Two Vacation Travel Packing Lists – Kids and Adults

Here are two Vacation Packing Lists for Travel and can be used in your Me and My Big Ideas – Create 365 – The Happy Planner. These FREE printable travel lists help you and your child take a mental snapshot of your day.

I created one vacation packing list for your child. Do you make lists for your child? Do you make the list for everyone all at once, or one piece of paper? Do you do it by family member?

My 12 year old is old enough to pack his own suitcase, but he wants me to make the list for him. It’s important that he practice this (in my former teacher’s opinion). Then, when he goes to pack again, I bet you money that he will have this mental image while picking out clothes.

You OR Your child writes in each circle the outfit she will wear, along with shoes and pajamas, swimsuit, swim shoes, hair bow, deodorant, nasal drops, or their lifelong stuffed animal (Horsie). Usually, girls appreciate a cute printable on which to make their list. My boy could care less. But I like the visual of this; it’s like a School Planner, divided into sections or Pictures of Their Day.

For you grown ups, I created a list broken into Morning, Noon and Night.  I’ve also included blank printables in case you want to customize either vacation packing list.

FREE Vacation Packing Lists:

Vacation Packing List Kids and a blank one: KidsListPlanner

Vacation List Travel and a blank one: VacationInsertPacking

Products I mentioned:

Emoji Sticker Book and the Happy Planner Hole Punch and my gorgeous aqua Hard Cover

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Eyeshadow Tutorial – Academic Approach

These eyeshadow tips for applying eyeshadow with an academic approach will be easy and smart. Using your brain to test different colors against your face will set the stage for smart eyeshadow application. Where you put your weight on your brush, where you first place your brush, and where you apply the eyeshadow is different for each color and eye. The purpose of eyeshadow is to lighten and brighten and to give some shadows for depth/different moods. 

Jesus Chris is in me and I am in Christ!  Knowing that makes my eyes come alive, and I approach daily chores and people with a more positive attitude when I can stand on that truth.

All that to say: this is just for fun so you can be creative and have fun with eyeshadow IF you want wear it that day.  I’ve watched YouTube videos so I’m kind of self taught.  These are all my un-trained opinions based on my experiences.

What I wore:

Milani Plum Palette

Japonesque Palette
It Cosmetics Precision Brush

Mary Kay Colors:
Sweet Cream
Copper Glow
I also use their Eye Primer.

Mascara (Love this)

GIVEAWAY RULES: You have to watch the video to find out the rules. The prize is adorable!

YouTubers I recommend:

Wayne Goss

Coffee Break With Dani

Makeup Geek

Dramatic Deep-set Eye Makeup Tutorial Video with Robert Jones

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My First Spray Tan What Do I Do??

What is a spray tan?  What do you do for a spray tan?  How long does a spray tan last?

I’ve wondered how it works for a couple of years ever since my friend Beth got one.  Since it was FREE, I decided to share my experience with y’all!


I was so worried!  I didn’t want to look orange.  I didn’t want anyone to spray a hose on me while I was naked.

I didn’t know how in the world I was to breathe while colored mist is blowing onto my face.

Was I going to be cold?  Would my clothes be orange?  Will it take forever to dry off?


Before You Go

Think spa atmosphere.  You stand in a very nice shower stall.  It sprays you and dries you in less than 3 minutes.


Once or twice a year, a tanning place or a tanning spa may throw a weekend special right before spring.  So call around to see if there’s one near you offering a special.

I went to Glo Sun Spa in The Woodlands, and Taylor explained everything to me so that I can explain it to you.

The morning or night before you go, you’re supposed to exfoliate and take off all makeup, deodorant, and lotion.  You can see that my face absorbed a lot of the color, and that is the only place I exfoliated.  Don’t know if that’s why it was darker than everything else or what.

Wear grubby loose clothes in case color does transfer.  Mine did not.  Get the LIGHTEST color shade if it’s your first time.  

When You Arrive

You walk into this spa room with Taylor, and she will show you this Barrier Gel that feels like conditioner that you put on your palms, cuticles, nails and under your feet.  You don’t want a tan on your palms or your nails.  So this gel is a barrier.

They have hair rubber bands and shower cap.  When you put the hair cap on, let some of your hair show so that you don’t have a line of tan and the your scalp showing.  It will NOT stain your hair.

Then Taylor got in the stall.  My video above will show the exact positions.

The very loud and clear speaker tells you what to do only when you push the button…you’re all barrier-ed up and standing in the right position.  Then you push the start button and it says, “Prepare for primer.”  And you hear the spray like a second before it gets to your face.  And the nozzles start at your face for maybe a second and a half and then move down.

It feels like a cool mist but it’s not a stinging mist.  The nozzles move down in like 5 seconds from your face to your feet.  Then the voice says, “Turn around for primer 2.”

Then it says “Turn around for position number 1 of color.”  Taylor showed me the 4 positions.  Front, right egyptian, left egyptian, and back.  Then it says, “Stay here for drying round 1.  Stay here for drying round 2.  Turn around for drying round 1.  Stay here for drying round 2.  Tanning is complete.”

**Oh, and the door in the stall doesn’t close so you don’t feel claustrophobic at all.

What I Didn’t Like

After 24 hours I looked too bronzed.  My solution to that would be to just get the next lowest color since it’s my first application in the middle of Winter.

It also left a lot of staining on my foot.  But my solution would be to put more Barrier solution on my feet to block the color.

Final Thoughts

You learn so much after the first trial.  Try it if you get a huge discount!  It’d be so fun to do it with a bunch of gals.

Let me know if you glo!


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Crafts for Kids Ages 8-13

My LauriePOP YouTube Channel above will explain all the fun details for these crafts.

My name is Laurie, and I make videos about Home Ideas that POP into my head, Beauty & Fashion Ideas that POP into my head and Travel Ideas that POP into my head.  Thank you for POPping over.

These three craft ideas for older kids all use yarn.  I hope these ideas help you POP in front of 8 to 13 year olds with confidence!

#1 – Love Bug

I drew this Free Heart Printable on an empty breakfast bar box and cut it out.   He’s so cute!

#2 – Bracelet

Your child can hang this on a door knob, back pack, or use it as a bracelet.  This one took about 20 minutes FYI.

#3 – Swirly Pen

I love the 3-D pattern it made with no other effort.  And all the decorations they can add at the end will make it more customizable.

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Natural Makeup Tutorial for Over 40

For a natural makeup look, you want to look like you’re not wearing makeup.  But there are features of your face that will POP by applying a few neutral makeup shades.  Subscribe to my Channel if you like this tutorial.

I’m Off to Run Errands…

Natural makeup looks start with Dream BB Cream by Maybelline.  I recommend this because it is super sheer.  Therefore it evens out your skin blemishes and indentions without looking like foundation.  It does not have a thick coverage.  That means that you can still see pores, and it is an un-makeup’d look.  It feels watery thin but not watery.  Does that make sense?  My LauriePOP Ideas That POP YouTube video above explains it better.  I wish we could just FaceTime every morning, and I could explain.

To continue our neutral makeup look for running errands or taking down Christmas decorations with the family (fun or not fun?), we need to apply a light couple of dabs of blush.  Blend some bronzer on your forehead, T zone and all the way down your neck.  It gives you some pep in  your step…and it blends your coloring!

For the eyes I always prep my natural makeup look with eyeshadow primer.  This cream covers blemishes, but it sets the eyeshadow that goes on top of it for the whole day.  This step is key!  Setting your eyes sets you up for a natural, energized and ready-for-the-day look.

My most effective Under Eye Purple People Cover Upper is Mary Kay’s Under Eye Corrector.  I promise I don’t sell Mary Kay; I just love their stuff still!

Can we take a minute to remind ourselves that we do not wear makeup to impress people. Think about why you wear it.  Really.  Do you wear it for yourself?  Do you wear it because you enjoy it?  I appreciate the approach.  I appreciate the art.  I appreciate the care you have for your face.  We’re taking care of our makeup look.  So, no pressure.  And be yourself – even with makeup on.  It’s just makeup.  But you are you!

With practice this look will take you five minutes.  I should do a five minute makeup challenge video!

You’re going to stipple a yellow shadow over the eyeshadow primer.  My Christmas present to myself was this palette in all shades.  They’re basically the matte shades from the Urban Decay palettes in one place.  I highly recommend this for all skin colors, moods and wallets!  They go on lightly so that you can build slowly.  So luxe!

Then in the crease you will apply this salmon color.  You can see the peachy tones coming through even with my yellowish eyeshadow on.  THAT is what you’re accenting.  If you have green coming through, try a green or gray.  Fun!

You finish the eyeshadow by applying the yellow base all over the completed eyelid.  Voila!

MakeUp Brush I Used
BB Cream by Maybelline Hands or Beauty Blender
Eyeshadow Palette Japonesque (linked to Amazon)-all matte colors Eyeshadow Brush I Gave Myself for Christmas
Bronzer Bare Escentuals Brush 
Mary Kay Blush Vintage Blush Brush

Add a little eyeliner if you like it and a few swipes of your mascara, and you’re good to go…after you put on some lip gloss of course.  And remember that you’re never fully dressed without a smile!

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Makeup Look for Fall

We’re going to layer beautiful Fall colors on your eye and face, and it’s going to be art!


Let’s think of your eyelid as a piece of canvas on an easel.  When the light hits it just right, all these colors POP out.  Some of you have a canvas as big as the wall for your eyeshadow; me, I have a 4×6 inch hooded eyelid.  But just like the bear hunt, I can’t go around it so I’ve gotta go through it.

Blending is what we will finesse during this tutorial.  After each color, we blend.  Add color and blend.  Blending erases mistakes, moves the color just the right amount of distance, and combines colors that results in a masterpiece.  The Milani palette has the trendy Fall colors in it-the best I’ve seen.

After you’ve rubbed in your eye primer and applied a base white or yellow powder to your eyelids, use a dabber brush.  And by dabber, I mean one that will put the powder in one location.  Dab a purple on your brow bone from the halfway point and to the side.  Blend.


Isn’t this Milani Collection (mini plum basics) beautiful?  I add the purple, blend, the cranberry, blend and then a tiny swipe of the taupe color before blending one last time.  And these all go along my eye socket bone which is pretty much at or below my eye brow.

Now, I grab that tight brush and dab yellow all on the lower part of the lid.  Sometimes on me that darker colors make my eyes look dull.  So this yellow cream adds some light to make those Fall colors POP.

Trick #1

Dip your brush in just white and dab it right below that brow line.  Go along it so that you have the bright white ceiling, then the gorgeous Fall wall colors on your lid, and then the beautiful creamy carpet on the lower part of your lid.  This way, when people look at you, those Fall makeup colors will POP.

Trick #2

Now, with your blush brush, swipe the cranberry eyeshadow and lightly swipe or dab it on your cheek bones.  It can easily look like a big ole bruise so be very careful!  I tried this like five times before I got just the right amount of pressure with my brush.  Then top it off with your regular blush.  Did you ever try applying blush in a circular rotation instead of a swiping motion?  “Swiper, no swiping!”  All my toddler mom friends will know that saying.

dsc_0086I absolutely love using this highlighter.  It’s the popcorn looking light pink circular container.  Remember that it goes just on the very top edge of your cheek bones.  I love this because of the container and because it lasts FOREVER!  I’ve used this for at least 3 months, and it looks brand new!


Then I finished this Autumn Makeup Look with my bronzer, eyeliner and mascara. It’s really freaky having the camera in front of your face sometimes.

I hope you feel confident, crisp and creative after using these tips for a Fall look.  Send me pics!

Eye color:  Sweet Cream and Plum Basics Collection on Amazon

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Four Ways to Transition Outfits to Fall

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We’re in the inbetween season of the year where the minute you put away your summer clothes, you’re going to have a week of 89 degree weather.  Happens to me every September.  Don’t put all your summer clothes away just yet.  Shop your closet and find things that are Fall colored.


I am LOVE-ing the cranberry burgundy color this year.  I notice it everywhere.  In church I noticed that the ribbon in my Bible uses a burgundy ribbon book mark.  I’ve looked at this ribbon for years, and this year I love it!


Navy, burgundy, mustard colored cardigans are great for Fall.  You can layer on top of a tee or a summer dress, and Huggington Post agrees with me.  Choose sleeveless tops that hang correctly without being bulky or too tight.  I just found this tank on sale at Nordstrom that is a great transition piece under a cardigan. dsc_0019

Denim shirt

Wear jeggings (jeans that stretch like leggings) or thick leggings with a white tee and leave that denim shirt unbottoned.  Use it as a layering piece, and if it gets hot, you can tie it around your waist-still covering up the panty lines.  There are really thin and long denim shirts right now at every store. dsc_1444


Fall-Colored Jeans

Army colored jeggings or jeans make transitioning outfits from summer to fall super easy.  Olive looks great with reddish tones, crisp white, purple and mint.  Throw on a jean jacket or a Fall scarf, and. you. are. done.


Fall Accessories

If it’s still 89 degrees in your neck of the woods, just pull on some colored jeans, a Fall colored necklace and loafers.  As my friend Callie says, though, “You can never have too many accessories.”  Add a leopard scarf or tons of bangle bracelets.

I shopped Nordstrom, Kohls, Target, Loft, Family Dollar, Chicos, TJMaxx and Shelvie Jean in Covington, GA.  You never know where inspiration will hit!  Have fun mixing and matching for Fall Outfits!  I’m linking up with The Wardrobe StylistShelbee On The Edge, Doused In Pink , Fashion Should Be Fun, Jolynne ShaneBargain BagLady, Curly Crafty Mom and Funky Forty 

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