Loft Haul – Spring 2017

Gotta watch the above vid for these pictures to come alive!

Ann Taylor Loft Haul – Ann Taylor Loft Sale

Loved my shopping haul at Ann Taylor Loft today!  I must say that I was so surprised with their Spring fabrics and color patterns for 2017.

First Loft item was on sale: I found these cute Breezy Floral Riviera shorts on sale with an extra 40% off to make them only $26.  That price means they’re still around and will be on sale for a while.  These have a 4″ inseam which is conservative on my 5’8″ legs.

Are y’all shopping for Spring Clothing pieces this Spring yet?  POP over to my friend Addy B’s channel and check out her preteen Spring outfit ideas.  Addy is one of the most creative people I know.  I love how she expresses herself creatively.  Give her a looksy!

I tried the mustard tank because I can usually rock the color mustard.  Even though it’ll never be Pantone’s Color of the Year, I’m loving it.  I love how the tank under this hangs snugly and looks like it has a tiny tiny bit of sheen poking through this sewing detail.  The top fits TTS and especially in the back.  No clinging in my normal size Medium.  I’m 5’8” and wear a 10 or 8 at Loft. 


At Loft it helps to shop smart.  Today, I only needed to spend $50 to get $25 Loft Cash.  Since the gorgeous mustard top was $54, I decided to wait and buy it once it goes on a better sale.

Grabbed this bright coral red tee in the color Wildfire Red.  I have raved about their Vintage Soft tees for months.  I have white, off white, gray with pink polka dots and a long sleeved white one!


I ended up getting a Large because I like the length.  The Medium fits my curves a little better, but this will do-especially at $18.  Bright red goes with my winter clothes-dark teal, navy cardigan, denim colors and white.   That’s also another reason I didn’t mind spending $18.

Look how good it goes with these deep beauty colors in these shorts.


I found this beauty on Final Sale at Loft.  I’m still bitter that they don’t give you an extra 40% off the final sale anymore.  It fits perfectly TTS.  Check out the detailing, and this little bit of pucker right here gives it a shape AND keeps it from clinging in the back.  The draping of this will be perfect for a good pair of shorts or capris to carry you into spring.

I splurged at $18 to get this pineapple tee.  I like the scoop neck slash v-neck more than just scoop neck.  Pineapples scream summer, and they say Welcome as well as, “Stand tall.  Wear a crown.  Be sweet on the inside.”

I alMOST bought these gorgeous pants. Sunny and pure yellow!

img_1066These would be awesome work pants and would go with every.color.out.there.  But they were $70.  But they were 30% off, which would be an extra $21 off.  But, if I have my Loft Cash of $25, that’s more of a discount to me.  Also, the 10 was really roomy; it would work especially if I was going to eat out or be on vacation a few days and needed some fuller pants.  So I tried on the 10 Petite in white, and it was BEAUTIFUL!!!  But they’re see through.  The fit was wonderful.  And the fabric is oh. so. luxe.  Smooth but textured a tad. 

Love this flowy shell tank because it’s a bright teal.  But I did not spend the money because the hem came up to high on the sides.  I want to be able to raise my hands and say, “Go team” and not worry about my tummy spare tires showing.  And that’s not worth $44 with 30% off any time of day.


One movement by Loft last Fall which seemed manipulative, is during the Loft Cash time, nothing was full price.  And with Loft Cash, you can only use it on full price clothing. 

My favorite piece of all is this Velvet Split Neck Shell.  It’s so soft and shiny but see through.  It looks great with a dark gray tank under.


Have you gotten in the mood yet for Spring clothes?

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How to Apply False Eyelashes

How to Apply Falsies

I thought this was a blast!  With my new friend Erin and first Texas friend Deedee, we lead you through how to apply False Eyelashes with confidence.  Let me know what you think of the above video tutorial.

Here are the supplies I’ve used, and several of my friends also can vouch for the Ardell Eyelashes.


Maybelline Liquid Liner

Eyeko London Liquid Liner

OPI Polish

Ardell #45 Lashes

Please please please tell me if you try them!  Have fun!

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Four Ways to Transition Outfits to Fall

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We’re in the inbetween season of the year where the minute you put away your summer clothes, you’re going to have a week of 89 degree weather.  Happens to me every September.  Don’t put all your summer clothes away just yet.  Shop your closet and find things that are Fall colored.


I am LOVE-ing the cranberry burgundy color this year.  I notice it everywhere.  In church I noticed that the ribbon in my Bible uses a burgundy ribbon book mark.  I’ve looked at this ribbon for years, and this year I love it!


Navy, burgundy, mustard colored cardigans are great for Fall.  You can layer on top of a tee or a summer dress, and Huggington Post agrees with me.  Choose sleeveless tops that hang correctly without being bulky or too tight.  I just found this tank on sale at Nordstrom that is a great transition piece under a cardigan. dsc_0019

Denim shirt

Wear jeggings (jeans that stretch like leggings) or thick leggings with a white tee and leave that denim shirt unbottoned.  Use it as a layering piece, and if it gets hot, you can tie it around your waist-still covering up the panty lines.  There are really thin and long denim shirts right now at every store. dsc_1444


Fall-Colored Jeans

Army colored jeggings or jeans make transitioning outfits from summer to fall super easy.  Olive looks great with reddish tones, crisp white, purple and mint.  Throw on a jean jacket or a Fall scarf, and. you. are. done.


Fall Accessories

If it’s still 89 degrees in your neck of the woods, just pull on some colored jeans, a Fall colored necklace and loafers.  As my friend Callie says, though, “You can never have too many accessories.”  Add a leopard scarf or tons of bangle bracelets.

I shopped Nordstrom, Kohls, Target, Loft, Family Dollar, Chicos, TJMaxx and Shelvie Jean in Covington, GA.  You never know where inspiration will hit!  Have fun mixing and matching for Fall Outfits!  I’m linking up with The Wardrobe StylistShelbee On The Edge, Doused In Pink , Fashion Should Be Fun, Jolynne ShaneBargain BagLady, Curly Crafty Mom and Funky Forty 

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4 Kimono Outfit Ideas – Hits and Misses

My YouTube video above shows these looks even better.

Visions of Robin Williams in the movie Birdcage POPped in my head when I tried on my first ever kimono.   The Sugar Cubes call kimonos the “star of the outfit.”  I’ve been hesitant and am now excited to try this trend.   Dorothy reassured me that kimonos are a girl’s best friend.

For reference I’m 5’8″ and a size 8-10. Here is what kimono outfit ideas worked and what outfits didn’t work for me.

Kimono #1 – – – – Missed the boat with these two

DSC_1409        DSC_1368

Much better:




Kimono #2 —–Although peach totally matches, I’m washed out.  And see how the tank cuts my length?

Much better versions:


The fuschia blends so nicely, and elongates my look b/c of the loose, skimming tank.  The blue tee drapes me better than the tank and lets the kimono shine-o.

And I love this mix of patterns!!! IMG_5551

Third Kimono:  Not so good-o

Much better:


My favorite kimono ended up not photographing like I thought.  Francesca’s black graphic tee and the loose tank look better with this kimono.


If at first you don’t succeed, try try again with a graphic tee shirt, right?


Take a picture of yourself and assess the outfit.  It takes 5 seconds…or forever if you ask my 11 year old.









#4 Kimono – It’s OK-o


Polka dots get me every time, especially if put with stripes!!  I like how the kimono is the same length as the shorts.  And see how the look totally changes with jean cut offs?  You could also roll them up if fringed is too teeny bopper for you.


You can see the frontal version of this kimono outfit on my LauriePOP YouTube channel above.

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How To Shop Your Closet


I love shopping in all types of venues; trust me.  But I wondered if I really could shop my closet and be satisfied.  So I just tried it.

You are going to be surprised how fresh your “new” outfits seem.  Begin by making a list of how you are going to treat yourself with the money saved.  Just hold up a pair of pants you don’t wear very often and see what POPs.

See what shirts POP when the pants are right next to them.  I either take those shirts out or categorize them in my head.  When I was breast feeding, I could do so much in my head…if I could stay awake long enough.  Now, I have more time to do things in real time.  While you’re in your current season of life, do what works for you.

I like sorting the shirts by color.  Hang the cream shirts up so you can see them all, hang the blue shirts up, hang the unusual shirts up.  You will see which ones you NEVER would’ve thought would match with your pants.  If you have time, try a few on.

It’s so fun because some of the “new” outfits had been right there in my closet the past two seasons.  I can’t wait until next Fall so that I can wear some of the ideas that POPped into my head for sweaters.

Have fun, take your time, and remember, “You’re never fully dressed without…”

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Confidently Wearing White Over 40

Being comfortable in white pants is like saying I love walking around in a bathing suit at the pool.  But it has to be done sometimes.  One leg at a time. If we women can take the uncomfortable feeling out of wearing clothes, we will have so much more fun in life.  I want to help you truly feel confident in your white pants.  Heads will POP when you walk into a room.  And you won’t even notice because you aren’t worrying about how your outfit looks!

While white does have a scary reputation, smart dressing can help “disguise your size.”  I have several ideas that POPped into my head to help you live life to the fullest in white pants/capris/trousers/jeans.  

FIND THE PERFECT PANT FOR YOUR BODY TYPE/COMFORT LEVEL .  Think first of what fabric you like.  Usually jeans are not see-through.  If you’re hesitant about white, then hunt for white jeans instead of white cotton pants.  Casual ones have a cotton blend.  Nicer pants are made with a rayon so that they look dressier.  You want the fabric to skim your body in a flattering way, not cut in too tightly or hanging too frumpy.  Choose the one that flatters your body.  

Is your upper body fluffy?  Then keep the jeans slim-fitting and wear a loose top-not billowy-just a little loose.  Is your upper body slim and trim?  Then I hate you.  You can wear slimmer pants or huge-legged pants.  Everything will be so much more fun if you know you got the best type for your legs.  Just start with one pair-it’s out there.  Is your lower body fluffy?  Then choose a pant that elongates and smooths it out; loose fitting at waist as well as in the leg-try pants that hit the floor, and ooh lala you will look like a million bucks.

Also make sure your white is not see-through.  If you can see pockets through the pants, they’re too thin.  I don’t know why manufacturers do this.  Maybe if you’re wearing a tunic that goes to your mid-thigh.

You can’t see through this pair.

Sometimes it may take as long as bathing suit shopping takes.  But it’s worth your time!  I tried on 9 pairs of white pants, then 12 pairs, and 2 more at Marshall’s in one visit.  But I found 1!  The brand is Artisan NY.  Now, you can find which one flatters your body.

Try on as many as it takes.



Investigate where your shirt hits your body.  Does it need to hide your hips?  Does it need to cover the whole backside and crocheruno?  If so, then maybe you got the wrong pair of pants.  Does the shirt look better half-tucked (Half-tuck is when just a piece of one side is tucked in) or tucked in all the way?    Many women POPping over the hill wear their shirts untucked.  I love my shirts to hit half way down my booty.  The half-tuck looks great on only some of my outfits.  Just try all these looks and you be the judge.


White trousers draw the eye up and are way underestimated in their utilitarian skills.  Key, though, is to choose a top that you know looks good on you. Do you have that go-to tee? You know which shirt style is flattering for your upper body.


Opposite of white on the color wheel is black.  When I see a black top with white bottoms, I think Audrey Hepburn classic and feminine.  You can’t go wrong with this look.  So crisp and fresh…and confident!

Navy lends itself to a nautical look, and is absolutely fun.  It can swing both ways too, toward casual or totally professional.  The “converse” type shoes are all the rage, so experiment with them.  Gold accented sandals and gold necklaces would be great too.  Or cognac boots and a denim jacket on top for those of you in the Northeast.  Denim jackets scream spring time chilly night-wear.


One idea that POPped into my head is to take a selfie and investigate which fit looks best on you…according to YOU.  If YOU think it looks right, then you will feel that surge of confidence.  And then do the “Home Alone” slide and say, “YES!”

ALL WHITE (I dare you):

Try it!  Combine a white jean and a white tee.  Or try a linen white shirt over the white tee with gold shoes.  Make sure you have a white or gold or shimmery belt.  Oh, so beachy and cool looking.  It’s stunning!  Monochromatic, Hydromatic;  it’s Dressed Lightning!  I’m wearing the Vintage Soft Tee from Loft and necklace from Magnolia Market in Waco.  Watch my Trip To Magnolia Market – Fixer Upper VideoIMG_4146

Wear white and POP over soon!

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