Two Vacation Travel Packing Lists – Kids and Adults

Here are two Vacation Packing Lists for Travel and can be used in your Me and My Big Ideas – Create 365 – The Happy Planner. These FREE printable travel lists help you and your child take a mental snapshot of your day.

I created one vacation packing list for your child. Do you make lists for your child? Do you make the list for everyone all at once, or one piece of paper? Do you do it by family member?

My 12 year old is old enough to pack his own suitcase, but he wants me to make the list for him. It’s important that he practice this (in my former teacher’s opinion). Then, when he goes to pack again, I bet you money that he will have this mental image while picking out clothes.

You OR Your child writes in each circle the outfit she will wear, along with shoes and pajamas, swimsuit, swim shoes, hair bow, deodorant, nasal drops, or their lifelong stuffed animal (Horsie). Usually, girls appreciate a cute printable on which to make their list. My boy could care less. But I like the visual of this; it’s like a School Planner, divided into sections or Pictures of Their Day.

For you grown ups, I created a list broken into Morning, Noon and Night.  I’ve also included blank printables in case you want to customize either vacation packing list.

FREE Vacation Packing Lists:

Vacation Packing List Kids and a blank one: KidsListPlanner

Vacation List Travel and a blank one: VacationInsertPacking

Products I mentioned:

Emoji Sticker Book and the Happy Planner Hole Punch and my gorgeous aqua Hard Cover

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Ten Travel Accessories – Tech – Part 2 GIVEAWAY!


Travel accessories I love for airline travel:

Seriously want this one

Power Bank

Hard Travel Cord Organizer

My Tech Back Pack

My Most Wonderful Suitcase (the 2nd one I’ve bought in this brand)

Really Expensive Headphones That Everyone Recommends

The Much Cheaper Headphones (which are the ones I prefer)

My Wishlist IPhone Wallet:  iPhone 5 and 6

Free DIY Cable Organizers – love this guy’s FREE instructions for these cable organizers made out of felt.  So nice! #communityovercompetition

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Ten Travel Accessories – Tech Version – Giveaway!

Welcome to My 10 Travel Accessories — Tech Version and GIVEAWAY!


Airplane travel allows you to use those tech accessories while flying nowadays.  You have a plug under your seat; on United you can watch DirectTV on your phone while 35,000 feet in the air.

Giveaway Rules:  Subscribe to my YouTube Channel (and click the bell) and leave me a comment stating where your favorite place to visit is.  You have until Easter Sunday night.

  1. Tassel Charger
  2. Laptop Cover
  3. Power Cube
  4. TriPod and Remote
  5. Lip Balm Containers (for batteries)
  6. OK Stand Guy
  7. Vertical Stand for the Hotel
  8. Easel Tank Extender and With Sleeves

See you in a couple of days for storage and a few more accessories!  Thank you for supporting my channel!
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What’s in my Travel Bag?

This YouTube video is about what is in my Carry On or Travel Case or Travel Bag?  For this long weekend trip, I’m packing in a back pack.

First up is my Chap Stick that my neighbor made with her own Beeswax!!  Her Etsy page is The Just Bee Well Shop.  It lasts FOREVER!

I keep cheap ear buds or Skull Candy ones in a toiletry bag for easy storage.  I use this ID Case as my wallet.

Floss Sticks, a fingernail file (emory board-where’d that name come from), and my Happy Pills box go with me on every flight.


For makeup brushes, I use one my sweet mama made me.  This flat roll up one is like mine.  But here’s one that allows you to take the lid off and stand up when you’re at your final destination.  I prefer mine to lie flat.


Aah, my Japonesque eyeshadow palette!  You know those purchases that you’re so glad you bought way back when?  This is mine.  And my Becca Under Eye Brightener.  There’s also my new favorite liquid eyeliner.  I’ve about used up this sample size of Eyeko Black Liner.  I use this when I’m going to be on an airplane or at church where my eyes water because of dry eye.  I love my preservative free eye drops after flying and always travel with these.

I’m also packing my regular black eyeliner from Mary Kay because it is buildable and can smudge with my Ulta blue eyeshadow…with my Smudger Brush.  You just take a swipe of blue shadow and swipe it across your regular eyeliner, and it smudges just right.

New Product Alert!

I’m loving this New Camelback water bottle because I don’t have to drink out of a straw.  You know how on most Camelbacks, you suck this thick straw?  I prefer drinking out of this new one.  It’s like a canteen, doesn’t leak, and the lid is attached by this cute strap.


Oh my word, this is a game changer.

I borrowed my hubby’s Power Bank Charger.  The video shows you how easy it is to use.  It gives your phone one full charge in less than an hour.  So, when I’m on the plane, this will recharge my phone…even if I’m watching something.  But I am SO getting this pineapple one too.  The cord comes with FYI.


Happy travels to y’all!  Look for an upcoming video on Tech Gear For Travel.

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Fixer Upper & Magnolia Market SALE!!

In honor of Chip’s birthday, did you see that 42 items are discounted at 42% off?!  That means that Joanna Gaines’ Distressed Leather Purse is on sale!



This purse isn’t hers, but it is similar.

These cotton stems are originally $9, and on sale for $5.  I made a YouTube of my shopping haul from our trip.



They are real looking.  I was actually shocked at the quality.

Plan your Girl’s Trip to Waco.  In this YouTube video I show you what you should do in Waco.  We all screamed when we saw the Alico building.

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Long Haul Flight: WHAT TO PACK?

What state or country are you POPping to soon?  Traveling on a long haul flight is any flight longer than 4 hours to me.

Most important:

Take pics of your passport and then email them to yourself, a family member, and the person you’re visiting.  The person you’re visiting may not know your family member’s email.  So if they’re the only ones to know to come looking for you, they need a copy.  Also take a picture of  your insurance card and email a copy to yourself.  Second to the top priority is to take an antibacterial wipe in a baggie so you can wipe down that tray table that never ever gets cleaned.

Wake Up Bag Near the End of the Flight:


At the end of the flight, I always feel like death warmed over.  I don’t want to brush my teeth right before landing with airplane sink water that says “Not Potable.”  That’s where the Tooth Wipe comes in.  They just help you have fresh breath and don’t need water.  They’re amazing!  Five come in a box, individually wrapped-to share!  And I LOVE carrying Floss Sticks on every flight.  These work better than the name brand ones

To help you feel refreshed, I keep one facial wipe inside a plastic baggie.  Here’s what ya do:  wipe down your face and then take bottled water to bathroom to give it a quick rinse.  Helps ya make it to that hotel room…or to the coffee shop.



Keep your toiletries bag in your backpack so that they have equal pressure.  Eye drops, ear drops (if beach or pool location) and a tube-not tub-of Vaseline.  Ear drops leaked one time on me b/c I had to check my bag at the last minute, so now I just buy a new bottle that is sealed.  Or I put them in a plastic bag and put that into my quart bag.  Is lip gloss a liquid? Argh!  Check out my Toiletries Video.

Backpack or Rucksack:

Checked bags can get lost, or you may have to check your bag at the last minute.  I pack a swim suit; don’t want to be without your swim suit if you are finally at the beach  I’d also sneak a pair of undies in a baggie.  Pack socks and slide on flip flops in case it’s FREEZING on the plane.  Electronics:  cords, camera, car charger for your phone b/c after a long haul, you might be way close to 0% battery power.


On a long haul flight, I need any extra space.  So I take tiny loop-over-my-ear headphones vs the cute puffy ones.

Other items include a Travel pillow or maybe this kind of New PillowFloating Croakies (awesome invention), Off (travel size), sunscreen, foldable brush, roll-on stick of perfume, medicines, and a plastic trash bag for wet or sweaty clothes on the way home.


My friend at Amber Oliver has a DIY luggage tag with a free printable cut file.

Here’s a totally FREE and cute packing-list  for y’all that is divided into broader categories.

More travel videos:  Find out How To Pack A Carry On or my first YouTube video about our trip to Fixer Upper’s Magnolia Market.

I wish you on-time departures and lots of room for suitcases and backpacks!  Thank you so much for watching my LauriePOP Where Ideas POP YouTube Channel!

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London Food In One Day

IMG_1848We travel for the food of it!  Food just MAKES the trip.  And we have found the best food for a day in London.  If you only have 24 hours, this is your list!


Patisserie Valerie – Just like most European establishments, you can stay as long as you want-worked on my laptop for 2 hours, and they let me be.  Look at this croissant and cappuccino!  Their mugs are huge helpings of coziness. As if that wasn’t enough caffeine, I ordered their hot chocolate.
Oh my word, it was like drinking chocolate stew – that thick of a consistency.  Think Starbucks Hot Chocolate with more chocolate flavor and more thickened hotness…and then having the shakes for the next hour.  Next time I won’t order coffee; I’ll just take a bath in that hot chocolate!


Borough Market – Vendors from all over the world sell their best tastes here. IMG_4934 It’s under a metro track, so if it rains, you’re good.  If it’s hot, you’re shaded.  You want the side for tourists-not the market with raw meat for locals.  The most important part: where are the bathrooms?  The single, clean bathrooms are right in the middle of the touristy section; you may have to ask a friendly Englishman.  IMG_4900

Indian, Middle Eastern, Egyptian, Ethiopian, Thai pancakes, cheese from Parma, hash, pig roasting on a stake, Bakery School bread… you just stand around and eat and people watch.  No pushy salesmen either.  Oh, and you can pay with credit card.

Look at this fresh, dense fudge!  I got this super creamy hummus with a spinach bread; he was out of pita by 1 pm on a weekday!  IMG_4905IMG_4916         I’ve heard that on the weekends, it can be shoulder to shoulder.  Get there early if you can.  And bring your bottles of water that you can stash in your back packs to wash down your delicious lunch…or dessert.

Now getting there is easy. IMG_4898 Just take the Tube (underground metro) to London Bridge and while you’re still in the subway station, look for the black signs telling you which side of the street to exit for Borough Market.  The first time, we didn’t look for the signs.  But a friendly Englishman smiled as he told us directions.  They’re so friendly!!!


Dining in caves that you can barely stand up straight in can be quite an experience!  But it was a beautiful day so we made sure we got to Gordon’s Patio and Wine Bar early afternoon.  Or at their opening hour of noon.  This is the oldest wine bar in London.  They tell you on a sign that they only serve wine and to not ask for beer haha.  Wine Bar.  You can go here for a full meal, or you can just go through their “salad bar” that’s not really a salad bar.

We recommend you have someone in your party snag a table outside on the super-long patio that fills up quicker than you can say, “Will you grab us a table?”  IMG_1856   Then you get two wooden plates and fill it up with olives, cheese from Italy, Spain or France, Spanish Jamon (prosciutto type), gherkins, loaves of bread…all for $10.95 a plate.   You can fill it up!  Then you would pay for that and your wine or order wine from your table – but that could take forever.  Remember that Europeans are into lounging, and the patio is seriously super-long and narrow, so the servers may not notice you.  I could’ve stayed here for hours!

Finding it can be tricky.  Get off at the Embankment stop and go out toward the Starbucks umbrella side.  You will just see a tiny patio with a few Starbucks umbrellas.  Then go left so that you’re walking by the little garden, and you will run into the Patio.  You have to look closely for it, or use your phone to get there:  47 Villiers Street.  


For dinner we highly recommend the area of St Christopher’s Place.  It is an area of eclectic sidewalk shops and restaurants; Parisian-like outdoor seating right up to the edge of the sidewalk.  However, cars can only go one way so it’s not exactly Parisian.  There are sidewalk cafes on two parallel streets.  We heard about La Tasca-a tapas restaurant.  Tapas is Spanish for “small plates.”  It has an extensive drink and small plates menu, and IF you have room, you can order their Paella.  It comes in a black skillet on a raised platform.  We only ordered small plates.  I highly recommend the Croquettes-3 creamy cheesiness with just enough chicken.  Think crispy balls called Croquettes-for plain Jane eaters.  Comfort food to a T!  Take your time and enjoy people watching and relaxation!  Make yourself eat slowly and European-y.

HOW TO GET THERE:  30 – 34 James Street past the Forever 21 store near Hyde Park on Oxford Street.

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