Full Review of the Shake It Up Happy Planner

I’m sharing my full review of the newly released Shake It Up Happy Planner. After weeks of searching, I will show you why I chose this one. Me & My Big Ideas has added whimsical attention to detail, and there are some aspects I do not like. My first impressions are amazing! Mambi Planners have always been my favorite, and this year’s tops them all. Create 365 has released several Happy Planners with twelve month and 18 month calendars, and there are two reasons why I chose the 12 month calendar. Monthly tabs, the month view, and the weekly layouts have colors that blend beautifully. POP in to see what’s inside from front to back so you can make your own educated decision. Let me know in the comments if you have to see and feel a Happy Planner before purchasing your own from Me & My Big Ideas. Do any of you know why they have so many names???!

My Own Gems:

Shake It Up Planner

Aqua Hard Cover ($5)

My Obsessively Grateful Shirt ($38)

Similar Grateful Shirts ($16ish) and one in Light Blue

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3 Ways to Decorate Your Happy Planner With a Brown Paper Bag


I’m sharing two ways on how to use a brown paper lunch sack or bag in your Happy Planner for a Camping Theme Layout. We will make a brown Open Me envelope out of the brown paper bag, a brown tent, and a rolling brown paper bag lunch sack. You can use it as background for the Classic size rectangles in your Me & My Big Ideas Create 365 Mambi Happy Planner. I love love love my aqua hard cover; I have used it for almost two years and no stains have gotten on it-high quality.  I also added the gold rings.  Such a clever way to repurpose a household item for your Happy Planner. EEEK-school starts (packing lunches) again very soon.

Measure a 1.5″ by 1.5″ square and cut.


Fold it into a triangle.  Pull each of the bottom corners toward you.  Gather the bottom left corner and slide it into the right corner slit.  Press the whole thing down and then try to slide the left corner farther back into that right corner.  Mash the paper lunch sack flat and then open the very top point so that you can slide the Make S’mores printable out (This printable is also from My Planner Envy). Ugh I think this is so totally cute!  I demonstrate how to make the brown paper bag envelope in the video above.

You can use this Open Me idea with a regular white printing paper and put popcorn in it, pompoms, bobby pins, scavenger hunt clues, and spy clues.


Yes, a tent was an obvious decoration, and since I’m using a brown paper bag, it worked great.  Sometimes obvious is so simple we forget it.  By cutting a tent free-handed, it looks like an old fashioned hand-pulled canvas tent doesn’t it?  Bonus:  you can put the tent anywhere because you can adjust its size to fit your Happy Planner Layout.  I also use the brown paper bag to decorate entire rectangles.  And I cover my mistakes with it.  I used one of Jessica’s bright printables to liven it up some.


A brown paper bag rolled down is another easy addition that just makes sense.  Just cut a 1.5 inch rectangle and roll down the top third.  No need to glue the roll down part because I found out that it’ll stay.  At first I creased it, but then it doesn’t look like a lunch sack anymore.  And with all the cute and puffy stickers in your planner, you will have extra padding to keep it rolled looking.  I like the star sticker from the Happy Planner set that clicks into your planner.  I do have to use a glue stick because they don’t stick for any small amount of time even.  The star was a greenish yellow, and I liked that color with the brown paper sack color.two-ways-brown-paper-sack-lunch-bag-planner-camp-theme

What other objects have you re-purposed from your home – like using a brown paper lunch bag in a Happy Planner?  Let me know below.  Sharing is caring, right?

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Two Vacation Travel Packing Lists – Kids and Adults

Here are two Vacation Packing Lists for Travel and can be used in your Me and My Big Ideas – Create 365 – The Happy Planner. These FREE printable travel lists help you and your child take a mental snapshot of your day.

I created one vacation packing list for your child. Do you make lists for your child? Do you make the list for everyone all at once, or one piece of paper? Do you do it by family member?

My 12 year old is old enough to pack his own suitcase, but he wants me to make the list for him. It’s important that he practice this (in my former teacher’s opinion). Then, when he goes to pack again, I bet you money that he will have this mental image while picking out clothes.

You OR Your child writes in each circle the outfit she will wear, along with shoes and pajamas, swimsuit, swim shoes, hair bow, deodorant, nasal drops, or their lifelong stuffed animal (Horsie). Usually, girls appreciate a cute printable on which to make their list. My boy could care less. But I like the visual of this; it’s like a School Planner, divided into sections or Pictures of Their Day.

For you grown ups, I created a list broken into Morning, Noon and Night.  I’ve also included blank printables in case you want to customize either vacation packing list.

FREE Vacation Packing Lists:

Vacation Packing List Kids and a blank one: KidsListPlanner

Vacation List Travel and a blank one: VacationInsertPacking

Products I mentioned:

Emoji Sticker Book and the Happy Planner Hole Punch and my gorgeous aqua Hard Cover

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Plan With Me – Five Routines for Your Happy Planner

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My name is Laurie, and I make YouTube videos about Ideas That POP into my head – travel ideas, home ideas, makeup ideas that POP into my head.

Today, we’re “Happily” Planning April.  In my Happy Planner I’m decorating April. I’m still in love with my Happy Planner  – Create 365 – Mambi Planner – Me & My Big Ideas Planner.  In this video you will Plan With Me and see my 5 Routines for Each New Month in My Happy Planner.  

***How do you plan-with your laptop calendar or your small phone calendar?  Let me know in the comments.

I’m going through my washi and stickers because I’m trying to match the washi and stickers for this month.  For now I have time to think about that.  If you see my other video about Changes I Made to My Happy Planner, you’ll see that everything does NOT have to match.

Five Routines for a New Month

To ease your stress, I’ve created five things to put on your to-do list that you will do at the end of every single month.  Experience a stress-free , seamless transition to the next month.  In the video above, I walk you through those five routines.

What I loved:

If y’all haven’t tried a hard cover before, I highly recommend this one.  I feel like it protects my pages better.  And I LOVE the aqua color.  Super easy to change out the covers.

My aqua hard cover

Rectangle stickers

Event stickers

Pocket Folders

Extra Notes Pages and Graph Paper

My neutral pink polish

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Happy Planner Bible Journal Printables

My YouTube video above explains these cool printables for you.

Bible Verse Verse Journal Blank, Verse Journal One, Verse Journal 2, Verse Journal Three, Verse Journal 4, Verse Journal 5, Verse Journal 6, and Verse Journal 7



Happy Planner Hole Punch

Pens Mini


Pink Nail Polish

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Meals for Your Week-Plus a Tofu Tutorial

One of these meals has tofu in it.  Don’t you stop reading like I would’ve done ten years ago.  Stay with me.  Let’s POP into my kitchen for this Tofu Stir Fry recipe.

Tofu, couldn’t they have come up with a different name?!  Hearing that name mentally made me gag before tasting the dish.  What’s even more, when you buy it in Firm, Extra Firm or Soft-ewww-it’s floating in this cloudy water.  Thanks to my hubby, I’m over it.  What I suggest is that you do what he did.  Try it in a stir fry recipe, and chop it tiny-like chopped garlic and onions tiny.  It helps for sure!

Recipe One:

Veggie Stir Fry With Tofu That Looks & Tastes Like Chicken

YIELD: 4 Servings Ingredients

  1. 1 lb Firm or Extra Firm tofu-chopped in half-inch cubes (found in the produce section)
  2. 1 Tbsp canola oil-I recommend not using Olive Oil for stir fry.
  3. 4 scallions-or 10-I love green onions!
  4. 1/2 head of diced cauliflower or broccoli-diced to about the same size as you chop your tofu
  5. 1 carrot for each person eating-diced same size as tofu
  6. 2 cloves garlic, minced
  7. 3-4 Tbsp Basic Stir Fry Sauce-scroll to the bottom at the end
  8. Toasted cashews if you want to sprinkle them on top at the end.


  1.   Drain-just think of it as mozzarella straight from Italy wrapped in packaging with its milky white juice.   But it’s not milk, ok?  Press tofu between clean paper towels to dry it off a bit.
  2.   Cut the tofu into 1/2 inch thick cubes.  You want it to look like diced chicken (trust me; it helps mentally).  And when it browns up, it really looks like chicken that’s browned up.  I can’t tell you how far I’ve come!
  3.   Heat the canola oil in a wide skillet or stir-fry pan.  Add the tofu and stir-fry it over medium-high heat until golden on most sides.  You don’t have to watch it for the first 5 minutes, but watch it carefully when it’s half way browned.  It can cook up too much and taste like rubber chicken if you’re not careful.  It just needs to look like chicken that’s slightly browned.
  4.   After it’s been sizzling for about 5 minutes, add the carrots, cauliflower, green onions (scallions) and garlic.  It should take about 7 more minutes depending on how soft you want your cauliflower.  Also add 2-3 Tbsp of water to help the veggies soften.
  5.   While that’s browning, stir often.   You want 3/4 of that tofu to brown up to a tan color.
  6.   When the tofu is a light brown color, add the stir fry sauce and let everything warm up for about 3 more minutes.
  7.   For each person, put a bit of rice and top with the Veggie Stir Fry With Tofu.  We always like toasted cashews on our stir fry dishes.  Serve with raw carrots and/or a few raspberries.  They just liven you up after this comforting dish.

Recipe Two:

Sriracha Chicken Skewers from This Mama Cooks.  I’d serve these with a side of broccoli, red onion, and pineapple chunk grilled skewers and sliced pineapple.  All done on the grill.

Recipe Three:

This is my favorite:  Spaghetti Squash from All Recipes I have said for five years that I would never eat spaghetti squash instead of pasta.  This blew me over and tasted like garlic and olive oil sauteeing with noodles.  Honest!

Recipe Four:

If you’ve never cooked with real ginger, this is the one to try.  I cannot eat powdered ginger, but this is super easy and really good.  Ginger-Dijon Glazed Pork Tenderloin is so good my child went back for seconds.  I’d serve it with red potatoes roasted on 350 for 40 minutes-salt and pepper.  I’d also have green beans pan seared with sliced almonds on top.

Recipe Five:

Roasted Orange Tilapia and Asparagus sounds plain Jane, but it’s really good.  You might want to make this on a Monday when you still have will power.  Serve with sautee’d zucchini and crusty bread.  Maybe orange sherbert for dessert.

For me planning is most of the battle to healthy eating and saving money.  Hopefully this week’s worth of meals will help you have a less stressed week because you stressed less.

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