattered.  I like how it is A-line almost, skimming my waist yet leaving room for more tacos in my tummy if I wear this to a party.

Can we talk about this polka dotted JCrew skirt?  I’m in love, one because of the length, two because it’s on sale for less than $35, and three because it can be dress, fun and casual.  It’s true to size.  Some skirts that zip and clip with the little metal thing cut in on me, but this lined skirt has plenty room in it.

polka dotted skirt

This Ann Taylor dress is so very flattering on; the website makes it look like it hangs.  You’ll have to watch my video to see how pretty it is.  It definitely comes in pretty high.  Very pretty flutter sleeves or bell sleeves and the length of this dress is awesome.  bell sleeve striped dress by ann taylor

Their white denim was not worth the money to me since you could see the pockets through the jeans.  white denim pocket not worth money

Francesca’s: crochet linen sleeveless shell top from Francesca's

I went in Francesca’s for a graphic tee, but I came out with this cute cute crochet shell made out of linen.  It is almost a baby doll top because it starts jutting out at the chest.  I think the ruffles are very flattering.  I can’t wait to pair it with mint and maybe white denim.

Loft: tee from Ann Taylor Loft for women over 40

bar back tee from Ann Taylor LoftLove this tee, but I think I’m going to ask to go up to the Large.  The bar back is super flattering, isn’t it?  Love the fit.  Love the neckline and color.  This top will help elevate a nice pair of shorts and look great with denim capris.

aqua swing dress by ann taylor loft
Hurry, it’s on Final Sale.

Sadly this is on final sale, but if you’re looking for a long dress that doesn’t cling, you can get this one.  I’m in a Large Petite (not sure why I bought it in P).  And it only goes down a bit too far under the arm.

Love this mint color, and I’m jumping up and down that it doesn’t cling!  I’ll wear it with a chunky navy sweater and boots and navy leggings in the winter. 

I highly recommend this parrot tank that is fully lined!  The fit is phenomenal, and the draping is great; I just didn’t need it. 

Love love love this top from Loft below:


The sleeves are fitted around your arm pit, and the fabric is 100% rayon so it hangs without clinging.  I like the length for wearing it over white denim and tucking it in with some capris.

Curvy skinny crop jeans:  HEAVEN!  You’ll have to watch the video for proof that I can bend all the way down, and they do not budge! denim for over 40 from ann taylor loft

Smooth, lift, fit and flatter…made out of cotton, polyester and elastane

This denim goes so well with the bright sing and summer colors.  I like wearing denim capris on the airplane in the summer because they match most color palettes.  These have a firm stretch to them.  When I bend down, they do not come down in the back, they don’t budge from my waistline.  I tell you, I’m shocked!


tunic for over 40 from kohlsI have been in search of a long tunic I can wear running errands with leggings.  After I found this top, I bought two leggings from Athleta.  I’m so excited!!!  I also bought it in black thinking I could travel in the black one as well.  It’s a thin sweatshirt material and hangs without clinging.



This Amazon suit I bought on Amazon, but I usually go through so many swim suits that I thought I’d try Amazon.  As embarrassing as it is, I wanted to share my thoughts.  I love it!  It’s a size large, and for reference, I’m 5’8″ and a size 10.  It’s a great one piece swimsuit for me in my mid 40s.

These shoes, y’all!  I love their support in my life ha.

dainty athletic shoe laces

athletic comfortable support from adidas

And I also bought these Adidas Bounce shoes with ribbon laces on Amazon.  They’re now less than $50, and supportive as an athletic shoe, no lie!  But you don’t wear them as an athletic shoe because they’re dainty. 

So many more videos about travel, makeup over 40, and DIY.  POP over to my LauriePOP Ideas That POP Channel and let’s chat!

Here’s me in my studio haha: lauriepop youtube

Thank you for POPping by!

2 thoughts on “Clothing Haul – Over 40 Women

  1. Great items! I have started buying those brands, but in consignment stores…a more affordable option for my budget.
    You don’t look 40. I’m over 60, but get compliments that I look too young to have daughters in their 30s😁
    Go, girl!


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