How I Organized My Closet Without Overwhelming Myself in Three Steps

In three steps I will show you how I organized my closet without overwhelming myself…the result was a decluttered, thinned out space surprise surprise.

My closet was like a black hole. organize closet three steps

closet no order cluttered overwhelming
I have clothes in here that I have not worn since moving here almost three years ago.  Stacks of scarves, piles of travel bags, purses, belts are still literally hanging around.  There is no purpose – no order in my closet. But the process of decluttering this closet seems overwhelming and too large of a task.  So today I’m taking a step back and looking at closet organization in a new way. organize closet overwhelming

I don’t want you to think of it as organizing this closet; that task seems too overwhelming mentally.  I want to declutter and free up some space.  When I get dressed everyday, this process is going to help me be less stressed, I’ll spend less time getting dressed and I’ll feel good about the steps I’ve made.  Here are the three steps on how to declutter and organize your closet without feeling overwhelmed.  Stick around to the end to see what you can tape to the very back of your wardrobe that will help you stay organized.

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Professional organizers tell you to take everything out of your closet, but that’s too much of a task for me.

Step # 1  I know I should get rid of what I do not need. But I’m not there.  So I’ll start with turning around all of my hangers.  start videoing me turning around the hangers. turn-hangers-around-organize-closet

In this step, I touch and actually see what clothes I’m hanging on to.  I see those awesome buys that I forgot about.  In this easy step I also will see what clothes in my wardrobe do not fit.  Step #1 will take you about 7 minutes.  So this is a balanced closet.  I represent much of America by having too many clothes that I have not worn, I keep clothes that I do not need.  I keep buying things I think I need but don’t really need.  In the past I have been unmotivated to clean out my closet. I’m a product of consumerism, and that means that when I walk into my favorite big box store like Old Navy or Francesca’s, I cannot NOT buy something if it’s cute and super inexpensive.  I now know that this is called fast fashion.  I’m not there yet, but I’m working on it.

Step #2 Take note of what IS cluttered you in your closet.  Do research on your OWN closet. Do not rush this step.  Take one minute each day for a week even.  What are the problem areas? problem areas closet organization

For me, I have belts that I don’t use taking up valuable closet space.  My shelves are so shallow so my travel bags and scarves and sweaters keep falling off.  By looking and critiquing my closet for a minute or two for a few days, I came up with 3 areas to declutter.  I highly recommend only having 3 areas to work on so that your task does not seem overwhelming. handbag organization cluttered

Step #3  Figure out what items can go in containers or be hung.  We’ve all seen the scarf holder, and since I don’t need them that often, I’m getting the scarf holder to get them off of my closet shelves. scarves-sweaters-closet-unorganized

These makeup bags and handbags that I travel with fall off every time I reach for something on this shelf.  I thought about using a shoe box, but they’re a bit deep.  I need shallow and low containers.  So I bought myself this container for paper.  It has a lid so I’m not sure I’ll use that. 

Purses can go in those clear bins, but I really want to see each purse so I will double them onto hangers. 

Check out this thinned out wardrobe, open spaced closet.  See all the space I have?  In decluttering my closet, I have organized it without even being overwhelmed.  Organizing your closet space gives you a bonus benefit of decluttering.

under my tops
organized declutter closet space
Organized and open for business!

I do have in the back of my closet a list of what jewelry colors I need.  When i wear these boots, I go to get a necklace, and I think, “Oh, I don’t have a necklace that really blends with these cognac colored boots.” So I write down cognac necklace (boots). needs-list-closet

When I go thrifting, those are items I can add to my wardrobe with purpose and not clutter. list-of-outfits

When I put together a cute outfit that I’ve never thought about, I write it at the bottom.

Happy thinning out to you!  I hope your decluttered closet was not overwhelming and eye opening.  Thank you for POPping over.

Two DIY Jewelry Organizers

My jewelry box is overflowing with bracelets and other pieces that have a special story.  I will show you how to make two bracelet holders – a DIY holder and a DIY earring organizer for better storage and a pretty display.  Now that I see all of my jewelry because it is displayed, I will wear it more.  These DIY jewelry organizers will give you storage, more space, and help you keep your jewelry visible and organized.  The T-bar holders are at different levels so that your bracelets will not be hidden.

I searched Pinterest for jewelry storage DIY projects and then Amazon for a bracelet holder as well as jewelry organizer.  When I’m researching, I can get overwhelmed.  So, look at your jewelry that needs organizers and holders…and be specific.

Earring Holder/Organizer

My wall hanging earring organizer inspiration was on Amazon, but it was $42.  Look at the bar you can take off and slide bracelets onto.  See the question mark hooks for extra storage?  I loved how tiny the chicken wire was to hold my hanging earrings.  But it was too expensive.  So I found one on Amazon for $15-ish dollars.  I can’t find the link but will look for it.  I love how rustic the wood is.  I can screw in the little hooks.  But I don’t think I’ll need hooks.  I wanted the earring organizer to blend with my furniture so that your eyes are drawn to my DIY bracelet holder so I just spray painted it-the DIY-er’s duct tape.

I spray painted this wooden frame and chicken wire and bought these beautiful command strip pegs that will match my T-bar organizer that I’m fixing to show you.

Bracelet Holder DIY

You are going to need two paper towel tubes, fancy paper or velvet or felt paper, E6000 glue, and candlestick holders.

See how cloudy my candlestick holders are?  I wish I remembered who gave these to me for my wedding so that I could tell them how I’m repurposing them!

Use one part vinegar to 3 parts water and let them soak for 5-30 minutes.  I just sat one end in the vinegar to test it out before submerging the entire holder.  Mine almost immediately came off with just a tiny bit of rubbing.  Now if you have wax, that will require some extra products, but since my bracelets will be stealing the show, I left the tiny bits on my candlestick holder.  And you can clean out your drain and shine your sink with the leftover vinegar mixture.

Crystal (aka cheap glass) looks so pretty when it’s clean and sparkly doesn’t it?  Notice my candlestick holders for this DIY project are two heights and two designs.  That is the beauty of DIY isn’t it??

Once you have cleaned your “crystal” pick out your favorite felt.  In the store-bought jewelry holder and bracelet organizer, you’ll notice it’s usually a black velvet felt material.  I didn’t want black because it was heavy looking for my already-heavy-dresser furniture.  I didn’t want gray because it felt blah.  So I bought this beautiful glitter paper from Hobby Lobby.  You know I love aqua!

Grab your nearest ruler-isn’t this one cute?  It’s multifunctional in the kitchen; it pulls out our toaster oven rack.  Measure the leftover area, leaving just 2 millimeters extra on the end of each tube.  Make a line and cut off the excess paper.  We have to cap the ends of the tube in order to complete our bracelet holder project so we need something for them to stick to.

I start halfway down the paper with glue, put the tube on that glue and roll the paper up on it so that I can keep the ends straight.  Ya know how wrapping paper rolls up into a diagonal sometimes? E6000 is great for this jewelry organizer DIY project because you can pick up and rearrange vs hot glue permanent sticking.  That’s for other projects.

Once I’ve rolled it up completely, I do hold the seam down for a few minutes and eventually place the tube seam down and place a dish towel on it for weight while it dries.


What other objects could you use around your house to hold these paper towel rolls?  Be creative or shop in a thrift store for your favorite repurpose items.

What are you needs or problems with your bracelets, bangles and other jewelry?

Aren’t they beautiful??!  I’m going to put my bracelets I don’t wear very often on these.  My bracelets are displayed now in an organized way.  I have storage for my less-worn bangles and earrings.

I bought this toddler aqua plate at Target for 83 cents to store my bigger earrings that I wear most days.  It blends and does not look like a baby plate.  I was going to add pom poms, but i think that would look a little kiddish so now I need to think of another DIY project with these.

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5 MakeUp Organizers That Are Already In Your House

I seriously need help with how to organize my cosmetics.  I looked to my makeup holders and my existing beauty products drawer situation.   I didn’t want to buy a caddy to hold all of my make up so I adjusted my “glasses.”

I stared at my drawer for 3 seconds and thought, “Why am I using this narrow drawer for my makeup?”  A wider drawer is RIGHT BESIDE the narrow one.  Wider drawer equals more organized eyeshadows, powders, and other essentials for skin care.  But I know wider, for me, means more room to spread everything around with no rhyme or reason.How-to-Organize-Makeup-Drawer-Holders-Caddy-Beauty-Products.001

When you put your Creative MakeUp Organizing spectacles on, you see your ordinary items in a whole NEW way.  Pantry Containers I now see as Makeup Holders: Makeup - bag.001


I have been in this house two years, bought these containers on Amazon just to get everything in a place and am now rethinking that plot.  I tried both containers side by side, and they just don’t

No idea why I gave fingernail polishes a home in the wide drawer! organize cosmetics holder makeup vanity repurpose

  1. Switch drawers.
  2. What containers will puzzle together for maximum storage?
  3. Which containers are free in my house?
  4. Spray paint for a uniformed look.

five makeup organizers you already own cosmetics holder pantrymakeup organizers five cosmetics already own saltines container


holder-repurpose-makeupfive makeup organizers you already own cosmetcsmakeup storage cosmetics five you already own holder

See how perfect these shapes are?  We can puzzle piece them together for cosmetic storage, uniform look and fit all for one super low cost!  I spray painted them all and love them! PIC_0478

I also spray painted my yogurt container and wrapped it with washi tape from my Happy Planner videos. Look what fits perfectly in them! holder-how-to-organize-makeup-holder-qtips

I truly love the containers I bought and have used for two years!  I will continue to use the more narrow one to hold just the cosmetics that I use the most often.  It’s super sturdy and clear and clean looking.  The wider one will continue to hold my fingernail polishes.  In the video above you can see the beveled floor of these containers.  I would venture to say that they are unbreakable!


So I put my blush, Milani Eye Palette, Japonesque Matte Palette, Bronzer, brow gel, and blue eyeshadow in the narrow container.  five-makeup-organizers-already-in-your-home-holder-cosmetics

My cracker box holds my highlighter, vaseline, powder and hair holders.  I love the look of this.  Even more is my love for function!  I did this for such a low cost!  Yay DIY!  Yay me!

five makeup storage cosmetics already in your house holder vanity

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Liquids on a Plane – Tips on Packing Them

Toiletries for Travel in My Carry On

With so many TSA (Transportation Security Administration) guidelines for toiletries during airline travel, I thought my tips could help!

Love love love GoToob because it does not leak.  I use it for shampoo.  You don’t need as much shampoo as you might think.  I fill this in increments of the days I will wash my hair.  One teaspoon, another teaspoon…I don’t just squirt shampoo in all the way to the top because on an airplane this liquid needs some space for air. 

Toiletries Travel Liquids

You don’t have to only use bottles.  I love these new disc containers-so good for moisturizer (LOOK HOW BIG MY MOISTURIZER BOTTLE IS) for your face, vaseline for swim rash, jewelry, pills, but that’s not liquids.  Stay focused.  You can put your facial cleanser in here.  You only need a dab a day, right?

Once you’ve made your vacation toiletries packing list (you can watch this Packing video and get free printables here), you are ready for your liquids.

Carry On Liquids Toiletries

I use this On the Fly liquids bag, and I’ll link it below.  I like it because it’s sturdy and can get wet.  It’s like a soft, thick and clear plastic baggie.  Its zipper is THE reason I bought it, besides the Lipstick that looks like an Airplane?

I’ll show you the difference between what this can hold and what my normal quart sized bag can hold.

Toiletries Airplane

If you watched my other packing liquids video, I showed you that laying your bottles horizontally will help you fit more bottles in.

GIVEAWAY!  If you’d like a chance to win this cute travel perfume holder, leave me a comment on my YouTube Channel.  If you’re watching on your phone, you just scroll down all the way, and you can leave a comment.  In order for me to contact you, you have to have an email or something on your own YouTube “About” page.  You have until May 25 to enter.

How do you pack suntan lotion for airplane travel in Europe?  We’re going overseas, and we’re worried about buying suntan lotion over there.  Should we be worried?  Should we buy it in the airport once we get through security?  Just buy a bunch of little tubes?


On the Fly Liquids Bag

Stand and Fill Baggies

GoToob Containers

Disc Containers

Washi Tape

CC Cream, MakeUp Remover, Foundation:  from my Mary Kay Gal

Aquage Mousse – Travel Size

iT Cosmetics Super Hero Mini Mascara

CC+ Eye Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream Concealer SPF 50+

Systane Eyedrops-Preservative Free

Shape Tape Concealer

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Ten Travel Accessories – Tech – Part 2 GIVEAWAY!


Travel accessories I love for airline travel:

Seriously want this one

Power Bank

Hard Travel Cord Organizer

My Tech Back Pack

My Most Wonderful Suitcase (the 2nd one I’ve bought in this brand)

Really Expensive Headphones That Everyone Recommends

The Much Cheaper Headphones (which are the ones I prefer)

My Wishlist IPhone Wallet:  iPhone 5 and 6

Free DIY Cable Organizers – love this guy’s FREE instructions for these cable organizers made out of felt.  So nice! #communityovercompetition

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Happy Planner Bible Journal Printables

My YouTube video above explains these cool printables for you.

Bible Verse Verse Journal Blank, Verse Journal One, Verse Journal 2, Verse Journal Three, Verse Journal 4, Verse Journal 5, Verse Journal 6, and Verse Journal 7


Happy Planner Hole Punch

Pens Mini


Pink Nail Polish

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Key Steps to Organize Your Pantry

How to Organize Your Pantry – Key Steps for You

Ever picked up the peanut butter only to find a trail of ants leading to it?  That’s what made this LauriePOP Idea POP into my head.  Ewwwww!

Before we discuss the two ways to organize your pantry, please answer these three questions:

  1. Is it cluttered?
  2. Is it dirty?
  3. Do you need it to be more functional?

Key Step #1

Take everything out of the pantry.  It’s just like cleaning your closet-take everything out.

Key Step #2

Ask for help.  But tell them about key step #3.

Key Step #3

Set a timer for 10 minutes and start.  There’s nothing like finding bugs in your pantry to make you do it with a hustle in your bustle.

In my YouTube video above, you’ll see how I put everything back in.  Basically, just because it looks pretty doesn’t mean your pantry will now work for you.  Be smart; watch the video.

Here are products we highly recommend:


For Flour and Sugar

For Coffee

For Snacks-deeper one I said I would link for you

Open/No lid Container for food coloring and chocolate candies

Label Maker

Salt Container

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Happy Planner 2017 – 7 Changes I Made

My Happy Planner is Happier in 2017!

The 2017 Happy Planner is fresh and new.  Love the smell!  All of it sparkles.  I turn the pages gently, slowly.  I’m not in a hurry at this time of year.  Haha; how many days will it take before that’s over?

If you have The Happy Planner -Mambi Planner – Me and My Big Ideas – Create 365 – all names of The Happy Planner – you’ll love these changes, plus a free printable!


7 Changes I Made :

I walked away from The Happy Planner and came running back.  Thankfully, it welcomed me with open pages…that lay flat.  If you are deciding between two planners, I provide my comparison page for you below.

1.Change laminated cover ~

Here are three Happy Planner choices (Follow Your Heart, Hello Life, Be Happy), plus my Hard Cover .  They’re so pretty if you like pretty.  They’re fun if you like a fun vibe.   I knew I wanted a hard cover after watching At Home With Nikki replace her laminated pages with a hard cover.  Who knew!

2.Less pressure to fully decorate ~

I do love a well-decorated planner.  But approaching my calendar without my markers, without a monthly color scheme in my head, or without energy made me feel guilty.  Guilty for not opening my calendar to an elaborate design.  I kept thinking, “I should go all out and decorate this. I’m not using this to its fullest potential.”  We’re all busy and tired.  Alot. Shedding this pressure to decorate my 2017 Happy Planner to the nth degree every week seemed to help me mentally.  Now I approach it with whatever mood I’m in at that moment.  And again, it welcomes me with open pages that lay flat.


Aren’t these stickers adorable?  I like these too.  And how fun are these?  They are themed for you!!  I like these and these washi stickers as well.  I’m loving weather stickers at the moment!


3.Paper Mate Flair Markers or Ink Joy Pens ~


What pens are your fave for planners?  I’m giving myself permission to write with whatever is more convenient to me.  I’m shedding that pressure to make myself use cute markers every time I jot something down.   I’m using pens, pencils, crayons and beyond!


4.Use sticky notes

81fqevgknzl-_sl1500_ 71put3nzyzl-_sl1500_

For tentative events, I want to use sticky notes.  And guess what?!  The sticky notes do not have to match the overall theme of the month/week.  I love the gold flags in these Paper Clips.

5.Use pocket folders


Pocket Folders now hold receipts, inspirational cards, stickers, etc.  And they can be used as Decor that adds a stiffness to sections.

I’m ready to update my Pocket Folders from last year that were never used.  These are the next ones I’ll purchase.   

6.Use Notes Pages even more


I’m putting a few of the Notes pages at the back of each month.  Notes are a good place to put sick day details, future goals, reminders, recipe ideas that you see on pinterest or hear of—I might write, “Look up panera broccoli cheese soup recipe again” at the end of January.  They sell a pack of 40 sheets, and in it you get 20 pgs of Graph Paper and 20 pgs of Notes Paper.  These are worth every penny to me.

7.Forgive Myself


This Free Printable (much brighter when printed) is great for marking off habits each day to help you achieve your overall vision for each month.  When I don’t meet my goals for each month, it’s okay.  My Happy Planner is just a happy plan of what I’m working toward.  No pressure to be perfect every day!  If you want a smaller version for a planner that you are happy with, let me know!

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Features That Brought Me Back to The Happy Planner

Me & My Big Idea – Create 365 – Happy Planner at Michael’s

Hello Forever

Month view is on two pages Month view is two pages.
Long, vertical rectangles for each day (Vertical View)-week on two pages Short horizontal view; week on two pages
Each day broken into am, mid-day, and evening One horizontal rectangle for whole day-about half of vertical view
Space for large handwriting If I’m going to jot something down really quick, the metal rings get in my way
Pull out and put back In pages, and you don’t have to open the rings. Pull out and put back in pages, but you have to open all the rings and then pull.
Outer cover is really thick; nice deep pocket folder inserts with varying designs and quotes. Hard but squishy cover with small pockets in the front cover in totally cute coral pink

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How To Make a Cup Cozy Out of Fleece

My YouTube above gives visual steps of how I made a Cup Cozy with Fleece.  They’re great for coffee cups or water bottles…or two other FABULOUS ideas you’ll see in the video above near the end.

Isn’t it so cute?  I chose an 80s color that is back, and like, totally, I grabbed it with a spoon!


Two strips of 3.5 X 14 ” of fleece, pretty sides touching (Fleece in plaid or solid on Amazon). Yours may not have a pretty side; sometimes both are the same.  That’s fine.

Make marks 2.5″ down  on both sides of the top layer so that you know where to stop the curve when you cut the ends.

Fold them lengthwise and cut a curved line from the corner of the folded side to this mark. When you cut it, it looks like a crayon!  If your scissors are dull, you may need to do one piece at a time.

Stack them on top of each other again.  Pin around, leaving a 3 inch opening along a straight side.  Stitch all except for the opening.  Then trim around the edges just to remove bulk; it won’t fray-yay!  Go, fleece!

Turn it inside out and top stitch all the way around, closing up the opening.  That stitching will help it look polished and professional.

Buttons can be expensive and make your cozy cost as much as they do in local shops.  Sometimes I find odd buttons at yard sales.  But buttons, as well as the material pattern, will help your Cozy be unique to each person.  They help you express the personality and mood of the gift.

I absolutely adore these from Wanderlust Bee , and I just bought two. Check her out!

But, if you have 20 minutes and some fleece, try making one of these for someone.  This is a great craft for a new sewer.

Check out some of my other DIY projects for your guest room and for festive decor.

Or, you may like the Snowman Wreath from the video.

My eyeshadow look is with this Milani Palette.

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Organizing Under the Bathroom Sink

Check out my YouTube video above for the best description of what I did.

Number One Problem

My cabinets under my bathroom sink are kinda like big purses.  They can look unorganized really fast, but I love that they’re big.  These are large cabinets!  But there’s alot of space not being used.  I wanted my cabinets to look pretty and have organization.  So I shopped for bins, baskets, and shelves.


Towels are just thrown in there, and all my extra items fit in that cabinet fine.  But if I’m looking for my new tube of Eye Primer, I may have to sit and get comfortable while I look for it.  PIC_0145

I tried folding my towels in my new bin from TJ Maxx, but if I needed the towel that was on the bottom of the stack, it would require more effort to find it.  So I tried rolling.


My hand towels fit perfectly rolled up in this basket from Better Homes & Garden.  Wikipedia calls the bathroom the second busiest room in the house, next to the kitchen.  And I am busy using up hand towels.  These are just for my hands-no idea why I have so many.  But they look so pretty standing up, ready to “give me a hand.”

Number One Solution

I love how this turned out.  Scored this tub at the end of the summer for $10 (originally $20) from TJ Maxx.  There is so much storage left in these shelves.  See how the pops of turquoise POP in the dark shelves?  They lighten up the mood in there.


Thank you for POPping over!  This organizing under my bathroom sink project took at least 3 months just to start so I understand how daunting it can seem.  Take your time and buy something you will like to look at everyday!

See all my liquids?  Need help packing your liquids for a trip?  Need help packing a suitcase in an efficient way?  Want to watch my bathroom counter organizational video?

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