17 Things to NOT Forget When You Visit Colorado (In the Summer)

When you visit Colorado or any of the surrounding areas in The Colorado Rockies, do not forget these 17 things.  We had a family reunion early summer in Silverthorne, near Breckenridge, Colorado.  I had visited Colorado during the winter, but I forgot several packing items this summer.  So here are 17 things to NOT forget when visiting Colorado this summer.

sandal for visit Colorado in summer
My sandals are old, but these Merrell shoes can get wet and are supportive, perfect for walking around Breckenridge.

Booties or hiking shoes – You will be walking to restaurants or walking down one of the thousands of trails around town so be prepared for mud or dirt.  For hiking near Breckenridge, in Frisco, Colorado, I recommend hiking shoes, a shoe with grip because the trail will be muddy or dry.  If it’s dry, you slip around and do not take as sure of a step with just sneakers or tennis shoes.  I also think Teva sandals or Merrel sandals like the ones I wore would be a good Colorado travel shoe because they have a grip and are such high quality sandals!  I have had mine for 3 years.

I wore my Merrel sandals to kayak in and stand up paddle board around Frisco, Colorado.  These shoes can get wet, dirty and give me support. And I’m very picky about support.  These Merrell sandals have a rubber sole with a leather upper section.  Merrell sandals have an air cushion in the heel that absorbs shock.

skort do not forget kayak summer colorado
Do not forget a skort for kayaking during the summer in Colorado

I LOVE this skort with built in shorts that is long enough and wicks away wetness from rowing your kayak and getting splashed by the person in the back.  And they have pockets.  When you’re in The Rockies you will do some type of outdoor adventure so having activewear is a must.

kayak near Breckenridge colorado
Frisco Marina (Breckenridge exit) kayaks

Fleece – Weather in The Rockies will be warm or hot during the day and cool at night or in the shade so take a fleece or light jacket when you visit.

do-not-forget-thick-lotion-in-coloradoI recommend taking lotion to Colorado for everyday wear (I used a travel tube of Aveeno) and lotion for deep moisture (Gold Bond Diabetics-no idea why they call it Diabetics).  I use these disc containers for my 7 pumps of Gold Bond Diabetic Lotion in my liquids bag because it seeps into your dry skin so well.  Since this lotion is very thick, I knew it would not leak or get watery.  But I used Aveeno for a quick application in the morning and took it in its own travel tube.  And you can get the thick Gold Bond Diabetic Lotion in your grocer’s lotion aisle.  

do not forget hat when visit Colorado
Do not forget a hat when you visit this beautiful area in Colorado.

Sunscreen – the sun in The Rockies is intense.  We hiked in Frisco and were at The Continental Divide near Silverthorne and used it!  The Denver Post says that at high altitudes, those who participate in the outdoor activities get higher doses of ultraviolet rays. If you are going to a Colorado location with mosquitos, I can vouch for Sunsect-made for the military when they would be in sunny areas but need insect repellent as well.  I took this to Costa Rica and highly recommend it.

Pjs that can be cool in the evening but warm when you first get up.  The heat from the day warms your bedroom, and many houses do not have air conditioners because of the pleasant temps.  So we were HOT going to bed but cold by the time we woke up.  Leggings to throw on when you get out of bed will help keep you warm.

Sunglasses – ultraviolet rays above?  Keep those out of your eyes.  Now that I’m 46, my eye doctor insisted on polarized sunglasses for eye cataract protection especially in higher altitudes.

Eye drops – Because the air is so dry in the surrounding areas of Breckenridge I use Systane Preservative Free eye drops.  They come in individual vials, and one vial will last 2-3 days.

Hat – to protect you or your man’s head

waterproof cell phone holder case
Cell Phone Waterproof Case for kayaking in Colorado

Wiffle ball or soccer or football to play with because of all the parks in Breckenridge, Silverthorne and Frisco, Colorado.

Brush – I forgot my brush.

Swim suit – your rental house will probably have a hot tub.  You will want to get in after a warm day and in the 50 degree nights.

Shoes that can get muddy and u won’t be upset.  It will maybe rain in the afternoon, and some parts, as the snow is melting, will be muddy.  Just beware.

Puzzle – it’s a cool activity you can have out in the main living area…while the fire is going maybe?

Water bottle for hike or just dry mouth while touring around town~

My brother let me use this water bottle holder for hiking and for kayaking in Frisco.  The condensation doesn’t come off, and the holder keeps it insulated while keeping your fingers free.  There is also a thin-line fanny pack type bottle holder that my niece used.  This one is even more hands free for hiking.

Waterproof cell phone holder – because if you do a water sport, there is an emergency phone number to call the marina’s office.  Well we did not take our cell phones because we were kayaking.  If I had taken my waterproof phone holder, I would’ve felt a lot more at ease.

waterproof disposable camera
For water adventures in Colorado, do not forget a waterproof under water disposable camera.

I don’t know if you would want to bring this to Colorado, but when we got in the kayaks, watching our son stand up paddle board, I wish I would have brought a water-proof under water camera – those disposable kinds that you wind up. 

Baggies to keep leftovers when you rent a house and to store snacks for hiking.  We used an empty Doritos bag the first night for leftover chicken.

Thanks for watching, and let me know if there is one more item we should not forget the next time we visit Breckenridge.  Sharing is caring!  Let’s be friends on Instagram.  not-forget-when-visit-colorado-in-summer

Occasionally I use affiliate links, and all opinions are my very own.

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