Travel Outfits from J. Jill for Every Body Type (2019)

Hi! Today I’m sharing travel outfits for 2019 from J.Jill.  These travel outfits will be great for any woman’s body type. Wear these to travel to a beach resort or the grocery store by your home today.  But these J.Jill fabrics are high quality and great for travel to a resort for vacation.

travel-outfits-resort-wear-beach-foreign-countryWhen I travel, I want to wear outfits that can mix and match with several colors so that I can wear clothes again and again. Travel outfits should be comfortable and flattering too! Sometimes I feel frumpy when I travel, and these outfits will help.  This video is not sponsored by J.Jill fyi.  I just loved their catalog and thought you’d like to see these travel outfits. travel-outfits-mix-match-comfortable-cute

Some of the outfits have elastic that is flattering to women if you are over 40 or if you like to wear elastic waistbands especially on vacation.  The first travel outfit piece I tried on was this tiered ruffle sleeve top.  Have you seen the J.Jill catalog? It is full of outfit pieces for this year’s travel.


It is totally see through but such a wispy breezy top for vacation.  See the sleeves are bulky without adding bulk.  This is a gorgeous top; I paired it over their white v-neck tank top that kind of hugs you in.  I love when my clothes give me hugs. tiered-ruffle-top-green-with-white-denim

comes in an army green that looks different than it does online, and this poppy pattern. me-shopping-green-shirt-white-denim

The green linen blend tiered sleeve is considered a tee. I would size down. Look how pretty this color tee looks with the J.Jill peach scarf. I love this color with the gorgeous resort pants here.  This top also comes in black and brown.

You can see the rest of the pics in real life on my travel outfits video.

But in these fern pants the dark in here is black! These bamboo slit-hem pants are a lux rayon with a touch of silk or linen.  They have such a high quality feel to them.  I’m 5’8” so this is the length on me.  I’m wearing a Medium and bonus that it’s elastic waist from the sides to the back leaving the front with a smooth finish. GORGEOUS!  I think the slit is in the most feminine angle for a woman.

J.Jill also has these slim fitting linen pants with pockets.  You can almost see through, but they are very comfortable and not a thin fabric.

You can see my white jeans I got for travel-a tip from me to you is to not wear white on the airplane but save it for your resort.  LOVE them because of the fabric stretch.  These J.Jill white jeans are not see through.

I have the blue pair of shoes that is in their catalogue.  I have a light brown one from last year; I’ll try to find the links to these.  They’re from Born which I have worn to travel in. I wear an 8 and 1/2 or 8 and they do not carry half sizes and because the back is elastic, they fit great.

J.Jill also sells this one type of Soft shoes.  I have two similar ones by Sofft and I can vouch that they are comfortable and very supportive.

I also bought these jeans in bright light pink.  I love bright pink with black.  You can wear it with gray or white or even navy and white striped.

I alMOST got them in the muted army green color. because it is a great travel outfit piece. All the cuffs are about 4 inches and are tastefully styled.

THIS top is super flattering with the almost shimmer in it.  There is no gold thread, but it has a shine to it. J.Jill calls it a textured top; can you see the piping on the side?  It’s a faint green gray color. See how different this looks in person than online?

I really like how J.Jill has shorter, more square tops in this new collection.

Also on my watch list is the tee.  I LOVE this blue and navy tie dye top.  It’s long enough, thin but with a fabric that hangs in a flattering way. You can travel with this with blue denim or white as well as with shorts.  You can see that the tee is longer in the back.

Their elastic waisted shorts were adorable by the way.

This side tie blue tunic is adorable and would be great over navy leggings for a travel outfit.  Perfectly slimming and thin but not see through fabric, it’s a tunic.  But you could wear it as a swim cover up or if you’re shorter a dress. Very flattering fit and so comfortable!

I had to try this one on for y’all because the fabric is divine.  It’s like silk and rayon and does not cling. It’s more of a red than the orange it looks like online.  J.Jill did a great job of making this fun ruffle wrap dress feminine but giving us full coverage.  I always check how far you can lift your leg or step you can take to see if the wrap covers you enough when you will sit on vacation.  It is fully lined and has an easy snap at the chest and a button and tie at the waist.  I would say to size up; it’s a little tight when I cross my arms.

Okay, this maxi…I may go get it because it does not go allllllll the way to the floor.  It hangs down instead of out.  It does not cling.  I accidentally got a small so you can see the medium will be even more flattering.  The fabric is a non wrinkle but stretchy fabric.  You could wear it with a cardigan or jean jacket.  They paired it with nude sandals, but you could even wear gray or black with it.  Gorgeous pattern that will look good on any woman while she’s traveling.

I took a picture of this striped tie back tee on my salesperson because online it looks more like a tunic.  It’s definitely a tee with a knot near your neck.  It has 3/4 length sleeves with a big feminine button on the sleeve.  My sales lady told me that it skims nicely and for travel, you want a tee that goes with all colors.

Thanks so much for watching this try on of travel outfits from J.Jill. Have a wonderful and cute time traveling!

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Spring Outfit Pieces from Ann Taylor Loft

Y’all, you’ve GOT to watch this video!

I share the new Spring blouses, dresses, and capris from Loft’s Spring 2019 line.  This video is full of “in-real-life” footage.

I’ll show you my Loft Dressing Room Diaries and let you know what I bought for spring.  I am over 40, I have become particular in how clothes fit my body type.  So this Ann Taylor Loft video is inspiration for you; I know they are having amazing sales right now off of their clearance items.

The very first outfit piece I got for spring is the buttery yellow crop skinnies.  These capris go above my belly button; yellow is such a versatile outfit color.  It goes with my navy gingham top.  I will link everything I’m showing you in the description box below.

Ann Taylor Loft has Spring 2019 outfit pieces for every woman’s body type, from casual to work wear to date night.

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Clothing Haul – Over 40 Women

I’m sharing a clothing haul for other women over 40.  My fashion needs and tastes have changed in my 40s, and retailers are creating clothes with the mature woman in mind.  In this clothing haul, I want you to be inspired.  I want to encourage you to dress for your personality and feel confident with the tops or skirts that you do buy.  Some women over 40 want to feel casual chic and not frumpy.  I will show you tops that show my personality, while hiding certain trouble spots like my tummy. I found a skirt and even a bathing suit that helps me feel confident and casual chic.  I will show you outfit ideas from Ann Taylor Loft, J Crew, Kohls, Ann Taylor, Chico’s and Francesca’s, that will inspire you to celebrate your fashion sense with just a bit of class, just a bit of cuteness.

I am not telling you that you need new clothes to feel confident.  Take these ideas from my clothing haul and make them your own.  For women who like fashion, getting the best deal or finding a sale or a big thrifting score is part of the fun!

As a woman over 40 I should know exactly how to dress for my age and body type.  And yet I keep watching other women’s clothing hauls for inspiration.  Your body parts move around as you age so I think we will need to keep adjusting our fashion.  And that’s okay.  It’s also okay to gain inspiration from other women’s clothing hauls.  We’re not comparing, we are learning new ways to dress more confidently and feel casual chic.

Let’s POP into my spring and summer haul for 2018. 

Ann Taylor


I bought this shell because of how it hides my belly.  Ann Taylor has impeccable style for the woman who wants to flatter the parts of her body that she wants flattered.  I like how it is A-line almost, skimming my waist yet leaving room for more tacos in my tummy if I wear this to a party.

Can we talk about this polka dotted JCrew skirt?  I’m in love, one because of the length, two because it’s on sale for less than $35, and three because it can be dress, fun and casual.  It’s true to size.  Some skirts that zip and clip with the little metal thing cut in on me, but this lined skirt has plenty room in it.

polka dotted skirt

This Ann Taylor dress is so very flattering on; the website makes it look like it hangs.  You’ll have to watch my video to see how pretty it is.  It definitely comes in pretty high.  Very pretty flutter sleeves or bell sleeves and the length of this dress is awesome.  bell sleeve striped dress by ann taylor

Their white denim was not worth the money to me since you could see the pockets through the jeans.  white denim pocket not worth money

Francesca’s: crochet linen sleeveless shell top from Francesca's

I went in Francesca’s for a graphic tee, but I came out with this cute cute crochet shell made out of linen.  It is almost a baby doll top because it starts jutting out at the chest.  I think the ruffles are very flattering.  I can’t wait to pair it with mint and maybe white denim.

Loft: tee from Ann Taylor Loft for women over 40

bar back tee from Ann Taylor LoftLove this tee, but I think I’m going to ask to go up to the Large.  The bar back is super flattering, isn’t it?  Love the fit.  Love the neckline and color.  This top will help elevate a nice pair of shorts and look great with denim capris.

aqua swing dress by ann taylor loft
Hurry, it’s on Final Sale.

Sadly this is on final sale, but if you’re looking for a long dress that doesn’t cling, you can get this one.  I’m in a Large Petite (not sure why I bought it in P).  And it only goes down a bit too far under the arm.

Love this mint color, and I’m jumping up and down that it doesn’t cling!  I’ll wear it with a chunky navy sweater and boots and navy leggings in the winter. 

I highly recommend this parrot tank that is fully lined!  The fit is phenomenal, and the draping is great; I just didn’t need it. 

Love love love this top from Loft below:


The sleeves are fitted around your arm pit, and the fabric is 100% rayon so it hangs without clinging.  I like the length for wearing it over white denim and tucking it in with some capris.

Curvy skinny crop jeans:  HEAVEN!  You’ll have to watch the video for proof that I can bend all the way down, and they do not budge! denim for over 40 from ann taylor loft

Smooth, lift, fit and flatter…made out of cotton, polyester and elastane

This denim goes so well with the bright sing and summer colors.  I like wearing denim capris on the airplane in the summer because they match most color palettes.  These have a firm stretch to them.  When I bend down, they do not come down in the back, they don’t budge from my waistline.  I tell you, I’m shocked!


tunic for over 40 from kohlsI have been in search of a long tunic I can wear running errands with leggings.  After I found this top, I bought two leggings from Athleta.  I’m so excited!!!  I also bought it in black thinking I could travel in the black one as well.  It’s a thin sweatshirt material and hangs without clinging.



This Amazon suit I bought on Amazon, but I usually go through so many swim suits that I thought I’d try Amazon.  As embarrassing as it is, I wanted to share my thoughts.  I love it!  It’s a size large, and for reference, I’m 5’8″ and a size 10.  It’s a great one piece swimsuit for me in my mid 40s.

These shoes, y’all!  I love their support in my life ha.

dainty athletic shoe laces

athletic comfortable support from adidas

And I also bought these Adidas Bounce shoes with ribbon laces on Amazon.  They’re now less than $50, and supportive as an athletic shoe, no lie!  But you don’t wear them as an athletic shoe because they’re dainty. 

So many more videos about travel, makeup over 40, and DIY.  POP over to my LauriePOP Ideas That POP Channel and let’s chat!

Here’s me in my studio haha: lauriepop youtube

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How to Master the Half-Tuck Look: 2 Ways

Here I’m showing you how to master the half tuck look.  When I wear t-shirts or blouses, my mind is battling: do I tuck my top half way in or leave it untucked?  Wearing the half tuck look is more flattering in my opinion.

But pulling off the half tuck can be tricky.  How far do you tuck in a shirt? Which shirts can be tucked in?  How do you achieve a half tuck?   How do I tell if I should not tuck in a shirt?

I have stood in front of the bathroom mirror many times at my church trying to get my half tuck just right.  And with my own trial and errors, I can help you practice how to master the half tuck look.

Disclosure:  I am just sharing with you what I have observed on other people.  You are allowed to tweak my instructions in any way to fit your body style.

If you follow my two methods, you will learn how to achieve a half tuck look that is casual and flattering.  You will master the half tuck look so that you can feel confident throughout your day and not have to check the windows of stores that you walk by to see if the half tuck still looks just right.

Two Methods to Mastering the Half Tuck Look:

First Method: Belt Loop Knuckle Method: Place your fingertips on the button and go out to your hand knuckles – the first belt loop.  Draw up the fabric, tuck just that area in.  Pull out the shirt enough so that it can drape.  So you have a diagonal line right there at your tummy.  We’re tricking the eye…just like the bathing suit companies do with diagonal lines.  If a tummy isn’t your problem area, you may need to tuck it farther across from there.

2nd Method: Button Method:  Tuck in your shirt only at your button.  You’ll grab some fabric and tuck it just behind the button and drape it out a little.  Here is this shirt fully tucked in.

I don’t tuck in my shirts all the way hardly ever because it cuts me right at my middle which isn’t flattering for some mathematical reason I’m sure.  I need the top to elongate me.

Fabric Choice:

It’s a thin 100% rayon material plaid from Target-I’ll link it below.  I wanted to wear it with lower cut jeans and wanted the back to cover my booty. This rayon fabric is golden for mastering a half tuck because it’s made of out rayon.  When I half tuck this plaid shirt, rayon disguises my problem area, helping me to feel more confident with it being half tucked in.  This top puddles instead of poking out.

My 100% cotton gingham shirt pokes out when I tuck it in half way.  With this top I use the Button Half Tuck Method; the only thing about 100% cotton is that it pokes out.  Be Goldilocks when choosing your top.  If you are not 100% confident in that fabric, don’t spend money on it.

Know what u want to look like-not dressy, approachable, sporty, classy, preppy, grunge/lady like, boho, or fancy.  I prefer not fancy; if I wear heels of any kind, then I feel like I’m too dressed up.  I used to feel that way about lipstick too.

T-shirt Choices:

This Mossimo Relaxed V-neck T-shirt, is amazing and does not cling,and it is a good one to explain the half tuck method.  Again, it looks okay untucked, but using the belt loop half tuck method makes it a lot more flattering of a look. I tuck the t-shirt in at my belt loop and adjust it down on an angle. Sometimes I have to tuck it in all the way across if that looks better.  But see how it does not cling?  The Mossimo is loose enough and flowy.  My Radiate Love graphic tee looks fine untucked, but when I half tuck it, my curves are more flattering.

Look at the length of your t-shirt:  Do you have enough t-shirt fabric to pull out if you have tucked in the shirt?  Enough of the t-shirt hangs below my low waisted waist band so that there is enough fabric to pull out and drape after I’ve tucked in the shirt.

Here is my Turkey Trot just as an example of how the half tuck makes the outfit look more pulled together.  And the half tuck is more flattering than untucked.  I have to add a belt with these jeans if my top is more fitted.  The belt helps pull my tummy in, and holds in that little bit of material if that is all I have.

Size up: Try a size bigger with your tops.  Play around with fabric.  Find a blouse in 100 cotton, one with 100% polyester in it, one with rayon in it.  These plaid ones are 100% polyester, they do not cling.  They puddle when I use the half tuck method.  This navy one is not as flattering as my other ones. Untucked, they’re not quite long enough or short enough to be flattering, so I half tucked them in for a more flattering look.

Mossimo and Turkey Trot are 60% cotton 40% polyester.  Radiate is 55% cotton and 45% polyester.

Jeans or Trousers:  Pick your two favorite pairs of jeans or shorts that you feel really comfortable and confident in.  They do go hand in hand because if you’re not comfortable, it’s not really worth wearing or buying that piece of clothing.  I think every woman should invest in a lower rise pair of jeans or trousers.  They’re perfect for a half tuck.  Some jeans say they’re mid rise and they end up inching down to a low rise fit though.  If you are older and scared of skinny jeans, my mother in law has a pair of Chic Classic Collection Women’s Stretch Elastic Waist Pull-On Pant – elastic waist and tapered I would say; very flattering!  I’ll link it below-you can get them on Amazon.

If you’re self conscious of your leg size, go with straight jeans or boyfriend jeans.  They’re so flattering on full-legged women.  And then wear a loosely fitted top or blouse that is tucked in all the way. You want to focus on bringing the eye up to your waist and upper body by skimming the legs to elongate them up. This burgundy t-shirt is more fitted so I wore a looser legged pair of jeans. Sonoma Everyday Tee Brand is 60% cotton and 40% polyester and they are fitted without being clingy.  Here’s one from Target. See how it’s more fitted than the loose jeans?  My skinny jeans do not look flattering because everything is tight except my problem are my tummy.  But when I pair it with looser jeans, belt and half tuck in, look how much more put together it looks.

We want to be real, authentic women with our friends and our spouse and with ourselves.  Let’s stop trying to be something we’re not.  We know that God created us beautifully unique as we are without clothes.  God also gave us a personality and creativity and I express my creativity and personality through clothing most days.  But I know before I get dressed that I’m beautiful and enough just like I am regardless of the clothes I’m fixing to put on.  So, part of getting dressed is being armored with truth in our minds about who we are and how worthy we are as is.

Now, when you are picking apart an outfit that you’ve put together, you can only critique the outfit, not you as a person.

Now What?

First look at an outfit you.  Investigate what it is that looks good?  Is it that you can see your waist more?  Your legs are more flattered in that outfit?  Your shoulders look really feminine?  Your collar bone looks great?  Your neck?

Look at an outfit that has jeans or pants whichever you wear most often.  Those pants will go with several shirts.  You know if you want to look cute, you can always pair something with these jeans.  Your go-to jeans.  These darker wash jeans are called Miracle Body and are pretty high-you can see that the Radiate Love top looks fine untucked.  But I think this top looks better half tucked into jeans with a lower rise.

I’m a fan of the half tuck on an angle.

Now, in order for a style technique to be practical, you need to know how to pull off a half tuck with your eyes closed.  When you’re at the mall or church in the bathroom style, you don’t want to have to walk out and stand in front of the crowded mirror trying to get that half tuck just right.

So practice your half tuck while you’re at home.  Untuck your shirt, go about for a few minutes.  Go to a different mirror in your house and do the half tuck again.  After probably 10 times, you’ll feel more natural.

Remember that we don’t want to make our lives all about “how do I look now,” and five minutes later, “how do i look now?”  We are confident in our beauty on the inside; we’re armored mentally with truths about who we are and whose we are.  We belong to the King of the universe.  We are worth it, even if we wear a paper bag throughout the day.

So, getting dressed isn’t about proving our worth to someone else.  It’s about quick, convenient, smart dressing with clothes we have in our closet or that we can buy…clothes that flatter our body shape and personality style.

Ann Taylor Loft Haul for Summer

Ann Taylor Loft is having a great sale right now.  This summer they are having major sales on some really cute staples for your work wardrobe.

See the Yays and the Nays in the video above!

Have you gone? Discount code is at the bottom.

Bought this cute red and white daisy dress.  LOVE it! ann-taylor-loft-haul-summer-amaryllis-tassel-dress ann-taylor-loft-amaryllis-tassel-dress

This striped dress is sold out online, but there were a few in my store.  It’ll be my new fave dress for looking dressy and super casual.

Love it!

This tank will go on sale soon I’m sure.  It was $8 and look at the embellished neckline on this newly designed Loft tank for this summer!  loft-ann-taylor-haul-tank-embellished


Not see-through and dainty arm holes and neckline are why I snagged this cap-sleeved tee.

And this bow tie on the back?  It is a royal blue that hangs just right!  If you’re hippy you would love this striped shell tank and the blue swing dressann-taylor-loft-bow-tie-shell

And this rope necklace is on major sale under $8! loft-haul-summer-coral

Y’all there are so many more things so check out the LauriePOP Ideas That POP YouTube Video above.

Here’s your discount code right below:
Extra 60% Off All Sale Styles. Offer valid 7/3 at 12am EST – 7/4 at 11:59pm EST


The Easiest “Party Nail” for This Summer


This summer I’m guiding you to the easiest and smartest ways to create your own nail art for a beach trip. It’s your “party nail” – that’s when one fingernail design is having its own party.  The nine other nails have a solid nail polish color – the wall flowers of your party.  Which is  your nearest ocean: the Atlantic, off of California, in the Bahamas, the US Virgin Islands?  Let’s make nail art for the summer.

Nice to meet you!  POP over to my YouTube Channel to see more detailed pics and demonstrations!

3 Things POP into my head when painting a “party nail” on my fingernails for a beach trip.

1. What colors match my bathing suit?

Some of you may not care if the nails match completely.  I just want them to blend.

2. What glitter do I have?

The color of your solids determines which color glitter you will want.

3. Do I want the party nail to blend with the other nails or really POP with its own party?  Muted or Pizzazz?

Wedding ring was off because I was on the way to sinus surgery.

My nail art is flamingo inspired for the beach this summer.  I loved the pinks and gold in my Recollection stickers so I ended up going with a fuchsia pink beside the gold.

I debated whether or not to use my favorite pink: A-rose at Dawn, Broke by Noon.  In the end, it had too much silver that does not go with gold.

Then I started thinking, wait, flamingos are salmon colored-not fuchsia.  So you can try that orangey tone next to the gold.  I don’t like it as much as I like the Kiss Me On My Tulips by OPI.  Then I put glitter on top of the orange color, and it can give you a much more muted but fun beachy look.

I wanted my party nail to really stand out, and the best way to do that is by using the lightest color in the gold glitter.

Look closely; see the white in that gold?  So my base color should be the lightest color that is in the glitter….

The best ever white fingernail polish is Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear White On.  Here is a sample of a cheapy cheap white by Sinful Colors-that’s what was cheapest in my grocery store that day.  They’re mostly milky.  OPI has a better one, Alpine Snow, but it still not the best.

This stuff is like white out.  Raise your hand if you ever painted your nails with white out in school in the 80s….

Glitter Nail Polish

When you’re picking out glitter, make sure it is condensed looking.  You do not want the ones that have big pieces of glitter or sequin type pieces (below).  It’s super extra sticky, which makes it hard to get off.  Plus, it has minimal impact.  You hardly see the party.  No one will want to attend that party. glitter-nail-art-summer

See how the gold and purple glitter are like a powder?  That will give you more impact.  More bang for your effort.

When using a blue toned glitter, the base color can be a lighter purple, a pink or a light pink.  So I’m going to try all three and show you the different party offerings.

So then I tried white because I do see white in this glitter.  Look how it is turning out on the video above.  It makes me not like this glitter as much.  It looks goopy and not very condensed.  BUT what if we painted our other nails a I’m Not Really a Waitress (red), and this white one with silver, red and blue glitter POPped?  Looks like a patriotic party, right?  That’s next week’s nail art for sure!  Happy Summer Beach Trippin, friends!

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Three Things to Wear on an Airplane

Whether you’re flying on a transatlantic flight or a flight to Europe, there are three things you should wear on the airplane. I’ve created several YouTube videos about travel so check out my LauriePOP Channel sometime.airplane-three-things-wear

Airline travel outfits should be smart.  These three things to wear on an airplane will help you mix and match during your vacation.

Why should you care about what to wear on the airplane to Europe?

Why Care?
Bring Sexy Back (haha)

  • Justin Timberlake would be appalled at what I’ve worn to the airport; that’s probably what led him to performing that son way back when.  But after many flights across the pond and the waves of grain, I’ve figured out non-frumpy things to wear.
  • Sitting for hours is awesome in yoga pants, so a tight waist band should be in the suitcase not in Seat 22E.
  • Some transatlantic flights are freezing.  Some European flights are hot, depending on where you are sitting.  Be prepared with an extra layer that can be worn or shed.
  • Wearing pieces on an airplane that can be worn other times during the trip is just smart.  Saves space in your carry on suitcase and saves you money because you packed efficiently in your carryon suitcase.  Is that two words or just one??


I stumbled upon a gray tunic extender like this, but black was more versatile.  My gray one was a Medium, and this extender is Small.  It’s just a tad shorter.  They come in like 20 colors!

By the way, I’m a size 10 and 5’8″.  THE ONE REASON I love this and wear it is because it hangs correctly!  It doesn’t cling.  It hits mid to upper thigh, so proportionally you’re correct. three-things-wear-airplane-transatlantic-european-flight

You can see that this tunic can look dressier as well as more casual.

three things wear airplane comfortable shoe transatlantic flight european

I didn’t want the lace-bottomed ones, although I’ve seen some that are adorable.  I just didn’t feel comfortable styling that type, and I liked the one-and-done of this extenderwear-three-things-airplane

I’ve even put a tee on top of my gray extender.  Check out my YouTube Channel for more inspiration and Ideas That POP

From last Fall

I just love this in black because it can get dirty, doesn’t wrinkle easily, and can be paired with so many layering pieces for a transatlantic flight.


I add the most comfortable shoe to travel and sightsee in to make it more sporty.  No longer am I that American wearing frumpy clothes with my white Asics abroad.  I am super picky about shoe comfort when traveling.  That is why I have bought my second pair.  I even made a YouTube video about this comfortable shoe for travel.  I cannot wear Skechers because they’re not supportive enough.


If you’re going to Ireland or a rainy location, I do not recommend these shoes.  The airy, super light upper mesh will allow rain drops to pour in.  But if you will have moderate temps or are running through an airport, I love them!  AND THEY’RE UNDER $30!


No more swollen calves for me after a long haul flight!  These compression leggings really do work!  Plus they’re high waisted.  I’m wearing a size Medium.  I only wear these flip flops in the airport and at restaurants because they’re not super supportive.  As soon as I get on the airplane, I put on socks and slip on shoes.  You can see them in this video.

These capri gray ones are not compression so I wear them when sight seeing.

If you start with three things to wear on the airplane to Europe or on a transatlantic flight, you will be steps ahead in the packing process.   Let me know where you wear your tunic, shoes, and leggings!

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POPsocket and Fidget Spinner, Coconut Oil, and a Smart Strapless Dress Hack

I’m going to review Coconut Oil – I’m obsessed!  You will see an easy clothing hack for strapless dresses or see through dresses.  I will share my favorite eyeshadow accent Crystal Waters by Cover Girl.  You will love this new iPhone gadget – the PopSocket.  The pop socket is a 2017 accessory for iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPhone 7 for kids and teens that gives your phone a grip.  Then the Fidget Spinner is trending and spinning.  Whether or not it helps with ADHD is yet to be sure.  They relieve stress.  And they’re fun to fidget with!  All of these make up my Favorites products for the month of May in 2017.

straplessdresshack I love this dress!  It’s the first strapless dress I’ve bought since my wedding gown 15 years ago haha.  But…it’s a tad see-through.  The brilliant gal at Anthropology suggested a mini skirt slip pulled to my chest.  I just so happen to have one.  Ta-da!  Self confident dress now.

Coconut Oil has been the rage for a while now, and I just last week tried it.

  1.  It isn’t oily, it goes on like lotion.
  2. It doesn’t smell like coconuts or the old afro-sheen from when I was growing up.
  3. I’ve heard you can put Coconut Oil in your hair to protect it from chlorine.

Watch the video above to see how smoothly it goes on.  It is hard to keep it solidified in my house though.  I feel like I need to keep it on my counter because it stays cooler there.

coconut oil review

For Mother’s Day, my preteen gave me a Popsocket.  Do I feel like the coolest mom now?!  popsocket iphone It gives you a grip while using your phone.  You can text one-handed more easily.  You can even stand it up to watch my LauriePOP videos!

This Cover Girl Crystal Waters blue toned eyeshadow palette is a replacement from the cheap, not-so-bright blue Ulta eyeshadow I’ve been using.  The funny thing is is that I used to use this palette almost ten years ago and recently found it.  They’re bright eye enhancers for the corners or my eyes and for smudging

right along my eyeliner.  In the video, you can see it more clearly.

The Fidget Spinner will most likely be the toy of 2017.  It’s awesome.  We love it because our child can actually afford it and wait for it and be invested in working for something.  NPR and Newsweek put out debates on the effectiveness for combatting ADHD but the jury is still out.  And by jury, I mean teachers and parents.  Could the fidget spinner be distracting to other students or teachers?  They are really cute and can even be built with Legos.

These favorites for May are truly favorites!  Thank you for POPping over to my LauriePOP Channel.  Here are some videos you may have missed:

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The Most Comfortable Shoes for Travel

These are the most comfortable shoes for travel as a woman!  I wear these Wild Diva shoes when I travel on an airplane alot.  When I travel, I usually travel with tennis shoes because they are the most comfortable shoes for me.  But then my travel outfits feel frumpy.  These comfortable Wild Diva shoes for travel help with the cuteness factor and still have cushion, comfort, and some support.  They are slip on, but they have laces that hide.  The shape is feminine and yet sporty. wilddivashoes

Now they are not my Asics.  If you saw me in Europe last year, I was the stereotypical American with white Asics on because comfort is key to me when traveling!  I am taking these Wild Diva shoes to Europe for our 2017 vacation in Italy.  You cannot tighten them with the laces.  The fit is true to size.  I have had these shoes for almost a year, and I don’t wear socks with them. I should probably start. comfortableshoestravel

When I want to wear a casual dress to sightsee, these shoes are my go to shoes.  I look feminine and cute while not feeling frumpy.  And my feet are fine!  I’m done with sandals after about an hour-especially on cobblestone roads or tiled museums.

Two Minute Video of How It Looks Walking:

They’re great for the airplane too. Women’s shoes take up so much space in a carryon suitcase so being able to wear these shoes for comfort and for cuteness while traveling is a double bonus.  My feet are supported a bit.  I cannot wear Skechers.  I do think these are the best shoes for traveling in Europe if that’s you this 2017 summer.


I hurt a toe last year, and the doctor told me to wear Asics with a letter followed by numbers for exercise.  Skechers give me absolutely no support.  Teva sandals with velcro are great for running errands, but not for my dresses while I’m traveling.  That’s my personal opinion of myself.  I feel too rugged in that style.  So just know that I am picky with my travel shoes. shoesairplane

I wear these shoes with shorts and with cute dresses.  I like them so much with leggings too.

They’re also a neutral color so they don’t have to be paired with black or white.



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Loft Haul – Spring 2017

Gotta watch the above vid for these pictures to come alive!

Ann Taylor Loft Haul – Ann Taylor Loft Sale

Loved my shopping haul at Ann Taylor Loft today!  I must say that I was so surprised with their Spring fabrics and color patterns for 2017.

First Loft item was on sale: I found these cute Breezy Floral Riviera shorts on sale with an extra 40% off to make them only $26.  That price means they’re still around and will be on sale for a while.  These have a 4″ inseam which is conservative on my 5’8″ legs.

Are y’all shopping for Spring Clothing pieces this Spring yet?  POP over to my friend Addy B’s channel and check out her preteen Spring outfit ideas.  Addy is one of the most creative people I know.  I love how she expresses herself creatively.  Give her a looksy!

I tried the mustard tank because I can usually rock the color mustard.  Even though it’ll never be Pantone’s Color of the Year, I’m loving it.  I love how the tank under this hangs snugly and looks like it has a tiny tiny bit of sheen poking through this sewing detail.  The top fits TTS and especially in the back.  No clinging in my normal size Medium.  I’m 5’8” and wear a 10 or 8 at Loft. 


At Loft it helps to shop smart.  Today, I only needed to spend $50 to get $25 Loft Cash.  Since the gorgeous mustard top was $54, I decided to wait and buy it once it goes on a better sale.

Grabbed this bright coral red tee in the color Wildfire Red.  I have raved about their Vintage Soft tees for months.  I have white, off white, gray with pink polka dots and a long sleeved white one!


I ended up getting a Large because I like the length.  The Medium fits my curves a little better, but this will do-especially at $18.  Bright red goes with my winter clothes-dark teal, navy cardigan, denim colors and white.   That’s also another reason I didn’t mind spending $18.

Look how good it goes with these deep beauty colors in these shorts.


I found this beauty on Final Sale at Loft.  I’m still bitter that they don’t give you an extra 40% off the final sale anymore.  It fits perfectly TTS.  Check out the detailing, and this little bit of pucker right here gives it a shape AND keeps it from clinging in the back.  The draping of this will be perfect for a good pair of shorts or capris to carry you into spring.

I splurged at $18 to get this pineapple tee.  I like the scoop neck slash v-neck more than just scoop neck.  Pineapples scream summer, and they say Welcome as well as, “Stand tall.  Wear a crown.  Be sweet on the inside.”

I alMOST bought these gorgeous pants. Sunny and pure yellow!

img_1066These would be awesome work pants and would go with every.color.out.there.  But they were $70.  But they were 30% off, which would be an extra $21 off.  But, if I have my Loft Cash of $25, that’s more of a discount to me.  Also, the 10 was really roomy; it would work especially if I was going to eat out or be on vacation a few days and needed some fuller pants.  So I tried on the 10 Petite in white, and it was BEAUTIFUL!!!  But they’re see through.  The fit was wonderful.  And the fabric is oh. so. luxe.  Smooth but textured a tad. 

Love this flowy shell tank because it’s a bright teal.  But I did not spend the money because the hem came up to high on the sides.  I want to be able to raise my hands and say, “Go team” and not worry about my tummy spare tires showing.  And that’s not worth $44 with 30% off any time of day.


One movement by Loft last Fall which seemed manipulative, is during the Loft Cash time, nothing was full price.  And with Loft Cash, you can only use it on full price clothing. 

My favorite piece of all is this Velvet Split Neck Shell.  It’s so soft and shiny but see through.  It looks great with a dark gray tank under.


Have you gotten in the mood yet for Spring clothes?

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