Happy Planner Bible Journal Printables

My YouTube video above explains these cool printables for you.

Bible Verse Verse Journal Blank, Verse Journal One, Verse Journal 2, Verse Journal Three, Verse Journal 4, Verse Journal 5, Verse Journal 6, and Verse Journal 7



Happy Planner Hole Punch

Pens Mini


Pink Nail Polish

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What’s in my Travel Bag?

This YouTube video is about what is in my Carry On or Travel Case or Travel Bag?  For this long weekend trip, I’m packing in a back pack.

First up is my Chap Stick that my neighbor made with her own Beeswax!!  Her Etsy page is The Just Bee Well Shop.  It lasts FOREVER!

I keep cheap ear buds or Skull Candy ones in a toiletry bag for easy storage.  I use this ID Case as my wallet.

Floss Sticks, a fingernail file (emory board-where’d that name come from), and my Happy Pills box go with me on every flight.


For makeup brushes, I use one my sweet mama made me.  This flat roll up one is like mine.  But here’s one that allows you to take the lid off and stand up when you’re at your final destination.  I prefer mine to lie flat.


Aah, my Japonesque eyeshadow palette!  You know those purchases that you’re so glad you bought way back when?  This is mine.  And my Becca Under Eye Brightener.  There’s also my new favorite liquid eyeliner.  I’ve about used up this sample size of Eyeko Black Liner.  I use this when I’m going to be on an airplane or at church where my eyes water because of dry eye.  I love my preservative free eye drops after flying and always travel with these.

I’m also packing my regular black eyeliner from Mary Kay because it is buildable and can smudge with my Ulta blue eyeshadow…with my Smudger Brush.  You just take a swipe of blue shadow and swipe it across your regular eyeliner, and it smudges just right.

New Product Alert!

I’m loving this New Camelback water bottle because I don’t have to drink out of a straw.  You know how on most Camelbacks, you suck this thick straw?  I prefer drinking out of this new one.  It’s like a canteen, doesn’t leak, and the lid is attached by this cute strap.


Oh my word, this is a game changer.

I borrowed my hubby’s Power Bank Charger.  The video shows you how easy it is to use.  It gives your phone one full charge in less than an hour.  So, when I’m on the plane, this will recharge my phone…even if I’m watching something.  But I am SO getting this pineapple one too.  The cord comes with FYI.


Happy travels to y’all!  Look for an upcoming video on Tech Gear For Travel.

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Five Outfits for Travel – Airplane Outfits

Five Outfits for Travel

#1 Flowy dress by Roxy (on Amazon)

This dress is at least 3 inches below my fingertips, making it perfect for an airplane outfit!  Note that it has a low back so you will want to wear a cardigan over it or a sports bra.  I feel so confident in this and leggings.  Plus, I can wear it with sandals, sneakers or boots.  And I can wear it as a swim cover up!

#2 Easel Tunic Tank Extender (Amazon in all colors)

Talk about getting your bang for your buck.  No clinging fabric.  Plenty long enough with capri leggings or long leggings.  Goes with everything.  Goes under layers.  Looks cute with a t-shirt over it.  Can be worn by itself.

#3 Colored Jeans (linked to Loft)

I have the olive and black and love them.  I didn’t like the white or red because they got really loose after wearing them all day.

These colors go with everything.  You can dress them up or down.  Roll them up just a tad, and you have cute capris.

#4 Compression Leggings, Capris and Socks

These suckers hold you in!  And for airplane travel, I need them because my legs swell for some odd reason.

I love the capris for my tunics that I bring.  And the socks are so cute and can be worn under pants or jeans for constant compression.

These are Rise n Shine Compression Socks with eggs on one of the socks.  If you prefer just a basic black compression sock, here are some regular colors.  I bought these leggings; these are high waisted and fitted perfectly for keeping your blood flowing.

#5 Pleione Tops

This beautifully structured top is just lovely, casual and classy.  It looks great tucked in or hanging out.  And for being 5’8″ mine is almost long enough to wear as a tunic.  The front is a stiffer yet silky smooth material, while the back is a knit that doesn’t cling fabric.  LOVE this!  I’ve already worn it on one trip, and I can wear it with capris or jeans, etc.

They’re sold out waaa and only an XS is left at Nordstrom!  You can find this top in a similar style.

#6 Joggers from Target

These are almost as smooth as silk, but they’re not made of silk.  I don’t know what magic they put in these, but I was under their spell immediately.  LOVE these.  These are available, and I wear a Medium (usually a size 10).  It says they’re Juniors, but they were just on a back wall.

#7 Shoes for These Outfits

These Wild Diva shoes fit to a T.  There is arch support and some padding.  Let me just say that I’m VERY picky when it comes to walking around touring in comfortable shoes.  I used to feel so frumpy because I always wore tennis shoes to tour.  I vouch for these!  These are gray, but there’s a tan also.

Where are you going next?  What travel topics would you like me to research?  What are you wearing these days?

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Happy Planner 2017 – 7 Changes I Made

My Happy Planner is Happier in 2017!

The 2017 Happy Planner is fresh and new.  Love the smell!  All of it sparkles.  I turn the pages gently, slowly.  I’m not in a hurry at this time of year.  Haha; how many days will it take before that’s over?

If you have The Happy Planner -Mambi Planner – Me and My Big Ideas – Create 365 – all names of The Happy Planner – you’ll love these changes, plus a free printable!


7 Changes I Made :

I walked away from The Happy Planner and came running back.  Thankfully, it welcomed me with open pages…that lay flat.  If you are deciding between two planners, I provide my comparison page for you below.

1.Change laminated cover ~

Here are three Happy Planner choices (Follow Your Heart, Hello Life, Be Happy), plus my Hard Cover .  They’re so pretty if you like pretty.  They’re fun if you like a fun vibe.   I knew I wanted a hard cover after watching At Home With Nikki replace her laminated pages with a hard cover.  Who knew!

2.Less pressure to fully decorate ~

I do love a well-decorated planner.  But approaching my calendar without my markers, without a monthly color scheme in my head, or without energy made me feel guilty.  Guilty for not opening my calendar to an elaborate design.  I kept thinking, “I should go all out and decorate this. I’m not using this to its fullest potential.”  We’re all busy and tired.  Alot. Shedding this pressure to decorate my 2017 Happy Planner to the nth degree every week seemed to help me mentally.  Now I approach it with whatever mood I’m in at that moment.  And again, it welcomes me with open pages that lay flat.


Aren’t these stickers adorable?  I like these too.  And how fun are these?  They are themed for you!!  I like these and these washi stickers as well.  I’m loving weather stickers at the moment!


3.Paper Mate Flair Markers or Ink Joy Pens ~


What pens are your fave for planners?  I’m giving myself permission to write with whatever is more convenient to me.  I’m shedding that pressure to make myself use cute markers every time I jot something down.   I’m using pens, pencils, crayons and beyond!


4.Use sticky notes

81fqevgknzl-_sl1500_ 71put3nzyzl-_sl1500_

For tentative events, I want to use sticky notes.  And guess what?!  The sticky notes do not have to match the overall theme of the month/week.  I love the gold flags in these Paper Clips.

5.Use pocket folders


Pocket Folders now hold receipts, inspirational cards, stickers, etc.  And they can be used as Decor that adds a stiffness to sections.

I’m ready to update my Pocket Folders from last year that were never used.  These are the next ones I’ll purchase.   

6.Use Notes Pages even more


I’m putting a few of the Notes pages at the back of each month.  Notes are a good place to put sick day details, future goals, reminders, recipe ideas that you see on pinterest or hear of—I might write, “Look up panera broccoli cheese soup recipe again” at the end of January.  They sell a pack of 40 sheets, and in it you get 20 pgs of Graph Paper and 20 pgs of Notes Paper.  These are worth every penny to me.

7.Forgive Myself


This Free Printable (much brighter when printed) is great for marking off habits each day to help you achieve your overall vision for each month.  When I don’t meet my goals for each month, it’s okay.  My Happy Planner is just a happy plan of what I’m working toward.  No pressure to be perfect every day!  If you want a smaller version for a planner that you are happy with, let me know!

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Features That Brought Me Back to The Happy Planner

Me & My Big Idea – Create 365 – Happy Planner at Michael’s

Hello Forever

Month view is on two pages Month view is two pages.
Long, vertical rectangles for each day (Vertical View)-week on two pages Short horizontal view; week on two pages
Each day broken into am, mid-day, and evening One horizontal rectangle for whole day-about half of vertical view
Space for large handwriting If I’m going to jot something down really quick, the metal rings get in my way
Pull out and put back In pages, and you don’t have to open the rings. Pull out and put back in pages, but you have to open all the rings and then pull.
Outer cover is really thick; nice deep pocket folder inserts with varying designs and quotes. Hard but squishy cover with small pockets in the front cover in totally cute coral pink

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$6 Target Merona Shirts on Sale


Got this versatile shirt last night.  They’re $6 at Target!!!

Merona Ultimate Tee


It’s so velvety soft and stretchy without being clingy.  I went up a size and love the fit!


Goes great with white jeans in winter!  If you have long arms, these are a perfect fit.













Right now all Clearance is 60% off!


Throw on a Target Cardigan, and you’re ready for a winter getaway.  I love navy and mustard!  Even they paired navy and white stripes with this Boyfriend Cardigan.


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How to Make a Snowman Wreath

He’s so cute!

Have you made this Snowman Wreath yet?  My mom and I made him, and I highly suggest making this with a friend.  It took us about an hour and a half.  Watching my LauriePOP Ideas That POP YouTube Video will help so much!

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Frosty Melts My Heart Shirt

Wooden Ovals for the eyes

White Pipe Cleaners

Zip Ties

White Deco Mesh Ribbon

12 Inch Wire Wreath Ring

8 Inch Wire Wreath Ring to go inside the 12 inch one

One piece of orange felt


Black Foam Board

Top Hat – plastic

Plaid Christmas Ribbon

Pine Cone or Poinsetta Flower Bow

Hot Glue Gun – a good one

Printable Mouth and Nose

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Toy List – Hatchimal, Pie Face – PART 2

Here is my Toy Shopping List Part 2 video which shows you each toy.

I will keep looking for this Hatchimal in stock.  Walmart may have it online Friday.

Under Armor Boys’ Athletic Gloves

Nike Men’s Gloves

Cutters Athletic Gloves

TCG Legendary Cards-Pokemon

Sentinel 1 Helmet and Voice Changer

Trolls Head

Troll Head Golden Book

Pie Face Original

Pie Face Showdown

Pie Face Tee Shirt


Code-apillar Silly Sounds Expansion Kit

Color Scan Chameleon

Yeti Cup

Rtic (Walmart’s brand)

Ozark (Walmart’s brand that I have)

Nerf CycloneShock Gun

Nerf Rotofury Gun

Nerf Modulus TriStrike Gun

Fairy Butterfly Wings

Grow to Pro Basketball Hoop

Charming Cottage

Kitchen with extended bar

Step 2 Hot Wheels Car Track & Table

WolVol Transport Car Carrier 18 Wheeler

Unicorn Starlily – $68 on my Amazon link and $119 in Toyrus.com

Vtek Sit and Stand Pink

Zebra Walker

Jeep – ages 2-4

Hurricane Jeep – 4-9

Power Wheels Wild Thing

Nerf Big Wheel with Gun

Sklz Quick Stick

Grave Digger Truck

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