19 Tips for Being on TV for the First Time

When you are on tv for the first time, here are 19 tips for this media coverage. I will discuss what to wear on tv, how to approach the anchors and what to do when your segment is finished. My goal as an entrepreneur this year was to have media coverage so that I could help more people and lead them to my YouTube channel. You now have a media segment, and you are proud because of all the research you have done in order to get media coverage. So here are 19 tips for when you are on tv for the first time.

When you finally get media coverage on tv for the first time, know that it will most likely be a live segment. Yes you will be nervous and excited, but it’s all part of being on television.

So excited for my first time on television!

Have the mindset that you are helping people; you are not selling. You are proud of your content promotion and know that it’s so good that it needs to be broadcast on your major city’s news station.

I did email that I would be there if they mentioned my YouTube Channel or put it on the screen while I spoke. But this was after it was confirmed of what time I would be there.

Know that you will make mistakes.

Know that you will most likely not be able to share all of what you wanted to say during your first time with them. When you send your thank you email or direct message, you can follow up with what you will do next time to make it even better and easier for the anchors.

It is not a glamorous job, and that immediately helps relax you. This is a tv station on a budget. There will not be a lot of people-maybe 2 people besides the anchors. I had one other person as far as I could see. first-time-on-tv

They assume you really are the expert. I would suggest that you as the expert suggest questions they could ask about your service/job after you have been asked on the show.

Do not get starry eyes when you see a famous anchor and do not feel like you will be treated as a celebrity. They are real people who are just doing their job. They are not thinking about all of your family members who will be watching the show that day.

When you find out you will be on tv, research the set. I was on the morning talk show part, and I saw this mustard yellow sofa. Look at the set and watch what the anchor women have on.


Notice the commercials during that talk show to find out what age their audience is. We had grill commercials and had I watched and noticed that, I would’ve chosen a couple of different travel hacks to talk about.

Also know that you will most likely not get a lot of instruction on what to do ahead of time because a producer/scheduler will email you, and that person is different than the on site producer for that day. For instance, mine emailed asking if I had objects I could use to share travel hacks. I suggested we moved down a table with the objects on the table or I could pull them out of my suitcase “Mary Poppins” style. She liked the MP style.

Know that the anchor women/men who will be interviewing you have very little instruction as well. When I arrived I found out that I was to be standing. The suitcase seemed very unorganized, and when the anchor woman saw it, she asked, “So is there any organization, or will you just pull them out?” So next time I know to have it semi-organized to help the anchors know what object is coming next and how to keep it going. They are talented at making small talk comments when I went completely blank. 

For your first time on television, I suggest having objects you can have on a table or coffee table because the camera will focus on those while you are talking. In your mind you are not worried about the camera being on you the whole time.

Get that manicure! I did my own and went with Tickle My France-y by OPI because it can blend and match with reds or pinks depending on white outfit I wore.

Know that you will get directions and the check-in process details the night before you appear on tv. You will also have to sign something saying no one is paying you to dress in their clothes or to sell their product. I also had to show my DL.

I took two outfits in case one of the anchors was wearing the exact same color as me. Tv stations do not tell you what to wear. But my sales woman at Ann Taylor told me she had been on television many times and absolutely no patterns. Brought home this blue dress that is A-line to hide my tummy.


I agree that a solid bold color helps you stand out and pay attention to what it looks like if you will be sitting. Your dress will come up 4 inches if you sit. dresses-wore-first-time-on-tv

Be comfortable, be fun and be professional. I wanted to be seen as an expert, but I also wanted to be remembered. A woman who was on after me was pregnant and wore a button down blouse and just waiting on me, her buttons were mostly all busting open right at the chest area. In that instance, a no-button blouse is an easier maintenance choice don’t you think? You will have enough to worry about so go with easy. I did read that white can be blinding. If you do not wear a dress, a pants and gorgeous fun blouse is completely acceptable.

I ended up wearing this fun jumpsuit for my first time on television. So fun!


They will most likely not do a full body shot. What colors make your features stand out and what colors are flattering to you? My news area had a mustard sofa, so I knew that royal blue would be great if I was going to sit there. I knew NOT to buy anything mustard colored.

Oh, and I did NOT have a place to curl my hair again. Luckily the humidity wasn’t that bad that particular morning. And there is no one to do your makeup! Glad I did mine in the car.me-put-on-makeup-in-car

There was no camera man; it was controlled remotely. So know that. Look at the anchors when you talk. If you hold something up and talk about it, keep it still while you talk.

When your segment is done say thanks again. Then within 2 days send an email to your contact thanking them and proposing 3 future dates in mind with possible topics. And just like before, keep it short. I said, “Thank you again for having me on to discuss travel hacks. Next time I know how to make it easier for the anchors and camera man. Would you like me to come back on June 24, 25 or July 1?”

Let me know what you wear and how your first was!

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Travel Weekender Bag (Over Night Trip Review and How I Pack)

This weekend I will travel for an overnight trip, so here is how I pack. I call this travel bag a Weekender Bag or an over night bag. You will see my packing essentials in this overnight bag. I want a weekender bag that is large but manageable since I will not be rolling it like a suitcase. me-hold-weekender-bag-for-over-night-trip

This weekender bag can hold 3 large paper towel rolls and more. Stick around to the end for the one bonus of traveling with a weekender bag. People ask me to show them how I pack or what I pack so that they get ideas, inspiration, or just a guide to help them.


I thought about packing in my toiletries bag or even in this hanging bag, but honestly I like the pouch idea for this travel bag so that I can save space. Packing for a 2 day trip is harder to me than packing for a 10 day one.

I pack with large pouches and will need my bottle of shampoo-how nice is it to pack your regular sized liquid?! I will also take my travel size of mousse and curling iron. weekender-bag-with-toiletry-kit

In my overnight bag, I pack a minimal amount of makeup to save space and I am with my girls and I am not a fancy girl this weekend. I pack foundation, eye primer and moisturizer and then the basic makeup. Brushes will go in a small pouch.


Packing shoes will take up most of the space in this weekender bag so I first check the weather forecast to know what shoes I will need. And do not forget to pack your shoes as a frame around the weekender bag. There is a 40% chance of thunderstorms on our full day to walk around the town. So I will pack canvas shoes and sandals I can walk in and I would love to walk around in sneakers for a brisk walk. A great travel weekender bag idea is to take booties.  We’re in Texas, and the urge to wear boots is strong, but they take up a ton of space in my bag. My alternative is booties can be worn in all seasons because some have holes.


For travel this weekend, I am using these containers that I took to my beach weekend. They’re like my awesome disc ones but a tad larger. I will not be shaving, but if your weekend trip involves swimming or is in the summer, I love this travel razor.


This travel bag for my weekend is from Amazon, and I just bought it to try out a few months ago, but I was shocked at its high quality and kept it. It has feet, the hardware is strong, the zipper is smooth-it will not pick at my clothes or break my fingernail, and the leather is buttery soft-not plastic or pleather feeling. Since it’s for a road trip, there is a long strap for over your shoulder as well as handles. The one reason I bought this bag is because the pocket section slips over my suitcase handles, allowing me to be hands-free in an airport.


Do not forget to pack your charger cord or a power bank. Mine will give you 2 full phone charges and is easier to get to instead of fumbling around in our charger area to get my cord. I usually do not take my phone’s charger because I have to flip backwards to be able to get to its plug lol. So I take the power bank.

I love theme dressing so I will be wearing my Road Trip tee from Old Navy but here is another cute one and this girls’ trip tee. Word on the street is that one of the ladies is ordering us all a girls trip tee so that is fun. I may throw in a maxi dress but for the most part I will pack nice shorts and tops with an old tee to hang out in at night. I even have room for my robe; it’s short and light weight and has pockets – perfect for not wearing a bra. my-robe

I’m wearing a hoodie in the car in case the air conditioning is too cool. I am also saving space by not packing it.

me-wear-graphic-teeI also pack my vitamins and eye drops and one Zyrtec and one Tylenol in case I get a headache from something in that city.

The one bonus when you travel for an overnight trip for a weekend or take a short road trip is to remember that you are also packing your purse. Take the purse that can store some essentials like your charging cord pouch or power bank. Pack what you can in your purse.

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