travel tips by laurieTravel Tips by Laurie
Thank you for visiting my blog and YouTube Channel.  My first YouTube
video was about a visit to Fixer Upper's Magnolia Market at the Silos
when I could not find anything to do after traveling to Waco.
I recently focused this blog toward travel tips since I am a pilot
wife and have learned tricks to help you. I focus on helping you
"travel the globe without a worry in the world." I do that through
tips, travel hacks, reviews of destinations, and outfits.

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Email: traveltipsbylaurie@gmail.com
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12 thoughts on “About

  1. I just found your what to bring on the airplane video. Then I found your website. My father also passed away from Alzheimer’s, 7 yrs ago and all the grandkids called him Pop. Sure do miss him!!


    1. Judy, my mom’s name is Judy! Wow, small world. Airplanes help make that happen hahaha. Thank you so much for commenting. That’s so sweet. I’m glad you found these; working on a travel outfits video.


    2. Judy, I don’t know if you saw my reply because I think I entered it just as a reply to myself. Thank you so very much for commenting. Hugs and fun travels to you! I really appreciate you watching my LauriePOP Channel vids too.


  2. watched you video on the deco mesh snowman wreath. Now you aid to attach the squares of mess on our rim of wire wreath then go down two rows and do the same then you said to continuing on the inside ring. Now do you do the same start on one down skip two or just do the last row inside the ring? not sure about the inside ring attaching the deco ash square .Very cute thank you LuAnn

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  3. Hi Laurie!
    My husband travels by car and tour bus quite often. He is a musician and drives all over the inter mountain west, and is traveling with a bassoon in a soft case backpack. He always requires a suit or tuxedo as part of his work. Finally, he also has a neck/spinal injury that makes it hard for him to carry anything heavy.
    Can you make a recommendation on a carry-on suitcase?
    Thank you so much!!
    Charlotte Pfeil
    Salt Lake City, Utah

    My Husband was raised in Houston and I am from near Victoria!

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  4. Can you believe I haven’t been on a plane in 20 years? Anyway looking at TSA website and watching your informative videos is a great resource not to mention entertaining!! I just compressed a sweater in a gallon baggie for carryon packing, Thanks for the ideas.

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      1. Still learning. about my phone,thanks to your airplane mode tee shirt, i have discovered need to have airplane mode on….no roaming charges….LOL.
        By the way your cat is a star, saw him open the door in a video!!


      2. Hey Laurie,thanks for wearing airplane mode teeshirt,have discovered it needs to be on(like tshirt says!) to prevent roaming charges. So much new things happening in my life but like Psalm 91 says He is my refuge and my fortress.My God,in Him i will trust!

        By the way your cat is so cute


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